Politicians Holding Canadian Society Hostage Is Not Democracy

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As exemplified by conflict in the Middle East, the topic of hostage-taking has captured the minds of people the world over. A brutal situation it is, with countless innocent lives being sacrificed due to ongoing warfare in Gaza.

Here in Canada, a capturing of hostages exists in less violent form. Here, we speak of a more subtle example of warfare. Buried by media, Canadian society as a whole has been taken hostage in its entirety. The assault arrives by way of Canada’s traditional political strata: federal, provincial and municipal government.

As we speak, a petition is circulating to backtrack on a woke assault in Toronto:

“City council’s surprise vote to rename  Yonge-Dundas Square came after a personal intervention from Mayor Olivia Chow, who proposed a change of plans to a key advisory committee just two days before the decision was made.”

Their choice — Sankofa, which refers to a West African concept about reflecting on the past — has been described by supporters as a fitting way to address Toronto’s history of anti-Black racism.”

Chow’s approval is emblematic of socio-political transition which deserved to be understood by all Canadians:

— No matter how inane a political decision, absurdist “woke” propaganda can make it through an approval process at any level of governance.

— Once placed in power, politicians of all stripes deviate from the will of the public.

As a City Mayor, Olivia Chow exemplifies our point. As an MLA in British Columbia, so does New Democratic Party Minister of Education Rachna Singh. At the federal level, PM Justin Trudeau exists as national kingpin of the phenomena.

In truth, all are rogue governments. Once secure in political position, mandates transition to those entirely devoid of public desire. In turn, voters morph into instruments for socio-political manipulation.

Cultural Action Party elaborate on a concept hidden from the purview of society:

“Warmington: If You Want to Erase The Name ‘Sankofa’ Before It Erases Dundas, There Is A Petition”

Go ahead and sign. It won’t mean a thing,  but if it makes people feel better, so be it.

Turns out the same exists regarding SOGI-supporter Rachna Singh in B.C.:

“The petition alleges the SOGI program is indoctrinating children and exposing them to sexually inappropriate material.”

“Right now my focus is on the things that matter to our communities—whether it’s Surrey or anywhere in British Columbia—to provide safe, inclusive spaces,” said Singh.

The inclusive spaces are not safe in the minds of parents who wish to prevent their children from becoming inculcated by LGBT propaganda, but let’s not worry about them.

Truth is, Rachna Singh could stand on her head and spit nickels, and in terms of being removed from her position, it won’t happen. In “post-modern” Canada, control of children has been systemically transferred from parents to government.

Naturally, you won’t hear it being presented this way by media. Nor will the idea perpetuate that, in fact, this move exists as an emulation of governmental structure in communist nations like China.

None of this will amount to a hill-of-democratic beans. Rachna Singh will stay, and even if she left, will be placed by another of her kind. It’s always the way now– think Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi being replaced with ideological siamese twin, Jhoti Gondek.

Rule #888, Globalist Playbook: Once it goes woke, it never goes back,– which also applies to the world of 3rd World politician placement.

Anyone else notice the following post-modern phenomenon? Rarely, if ever, do political platforms pre-election political platforms match post-election behaviour.

Did Justin Trudeau shout this out pre-election in 2015:

“Listen, folks, I’m gonna undermine democracy, while promoting the stuffing out of the Islamic-Canadian and Sikh-Canadian communities. Then I will put major money into LGBT advancement, including support for transgender surgery for even the most youthful of Canadians.”

Would he have won three elections if he did so? Yet, as soon as his lofty position was secured, he went to work on behalf of international globalist ideology.

Speaking of the queen of political despots, there currently exists a popular petition calling for the removal of Justin Trudeau:

A petition originating from Peterborough calls for the ouster of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau closed with 386,698 signatures on Dec. 24 to become “the fastest-growing online petition in Parliamentary history.”

Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri, the lady who replaced friend of the Taliban terror organization Liberal MP Maryam Monsef, bucks the trend for a one simple reason. She is not a Liberal or NDP politician, who at this stage of the game, have formed a partnership for preservation of PM Trudeau’s neo-dictatorship.

