Poll: 90% Of Canadians OPPOSE Justin Trudeau’s Internet Censorship Program

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Canada’s  elitist Liberal government feel that they should have the power to decide what is and isn’t ‘real’ or ‘fake’ news, and are even threatening to shut down social media networks in advance of the election if the networks don’t do the partisan bidding of the government.

How positively FASCIST. A new survey by Ipsos that compiled views on the internet from around the world shows ALMOST NOBODY IN CANADA supports attempts by the government for deciding what news is fake, and what is real.

Will this alter the Trudeau government’s approach to internet censorship? NOT A CHANCE. Time and time again, informed(non-Liberal) Canadians oppose the actions of the Trudeau government. Increased immigration quotas? Canadians don’t want this, but Justin does it anyway. The majority of Canadians oppose citizenship for Islamic terrorists, Justin disagrees and does otherwise.

Just 10 PERCENT of Canadians are okay with our government controlling internet content. Trudeau moves forward with it REGARDLESS. How can media possibly SIT BACK and refrain from enlightening Canadians of the totalitarian underpinnings of the Trudeau government?

They can, and they do. For many, however, this reality is blatant, and they are not buying the media drivel. Yet, millions will vote for Trudeau come October, 2019– including the very people Justin Trudeau has designated as the source of all historical consternation– Anglophone Canadians.

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A three ring-circus of propaganda and globalist deception. Yet, largely due to media presentation, Old Stock Canada buy into the lies. Not all, of course– just those who cannot see through the superficial nature of the Liberal’s virtue-signalling deceptions.

In Canada, accepting government and media superficialities is a slippery slope. To comprehend the true agenda–our nation’s incremental TRANS-formation from democracy to dictatorship, one must transcend mainstream media presentation.

Alternate media, social media, European news, independent media outlets are the mechanisms by which to SEE THROUGH the globalist seduction of Canada. Why don’t more Canadians do so?

Simply put, they haven’t got the time. This happens to be one of the reasons Trudeau is taxing Canadians TO DEATH. The purpose is to keep people so busy thinking about their paycheques and putting food on the table they have NO EXTRA TIME to discover the reality of life within contemporary Canada.

Winner: Trudeau government, establishment media, globalism, Third World, United Nations, Nation of Islam. Loser: the “usual suspects”– the Canadian-born, Old Stock Canada, Free Speech advocates, Conservatives, Anglophones.

Over and over this pattern emerges from the bowels of the Trudeau government. It is a LOSING GAME for Canadian patriots, nationalists and social conservatives, and it will ALWAYS BE THIS WAY if and when a future Liberal government once again seizes control of the consciousness of the Canadian people. Justin Trudeau has TRANS-formed Liberalism in Canada FOR ALL-TIME.



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