Poll: Justin Trudeau Worst Prime Minister In Modern Canadian History

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A new survey undertaken by Polling Canada found that Canadians have rated Justin Trudeau the worst Prime Minister of modern times.

Those Who Say (X) Has Been Canada’s Worst Prime Minister:

J. Trudeau: 29%, Harper: 17%, P. Trudeau: 6%, Campbell: 6%, Mulroney: 5%.

Cultural Action Party cannot help but delve into multiple curiosities, mostly related to media presentation:

“Three-in-Ten Canadians Say Justin Trudeau is Worst Recent Prime Minister.”

Peruse through mainstream media, and this is the message to be discovered. Witness how Canadian media take the edge off the poll results. “One outta three–that ain’t too bad.”

By doing Justin Trudeau this favour, those who take a cursory view of politics– the type preferred by the Liberals– won’t realize that our current PM is considered the worst in modern history. As media put it, the “worst since 1968.” Astute observers know what this means. Mr. Trudeau is likely considered the worst Canadian prime minister of all-time. He deserves it.

According to Polling Canada, “29% of Canadians think Justin Trudeau has been Canada’s worst prime minister since 1968, up seven points since a similar Research Co. survey conducted in July 2021.”

“Animosity towards Justin Trudeau is decidedly strong in one Canadian province,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. “Almost half of Albertans (49%) consider him the worst recent prime minister.”

Less than one-in-five Canadians(17%) think Stephen Harper has been the worst prime minister since 1968, when Pierre Trudeau held the fate of the country in his hands.

CAP find this fascinating. Does it not contradict media positioning in a major way? CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star spent the best part of the past decade running the Conservative Party into the dirt.

The media trend kicked into high gear when controversy reared its head in 2014. A female Muslim migrant took it upon herself to challenge 150 years of Canadian tradition. She would be the first immigrant in history to cover her face while reciting Canada’s citizenship oath. Nothing was to come in the way of an obstinate nature.

Prime Minister Harper didn’t like the idea. We speak plainly– his attitude is understandable. Our country had never faced this challenge before. Canadians from coast-to-coast were unhappy with the decision. In the end, the new arrival got her way– a condition which pretty much defines Canadian multiculturalism.

Thus, it occurred that media piled on to “Conservative Party as racists” positioning. It continues to this day. Accusations of racism are candidate-killers launched by the press against Conservative Party leadership contenders.

The general public do not feel the same. What to conclude? CAP can come up with one idea: in 2022, our media do not reflect the zeitgeist of the people. Rather, they reflect what the Liberal Party of Canada want them to reflect. Still, Justin Trudeau is not entirely devoid of a fan base:

“Trudeau leads among Canadians aged 18-to-34 (19%).”

CAP offer an opinion. Justin leads because he is supposed to lead in this category. This is the future of Canada; our national destiny. It’s something that Trudeau and the Liberals care about more than anything in the world– as well as a also a topic media never speculate upon. Gut feeling tell us the dynamic is intentional.

Age 18-24. Schooled in(what should be notorious) Canada’s Marxist education system, they are to major in loathing your own country. Poor knowledge of history, little understanding of political theory, can’t tell the difference between true democracy and pseudo-democracy. Evangelists of the woke world order.

In other words, groomed Liberal voters. Old Stock citizens largely know better. What to do if a plan exists to hijack a democratic nation away from its foundation, and transfer it to an authoritarian state?

Answer: keep on building this class of people until it dominates all others. The combination of brainwashed youth and new arrivals to the country will surely transform our nation for all-time.

This is what Justin Trudeau is after. In the passing of a generation the “conservative” element of society disappears. If one looks closely, they will see the machinations rolling at this moment. Watch as our prime minister brands old school Canucks racists and homophobes. Denigrate and marginalize these communities, while continuously filling  voting booths with migrants from non-democratic countries.

There is a term for such a thing– “Social Engineering.” It’s roots are found in Marxist tenets of communist governance. This is why Canadian youth are the singular demographic community apart from migrants backing Justin Trudeau’s woke revolution.

27 thoughts on “Poll: Justin Trudeau Worst Prime Minister In Modern Canadian History”

  1. (In 2014) “A female Muslim migrant took it upon herself to challenge 150 years of Canadian tradition. She would be the first immigrant in history to cover her face while reciting Canada’s citizenship oath. Maybe she looked ahead to the Turdo years, and was the first to openly display acute ambivalence in becoming a “Canadian.”

