Poll: 90% Say Justin Trudeau Must RESIGN Due To Breach Of Canadian Law

If the Liberal party chooses to offer up Trudeau for a second term as its leader during this fall’s federal election, it DESERVES defeat. At its heart, the matter is about character. Trudeau tried to meddle in Canada’s justice system to achieve a positive outcome for Quebec-based engineering firm SNC-Lavalin.

The prime minister says he accepts and takes responsibility for the findings of Canada’s ethics commissioner, but there is no apology from Trudeau.

What an odd-ball he is. After four years of obsessing about  Canada’s  history in the form of apologies to every special interest group he could dig up, our PM suddenly gets all stiff-necked regarding an official finding that he breached Canadian law.

In other words, when apologies are related to the behaviour of those other than himself-– our historical Anglophone communities in particular, Justin is on his knees, and the crocodile tears are flowing. Yet, when a personal  act is declared illegal, and Trudeau is deemed personally responsible, his megalomanic defence system kicks in, delivering more excuses, spins, deceptions, and the rest of the tosh.

A sign of a mature, competent leader who knows when the time has arrived to come clean with Canadian voters? CAP theory maintains this public positioning comes directly “from the top”— advisor Gerald Butts.

Seems Trudeau and Mr. Butts love to dance. As in, dance around the issues, spin truth into lies, and attempt to fool voters into re-electing a prime minister who knowingly lies to Canadians.

CAP have a word for this: “Pathetic.” This is how we feel about these two political three-ring circus leaders. Add to this Somalian Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Finance, MP Bill Morneau and the rest of the circus freaks.

From the source article: “Surely, Trudeau can’t imagine for a minute Canadians will accept a leader who attempts to meddle in the outcome of legal proceedings that should be fair and transparent. He can’t believe that in 2019 that such inexcusable interference is acceptable.”

CAP disagree. Mr. Trudeau can  imagine, and can believe. To comprehend the madness, one must consider Trudeau family psychology, as well as Justin’s upbringingREAD

MORE:  One Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed Against Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen For Refusing Christian Bride To Enter Canada.

On a pragmatic level, he was raised to believe non-democratic forms of government are superior to democratic governments. Pierre Trudeau was steeped in support for communist regimes. His Harvard dissertation was entitled “Christianity and Communism.”

On a cognitive basis, our PM has displayed serious narcissistic  tendencies, tunnel-vision, manic decision-making(think Margaret), impulsivity( Tweet welcoming illegal “refugees,” as well as signs of megalomania– trying to be global ambassador rather than doing his job properly.

The poll results come from a Red Deer, Alberta publication. As many are aware, Red Deer is a highly conservative town. Fair enough. When taking the poll, CAP found 90% of those who responded believe Justin Trudeau should resign right now.

Let’s take away 20% of the votes in an attempt to cast off inherent bias. Now we are 70%. Still, the poll indicates a majority of Canadians want Trudeau gone. 60%? Still a majority.

What does this tell us? Namely, that Trudeau will never resign. Simply put, Liberal-Globalists never do. Consider Angela Merkel. Her and her pleated skirts are still in power, despite the millions of Germans who despise her for the globalist agenda she forced upon her society.

Emmanuel Macron? Despite hundreds of rallies, riots in the streets, looting, vandalism and terrorist bombings, there he is with his Trudeau-clone dark suits and national program of self-hatred. A genuine globalist cultural assassin–just like King Justin.

Comment from a poll participant: “I can’t fathom how 9% of the respondents to this poll find this behaviour acceptable. It shows me that their morals are as low as his.”

Great comment–and one which alludes to CAP theory: Justin Trudeau is an ideological-based PM. Therefore, many will voter for him on this basis, eschewing concrete issues such as ethics violations, Aga Khan island vacations, citizenship for terrorists, SNC Lavalin, Admiral Mark Norman, Jane Philpott, Jody Raybould-Wilson, and all the rest.

What these types will vote for is the continuation of Trudeau’s agenda to extract the western, Christian, democratic elements from society, and replace them with socialist, Islamic and totalitarian social control of society.

Please do tell–based upon behaviours of MP’s Iqra Khalid(M103), Omar Alghabra(rumoured ex- Muslim Brotherhood), and Maryam Monsef(origin unknown), do you believe they are in favour of the Trudeau-Globalist agenda? Or rather, are they dedicated to the preservation of all that Canada stood for previous to Justin Trudeau socialist seduction of our nation.

Truly, the question is laughable at best. After all, these people were not chosen based upon competency. They were selected based upon the Trudeau-Butts mantra— how does it appear to the public? How does this affect optics? Have we covered off the Sikh and Muslim-dominated ridings to ensure victory in the election?

This, folks, is the real Trudeau government. Maryam Monsef? Unqualified–we don’t even know what country she was born in! Iqra Khalid, Bardish Chagger(nice eyes), Navdeep Bains, Harjit Sajjan(Sikh vote-capture),  MP Mary Ng in Chinese-Canadian regions, and on and on.

All calculated. As was the drive to jam-pack the GTA with Third World Liberal immigrant voters. Create a giant ethnic voter-block in greater Toronto. Dominate in Ontario and Quebec, rending the western Canadian vote unnecessary–in theory, anyway.

In others words, one giant manipulation of society, immigration policy, refugee status(welcome, illegals), as well as their cultural eradication policy of multiculturalism.

This is the true Trudeau government. This is socialist strategist, Gerald Butts. This YOUR CANADA. Vote King Justin in October and you vote for an additional four years of enforced globalist totalitarianism.

Trudeau and his cultural “hench-people” are a disgrace. Vote them out, and perhaps Canada can be saved from its pre-meditated designation as a ex-democratic nation.







9 thoughts on “Poll: 90% Say Justin Trudeau Must RESIGN Due To Breach Of Canadian Law”

  1. Having Trudeau resign serves no purpose at this time. His entire cabinet is equally as guilty as him for supporting him throughout his entire term. There’s not a member in his cabinet any better then he is and with that, hopefully he’ll stay at the controls of his sinking ship and become fully submerged come October when his ship finally sinks taking the Liberals down with him.

  2. Trudeau is running neck and neck with Scheer in the polls https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opinion_polling_for_the_2019_Canadian_federal_election , Trudeau will not resign unless he is forced out but the RCMP’s Trudeau appointed Brenda Lucki is too busy hugging and kissing Trudeau to do her job and get a court order to access the witnesses and documents as Ezra Levant pointed out. If the PM and his people were accused of murder the RCMP would have overridden the cabinet confidentiality and forced their way, but nope, Canada is now like a banana republic, a corrupt dictatorship with pretend democracy.

  3. If Trudeau had any integrity, he would resign, appoint an interim leader, run for his seat and if elected the Liberals have a leadership convention. If the vote back in as leader so be it but at least it would be out in the open. Will he do it? Not in your life! 🥵

  4. His father tot him well. Buying immigrants votes is how his father did it.
    President Trump said it best. When he asked Justin ( aren’t you a little young to run a country.
    Justin offended President Trump , this means he offended the American people.
    5ime for Justin Trudeau to go away .
    Get someone who really believes in Canada

  5. Can we also add their for their promise he pledged only 10m new debt to get us through recession yet over 100billion now spent we do not have.

  6. Please get no more immigrants we can’t look after the Canadian we have in the streets now and there is no work for Canadian because you fucken stop the pipeline and the oil in Canada to purchase for a country that likes to beat women Trudeau must go back to his silver spoon were he came from he has no ideas at all about Canadian people


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