A majority of Canadians want Mr. Trudeau removed from office. In truth, every citizen of our country could sign the document, and it wouldn’t change a damn thing. Beyond a symbolic cry for help from “the people,” the petition means nothing.

In 2023, Canada is a captured country. A long journey it has been. Beginning in 1968 with communist-affectionado and prototype globalist Pierre Trudeau, our country has been on a fifty-year journey to its pre-destined condition as a “no core identity” society.

To be sure, it’s political deception. It’s not that Canada has no core identity. Rather, it’s a case of the original core identity of Canada being cancelled by one Trudeau, and buried by another.

Moving from the conceptual to the tangible, CAP zero-in on specifics:

From a bi-cultural English and French-Canadian identity to a forthcoming 3rd World-dominated society.

From a society rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics, to a nation in which the most powerful political players are found in the Sikh, Muslim and LGBT special interest lobbies.

From domestic political control into the hands of international forces like China, Iran, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and the United Nations.

From individual freedoms to neo-communist government control, in time to be replaced by the real thing. To properly reflect on these realities should bring freedom-loving Canadians to the brink of horror.

Each one of these fundamental transition has been advanced by Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, or both. Filtering down through levels of government, we recognize a synthesis within Canada’s political structure.

Olivia Chow is Justin Trudeau. Rachna Singh is Olivia Chow. Calgary Mayor Jhoti Gondek is Justin Trudeau, who is Pierre Trudeau. In this dynamic there is much to be learned about our country’s transition to a neo-socialist state. Not that you will be hearing about it from CTV, Toronto Star or Montreal Gazette.

In this can be discovered yet another emulation of restrictive governance and population control: China maintains this exact structure. We come to recognize the authoritarian ties that bind.

That is, a few thousand Canadians whose eyeballs will peruse this article. As for 99% of the population, media work due diligence through an obfuscation of such realities. The Liberal government finance these publications, so it makes logical sense.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. It’s Jagmeet Singh’s Canada too– because in truth, Jagmeet Singh is Justin Trudeau.

The death of democracy hangs in the balance as all three levels of government amalgamate into a cohesive, repressive socialist structure. Just as it is in Justin Trudeau’s preferred nation of China.

The communist seduction of a dying Great White North continues…

3 thoughts on “Politicians Holding Canadian Society Hostage Is Not Democracy”

  1. Well; lo and behold: Look at the guy standing beside the Two Musketeers–Yves Blanchet; whose mission is to separate Quebec from Canada. Blanchet’s Bloc Quebecois; a hard-core separatist party–Sitting in the Canadian Parliament. Imagine; a party whose sole reason for existing is to foment separation from those damn Anglos. And yet–The Bloc sits in parliament; collecting our tax money. Only in sick; confused Canada. So; there separatist Blanchet stands….Beside his competition. Actually; by comparison–The past “threat” of Quebec separation can be considered the “good old days.” That nothingburger point in Canadian history has been eclipsed by the Son of Beelzebub. Given the acceleration toward full-blown communism in this country; Quebec separatism would have been the (ideal) lesser of two evils. If the latter had occurred; likely Trudeau II would never have seized control of Canada. The two outcomes (separation/communism) are different creatures; but the Blanchet/Trudeau/Singh dynamic holds. All three despise our country. All three gain from it. All three are worthless.

    BTW–The photo: What on earth are the Two Evil Musketeers doing? Dancing? Looking down at dog poop? Someone dropped a quarter?

  2. Sheep will be sheep – slaughtered for even a tuff of their wool – then bitch when the tuff turns to rainbow 🌈 colours, WEF driven by Ev’s to Cool the Earth, work the Free roads, let all terrorist type’s into our Free country who’s only intent is to destroy our Christmas values, protest against democratic values- the few we have left, abide by their fucking Quran so they can delete us so called Infidels. Amen 🙏


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