    In 2022; she’d be hiding her face to conceal embarrassment. My wife told me that her Taiwanese coworker used to proudly proclaim that he had Canadian citizenship. I quickly replied that many conservatives would say “Sorry to hear that.” That was just four years into Turdo’s reign of destruction. Sadly for us; It’s much; much worse today. The pride of being a Canadian pre Turdo–Quickly transformed into a lingering feeling of embarrassment. I realize that not everyone shares this opinion; but this horrid; fetid clown has defiled our country, and cheapened what it means to be a Canadian.

    Nationally; We’re not a “laughingstock” on the world stage–but mostly an object of pity, and horrified wonder. If the punishment fit his enormous; far reaching crime(s); Trudeau would spend one-thousand years in a gulag. Spending every day marching in circles. Forgotten; alone, and penniless.

  2. Justin Trudeau has been the best prime minister in Canada, second only to his father Pierre E. Trudeau. Social Cons for some reason are afraid of progressive leaders and continue to smear our great PM because, like fossils, SoCons just can’t seem to progress. Thank you PMJT for all that you do for Canada.

    • Haha….yeah. Thank “black face” for his assistant drama teaching experience. What a POS. He’s almost as delusional as his supporters.

    • He was accused of Pedophilia, He elbowed a woman in parliament. He pressured an attorney General to favor a known corrupt company. He accepted trips as soon as he became prime minister that was against the ethics of the office of a Prime minister. He wore black face so many times, in disrespect of Black people. He legalized anal sex for 16 years old. He froze hard working Canadians bank accounts. He imprisoned Regular Canadians because he didnt like their view. He doesnt care how bad his Carbon tax is harming everyday canadians. Gas prices are out of this world. Canadians have less money in their pockets. There is not one good thing he has done. Hes restricted travel for Canadians while all other countries are open for Business. I’ve never seen such a backward Prime minister in the history of Canada. Canada the land no one wants to visit or live in anymore.

    • JT, following the example of his father PET, has given us crushing unsustainable debt, no respect for the rule of law (SNC Lavalin scandal and Bill C-11 to regulate content on the internet) destruction of the oil and gas industry and demonizing of fellow citizens. A comple hatchet job on the country!

    • When your hungry and cant drive your car you will think different. Unless you are a sponge cake trying to live off of the government with my hard earned money

    • Absolutely! PMJT has had to deal with issues that no PM before him had to contend with. His handling of the pandemic is widely viewed on a global scale as one of the best.

      There is no group in Canada that is so hate driven as our Conservatives. From smear campaigns during election campaigns to their utilization of ‘fixers’ to make political problems ‘go away’. Their approach to politics is completely repugnant to the majority of Canadians. We’re just less vocal and less likely to sling mud, so we’re not heard from as often.

      • You need to give your head a shake. Stop squinting out of your left eye and talking out of the left side of your mealy mouth.

      • your factually wrong Canada didn’t even make the top 5 list of handling covid and liberals spread the hate and segregation and seperation. I know I will never convince you of anything that is factual but its it very true . FYI I’m a liberal and I’m tell you your wrong and Trudeau SUCKKKS LOL . AS for the Majority your very wrong the majority has clearly voted against trudeau for 2 elections in a row now and in Ontario Wynne did so Bad liberals still don’t have official party status back. LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU SAID WAS FEELINGS WITH OUT FACT. Harper didn’t smear trudeau in an election neither did that other idiot Conservative Andrew Sheer . They did say some not nice things but of all those things i’d say roughly 80% came true . Dan my man I hope you stop looking at parties and start looking at policies and integrity. One last thing There is nothing trudeau dealt with that previous leaders did not have to. Harper did the worst financial market crash in recent history. Canada has dealt with many pandemics in history from SARS to H1N1 to AIDS and Influenza etc etc and unlike trudeau they didn’t wait till 1/4of the world shutdown flights into the country from china to start doing the same. Dan do yourself a favor don’t be bias be open to truth and change. JT is Factually very obviously and unfortunately the worst PM ever and that is not an easy title to get .

    • Try walking in “multicultist” areas of settlement at night in big cities to see how well trudope has created a nightmare nation. Research his bigotry against pro life and/or Christian people. Look at the money he has wasted. The corrupt scandals. His embrace of Red China fascist rulers. Look at his attempt to ban guns like Hitler did. Note his intention to censor the internet and media like Hitler did. He is the biggest enemy of freedom and justice ever.

