Trudeau Panders To 28 World Leaders For U.N. Council Seat During Pandemic

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“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken with 28 world leaders since the pandemic crisis began in early March as he continues to pursue a temporary seat on the UN Security Council, according to his daily itineraries.”

That has meant making time for conversations with leaders of the tiny island nations of Saint Lucia, Fiji and Tuvalu, amid a pandemic that has sickened thousands and shuttered much of the economy.

Leaders also contacted since March have included those in Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Sweden, Colombia, Ghana, Sudan, Qatar, Jamaica and Ethiopia, among others.

“We absolutely want a seat on the UN security council,” Foreign Affairs Minister François-Philippe Champagne reiterated in an interview Thursday.

Really? Mr. Champagne pandering to African government’s for a United Nations Security Council Seat on behalf of penultimate global-boy, PM Justin Trudeau?

Shocking, really. CAP continue to be fascinated by one simple word used time and time again whenever the Liberal-Globalist government something average Canadians do not give a flying fig about:

The word is “We.”

“We” value Canada’s relationship with the Covid-19 emitting communist government of China. “We” place the precious U.N. Security Council seat as a top priority while over 5000 Canadian citizens pass way from China’s dissemination of an international pandemic.

Of course, this “We” has nothing to do with the actual citizens of Canada. Rather it refers to what Justin Trudeau wants for Canada–while these two commodities have next-to-nothing in common.

Certainly not for Canadians of the Old Stock variety. If these millions mattered to supreme leader, Liberal PM Justin Trudeau, this is how things would play out:

No China in Canada. No Sharia Law in Canada. No United Nations control. No endless 3rd World immigration. Not the leader in world-wide refugee intake. No Carbon Tax.

No $14 Billion dollar exports of military arms to Saudi Arabia. No $2 Billion dollars to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Somalia. No 30% increase in immigration quotas.Getting the picture?

Now, fellow patriots– is it not factual that Justin Trudeau has indulged in every one of these nefarious behaviours? 

Is it a stone-cold lie that Trudeau defies the poll results of any form which contradict his globalist agenda of national decimation? Of course it’s true.

And of course, CBC, CTV, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, Global News, National Post and Calgary Herald REFUSE to articulate this reality to 37.8 Million Canadians.

If they did, then perhaps this distinct message would be presented to the people of Canada:

This Trudeau character does not work for the people of Canada. And if he does, it is limited to a specific element of society. How to describe this privileged community?

Let CAP give it a go: this is 3rd World Canada, Sikh Canada, Muslim Canada, Chinese Canada, LGBT Canada, the transgendered, the abortion fanatics, and various other elements of the Liberal government of Canada’s “chosen people.”

Media reveal nothing of this social dynamic. Nor to they intimate a startling fact: By way of Liberal-Globalism, the priorities of the government of Canada have been 100% trans-formed.

BURIED BY CBC: Trudeau Ignores QUEBEC PATRIOT DAY, Promotes Ramadan Coast-To-Coast in Canada

Much of this relates to a particular element of political jurisprudence: the “majority versus the minority.” In others words, nationalism versus socialism. Meaning the “will of the majority” versus the will of the minority.

One fundamental of democracy relates to government acknowledging majority will. Under Trudeau, we do not do this. Conversely, 2020 Canada is ruled by one will only:

The will of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government. Their track record reveals a fervent dedication to the 5% of society, while throwing the 95% in a proverbial trash bin.

How often? Only for every single social issue which contravenes Justin Trudeau’s drive to convert Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Meaning the Liberal-Globalist agenda to marginalize the majority–which Justin already accomplished through his condemnation of Anglophone and European Canadians as racist bigots.

What else does CBC eschew? Try the roots of the turning “inside-out” of Canadian society. Empowering the “downtrodden” until the downtrodden have infinitely more power than those with “white privilege.”

The founder, of course, his Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau. This man serves as the prototype Canadian globalist. His Charter of Rights and Freedoms–rumoured to be drawn from communist ideology–began the process.

Liberal-Globalist “multiculturalism--an anti- European Canadian piece of legislation– sealed the deal for the trans-ition of Canada away from what 98% of citizens wanted for the future of their country.

CBC says nothing about it. Ditto for Globe & Mail. End result in 2020?

Justin Trudeau, rather than spending his energy on Covid-19 and domestic issues, is “on the horn to Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, Sweden, Colombia, Ghana, Sudan, Qatar, Jamaica, Ethiopia and others in pursuit of his U. N. Security Council Seat obsessions.

In other words–and please inform CAP if you disagree– the situation is “all about him.” Selfish, myopic, childish– and most of all– “uncaring.” Indeed, this is the piece missing from all media presentation:

Like his father Pierre, Justin Trudeau is an unyielding narcissist. Like Papa, his megalomaniac mental tendencies cause damage for our nation, and our citizenship.

CAP Trivia Time: Who was the first Canadian prime minister in history to push federal deficits into the “stratosphere?”  It was Liberal Pierre Trudeau. Who has created the largest federal deficit per-capita of any PM in history?

Justin Trudeau. Who has covered up the connection between the two? CTV, CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest of Trudeau’s media puppets.

Yes indeed, Justin Trudeau is “phoning it in” regarding true concern for those who elected him into political office. Media say nothing— that’s their job within yet another social agenda forced upon society by a pseudo-socialist Trudeau family member.

King Justin’s “post-modern” Canada.











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