Political Islam Has INFILTRATED Liberals & Conservatives: Peoples Party Of Canada

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Kelly Day was warming up the crowd with a theme song she wrote for the People’s Party of Canada.  The song was heavy on the patriotism and libertarianism that Maxime Bernier’s upstart party says it stands for. PPC candidates and volunteers, purple lanyards around their necks and buttons on their chests, clapped and shouted encouragement.

Benjamin Dichter — a former Conservative candidate in Toronto-Danforth and co-founder of LGBTory — was warning the crowd about “political Islam” and how it has infiltrated BOTH Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party and Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives.

“Despite what our corporate media and political leaders want to admit, Islamist entryism and the adaptation of political Islam is rotting away at our society.

CAP will confess– we are pleasantly surprised by the fortitude the Peoples Party Of Canada are displaying in regard to opposing the entrenchment of  fundamentalist Islam into our leading political parties.

CAP vehemently agree. We will add, however, that it is arguable Scheer’s Conservatives would have been less inclined to support radical Islam if it were not for Justin Trudeau. It is our opinion that Justin Trudeau has trans-formed Canada politically, as well as ideologically.

This he accomplished by forcing Islam upon society, as well as promoting and empowering ethno-centric MP’s like Iqra Khalid, Omar Alghabra, and others. Who asked Mr. Trudeau to do such a thing? Why, this would be Khalid, Alghabra, and the rest of the myopic multicult-pushers.

As for the remaining 99.9% of Canadians, we did no such thing. The decision was 100% unilateral, as all major Trudeau-oriented societal decisions are. Mass immigration, diversity, multiculturalism, and refugee status all qualify for this dubious distinction.

“It’s important to have that discussion (about “political Islam”) in Canada,” Bernier told reporters. “We are a party that’s open to everybody, everybody who shares our Canadian values . . . (“Political Islam”) can be a threat, yes, and we have to have that discussion in Canada right now.”

So Mr. Bernier wants the discussion “right now.” When does Justin Trudeau wants the conversation? Easy–on the 12th of Never! In Justin’s mind, the longer his globalist plan of cultural decimation remains under-the-radar, the farther along the globalists will be in transforming Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

Andrew Scheer is most likely reluctant as well. For over four decades, mass immigration from the Third World to Canada has been steamrolling along. Same situation regarding immigration policy-best boyfriend, multiculturalism.

Yet, during this entire time the topic of immigration to Canada has never been a part of prime ministerial debates, or any other aspect of political discourse in Canada.

WHY? For what reason would the two most trans-formative policies in Canadian history go under-the-covers for this length of time? The answer is simple: because government wanted it this way. For this purpose, CBC and establishment media in Canada have gone along for the ride.

End result: These policies have been forced upon society. All questioning or criticism is pushed aside by the powers that be. In other words, these policies are anti-democratic in nature–just as Justin Trudeau, and father Pierre before him, wanted it to be.

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Bernier said told conference attendees that the PPC would campaign on their founding values: the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility, fairness and respect.” 

Let’s take a quick look at Justin Trudeau’s approach to these tradition democratic values. Freedom— fair to say this is at a low-point in modern history. Trudeau works to control mainstream media, censor social media, and brands anyone who disagrees with his open-border, sovereignty-eroding policies racist.

Next up, personal responsibility. Justin Trudeau off-loads all this on to others. Canadians are bigots. Conservatives are racists. SNC Lavalin is the other guy’s fault. I did nothing wrong regarding the Aga Khan. Admiral Mark Norman had it coming to him, and on and on.

On Fairness: by way of Pakistani MP Iqra Khalid’s M103 “Islamophobia” motion, major religions in Canada are no longer on an equal playing-field. Trudeau has raised Islam above the rest. While M103 explicitly calls out “Islamophobia,” it includes nothing of the sort regarding Christianity and Judaism. 

Finally, the issue of respect. Please do not make CAP gag on a Tim Horton’s donut. Trudeau has shown NOTHING but disrespect toward Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives and other sensible-thinking Canadians since the day he seized control of Canada.

Conclusion? CAP despise Trudeau like no one we have ever come across before. We find him a total disgrace to the office of PM, as well as our nation in general. Naturally, with a platform like the PPC retain, the screams of racism, bigotry and xenophobia will never stop.

Our advice? Ignore ALL OF IT. Do not listen to a single word special interest groups, multicult organizations, puppet journalists and Liberal snowflakes have to say. Hold your heads high, stick to your guns, and do not under any circumstances CAVE-IN to the social justice warrior ethos. Do not apologize. Why? Because it is a LIE. These forces have zero interest in “equality,” and 100% interest in control.

CAP are thus far impressed with Maxime Bernier’s PPC party. In fact, although we advocated for a party of this nature for well over a decade, we are rather surprised that it has arrived.

As media tried to convince us, “populism” would never catch fire in Canada. They are wrong- it has. And gut feeling tells us this is just the beginning. We will catch up to Europe in terms of nationalist push-back we witness among parties in Britain, France and Germany. We will do so despite the race-card, despite media, and regardless of the name-calling of the liberal-leftist brigade. We will never stop until true equality–as opposed to TRUDEAU-BRAND inequality–is jettisoned from our society for all-time.

In fact, Justin Trudeau is an immature, reckless, manic-personality national leader created an environment whereby Canada would replicate the rise of the right in Europe.

Should we says thanks to the cretinous one? Of course not– never thank a Trudeau for anything is a CAP rule. Instead, let us be thankful the PPC have come along. Without them, the Globalist-Trudeau-Multicult status quo would remain indefinitely.

Previous political climate: Trudeau- Liberals against Conservative- Liberals, NDP- Liberals, and Green Party-Liberals–what a damn nightmare!

What Canada needed, and what appears to have occurred,  is that the entire political spectrum in Canada needs to be shaken-up, turned inside out, and dramatically revised within society.

With Mr. Bernier and the PPC, we may well break the globalist spell which began with Pierre Trudeau, and went into full-on destruction mode forty years later by way of son Justin.







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