    • I’m a liberal and hate Trudeau he is horrible . What has he done for you to form that opinion. You shared your opinion about hating CONS but did not express one fact about why trudeau is the best . You in my opinion are whats wrong with politics. I don’t vote for a Liberal Party because I have liberal views. I can’t tell you how many people I know calling Cons Racist when they are not and as a liberal it boils my blood because it causes chaos and spreads false hood. I have a liberal friend call the con Pierre a racist just the other day ?? REALLY? Are for progression they have progress they don’t preach religion and unlike their counterparts from the US like Obama and biden they stopped hating on gays sooner then Liberal aka democrats.

      I am a Liberal and I have never given trudeau or wynne a vote for good reason and I will 100% be voting for Pierre next election that guy is amazing if he pulls off even 1/4 of what he says

  3. If JT last name was anything but Trudeau, he would have not be where he is today. He could not decide what he wanted to do at university so he finally settled on drama.

    He despises the west and Alberta particularly because of the way Alberta treated his dad that he has done everything in his power to hurt Alberta and other Western provinces. From stop the Northern Gateway to putting so many restrictions on Energy East that he made that project untenable. To the imposition of the carbon tax (which by the way has not reduced the production of carbon) to now having farmers reduce fertilizer use by 30 %. He is using these issues because he knows it will cost only a few elected seats in Western Canada and it will play well to his base in Montreal and Toronto.

    Socially he has worn black face so many times he is unable to remember, he elbows fellow colleagues creating a hostile work environment. He committed acts of pedophilia and only got away with it because he paid off the victim and made her sign an NDA.

    He does not like or respect Canadian history, from changing the lyrics of our national anthem to taking two of best Prime Ministers faces off of our paper currency. He made these changes because he dies not care to understand what it took to develop Canada and only looks at the actions of these leaders through the 21st century lens.

    He has no business sense or what it takes to actually balance the budget. He has added more debt to the federal government than all previous Prime Ministers combined. No budgets do not balance themselves, it takes a lot of hard work. Work is something foreign to this Prime Minister, he is absent from the House of Commons more times than he is there and he thinks nothing of jetting across the country or out of the country for multi week vacations.

    This does not include his office interfering with the Attorney General or having to make Canadians fill out the ArriveCAN app. This app is being investigated by the privacy commissioner’s office because of how it invaded the privacy of Canadians.

    I could continue to go on and on, but PMJT is indeed the worse Prime Minister Canada has ever had and most likely will have had for the next 50 years as well.

  4. Poll there no poll here Miss guided Links Scam!
    no one wants him in office steeling from Canadians but there he is Why?
    because Concertives cant get there shit together ! instead of bashing start fixing Government Needs to Be ACCOUNTABLE to the Public and Answer to them NOT Dictate to them. we need an actual party to step up and do the job of looking after our Country not everyone else’s to much to do here, Trudeau! is an absolute Joke On the World Stage
    puffing out his chest as our country crumbles around him, as the Blind Follow and the rest grumble but do nothing !

  5. ” we will be the most open and transparent government ever , and will champion for the middle class and those wanting to join it. ” Liar Liar Liar , you are definatley the worst PM on those lies alone

  6. idk what to say about this honestly I mean pmjt has faced a lot of challenges throughout his scale and all of those apparent “lies” you guys are pointing to out about him well it isn’t his fault like he had 3 elections in his time as pm, 2 year pandemic, a war to send supplies to, and much more and if you think canada is inflated take a look at the us they have $8 a gallon. i dont get the need for yall to severly critisize the dude like he will make things better if not another person but still

  7. Really,
    Justin is 100% the worst with Pierre running 2nd, no comparison to Harper! This poll was done by the Liberals but nice that they finally come to some realization anyway!

  8. Trudeau needs to be behind bars for committing Treason, fraud, murder, molesting a 14 year old and paying her off to silence her. Plus crimes he has committed against humanity. The list of crimes this man has committed is to long to even mention! His father Pierre is the cause for the native children being ripped from their homes in efforts to domesticate them. This family is pure evil he is NOT ABOVE THE LAW so why hasn’t he been arrested? Shame on any Canadian that thinks this guy/family is good at anything other then breaking the law! #trudeaumustgo


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