Politician, Physician Tie Justin Trudeau To Pandemic Profit-Making

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In a video interview, Rick Nicholls, Conservative MPP for Ontario, delivers allegations regarding a connection between elected government officials and bio-tech companies based in British Columbia.

“I always say follow the money. I know that there is an individual who was a campaign manager for Doug Ford who is a lobbyist, and is the founder and one of the chief principles of his strategies company here in Ontario.”

“They represent Pfizer, just to name one, but even Johnson & Johnson. There are about six pharmaceutical companies that his lobbying company represent.”

MPP Nichols then shifts focus to federal political players:

Justin Trudeau, he’s not a doctor at all. And so what gives him the right to go ahead? I heard something the other day that he has interest in a company that produces some of the particulates in the vaccine. I’d heard it’s like a 17% interest. So he’s making money hand over fist.”

Cultural Action Party deliver a caveat: these comments are not a verification of fact. What is presented here are opinions– responsible journalism calls for this distinction. Yet, seeing as we have gone down this path, a second interview reinforces Mr. Nichols messaging.

A YouTube interview with Dr. David Martin speaks of specifics.

“Most Canadians do not realize that Canada itself, but specifically University of British Columbia(UBC,) realized in 2005 that if it was going to be relevant in bio-tech space, it had to be the research hotbed for establishing the delivery mechanism whereby mRNA vaccines could be developed.”

In the video interview, Dr. Martin claims that British Columbia-based bio-tech companies are “the reason why both Moderna and Pfizer have the ability to deliver the [vaccine program.]” Two UBC-affiliated biotech companies have been associated with Big Pharma vaccine manufacturing- Arbutus Pharmaceuticals and Acuitas Therapeutics.

“Without the Canadian contribution of Lipid nanoparticles technology from British Columbia, we would have no meaningful response in what are being called vaccinations.”

“Most people would be shocked to find out that when you have the PM of Canada telling the world that the only way to return to a ‘new normal’ is through the vaccine…that Justin Trudeau did not tell the public was that he had a financial stake in the outcome of that being the selected pathway forward.”

As a corollary, we reference what CAP has labelled the “Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid Scandal.” The opposition Conservative Party has spent over two years pushing the Trudeau government to divulge the reason why two Chinese nationals were fired from a government-funded bio-tech lab in Winnipeg.

How did Justin Trudeau respond toward a legislative procedure to investigate the details? The Liberals launched a lawsuit against one of their own MP’s– House Speaker Anthony Rota– asking for a court to block an order to produce relevant documentation.

Degree of revelation from media on why the Chinese scientists were fired? Nothing– not a single sentence. How much more “sketchy” can the world of pandemic politics in Canada get?

12 thoughts on “Politician, Physician Tie Justin Trudeau To Pandemic Profit-Making”

  1. There needs to be an impartial investigation into why Trudeau is so insistent that Canadians take a non vaccine. One that does not stop either contagion or transmission of the virus. We don’t have the ability to give informed consent because the manufacturers don’t supply any information on the Vaccine. we have rumors that Justin Trudeau and others have a conflict of interest in the use of these vaccines which they may well profit from. In that case Trudeau needs to be removed from power.

  2. I hope that the Cons get back in power–And crack wide open Trudope’s dirty little secrets. The Libs always hide behind the specious “national security” excuse. Excuse me? The biggest threat to our national security is Trudope.

  3. Do an investigation in to how Fentanyl continued to flow into and accross Canada at anytime, but in particular during this pandemic when there was supposed travel controls and restrictions. Whom implemented special travel status for foreign nationals to freely travel in, out and accross Canada during the ” pandemic”…

  4. This reporting is no better than the way the truckers have been portrayed by the government. All good . Still I am unconvinced. I would ask for a more detailed and comprehensive report. Unsubstantiated polemics are not good enough. Get proof!

  5. I think if you delve further, you’ll find that PM Trudeau has a 40% stake in Acuitas which he acquired in 2017 or 2018.

  6. There needs to be an investigation on him and when the truth comes out where everyone who’s left that’s not awake sees what he has done to everyone’s family members and friends then he needs to be locked up and put through what he has done to everyone! He’s a no good for nothing fraud, money stealing, murderer that has destroyed Canada to the point that we will never come out of it anytime soon or even in the near future! Then with this climate change BS there is no climate change it’s the government with the grids they have set up controlling the weather and making excuses so they can keep stealing more and more of our hard earned working dollars 😡 That low life has never worked a day in his life or know what hard work is he just knows how to steal and destroy!!!!! He needs to be held accountable for everything he has done 🤬 if it was anyone else that did even a quarter of what he has and keeps doing they would have been hung long ago!!!!! LOCK THE SOB UP!!!! TRUDOPE NEEDS TO GO!!!!


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