PM Justin Trudeau Honours Values “At The Heart of Islam” In Ramadan Tribute

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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau extended greetings to Muslims around the globe on the start of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

“By coming together virtually, we’ll be able to stay connected and still honour the values at the heart of Islam”  stated PM Trudeau.

Observations Eschewed By Mainstream Canadian Media:

Ever notice that when Trudeau delivers religious-oriented messaging, his approach to the Islamic faith remains unique.

In these cases, the messaging always goes “beyond the call of duty.”  Not so for Christianity. First of all, note how our PM sends his personal  blessing to all Muslims around the globe. Is Mr. Justin the leader of all Muslims around the globe?

Perhaps he is pining for this, but as related to his job description, this is well beyond the pale. Yet, it encapsulates the man’s special relationship with some religious communities.

He could have simply referenced all Muslims in Canada–but he doesn’t. Pourquoi? Because when it comes to religious ideology rooted in 7th century Middle Eastern doctrine, his true concern is world-wide. Blimey– so is that of the United Nations, Iran, and a plethora of Middle Eastern theocratic governments.

So Mr. Trudeau is honouring values at the heart of Islam. Is this the same thing as wishing Jewish Canadians a pleasant “Rosh Hashanah” New Year? If he does this at all, does he deliver this messaging:

Let all Canadians “honour the values at the heart of the Jewish faith.  No, he does not. Why the “unique” treatment? Simple–because he is Justin Trudeau— globalization fanatic.

Seems to CAP that what King Justin is really doing is integrating Islamic ideology into Canadian society. Much, much different than the man’s approach to Christianity.

Short Re-CAP: Regarding the Christian faith, which some 65% (Islam is 4%) of Canadians call their own faith, Trudeau did the following during his first term as PM:

— Forced every person in the Liberal Cabinet and Caucus to support mass abortion–anti-Christian behaviour.

Pulled funding for Churches, Christian schools and Bible camps if they did not “surrender” their Christian values as related to abortion.

— Legislated anti-Christian Euthanasia policy.

— Promoted LGBT, sex-change and trans-lifestyle to all Canadians–anti-Christian.

— Gave approximately $2 Billion tax-payer dollars to the top Christian persecuting nations of earth–Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and dozens more.

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Then, when questioned on his personal faith, Mr. Trudeau claims to be a Christian. To be facetious,  if this is the behaviour of a believing Christian-Canadian, then Osama bin Laden deserved to be appointed Pope.

Degree of Canadian media exposure: Nothing–not a single sentence from CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of Justin’s socialist-oriented media people.

Fair? Equitable? How about this example: it is called M103, which PM Trudeau passed with aplomb. Ostensibly to counteract racism in Canada, it turned out the motion only references one identifiable Canadian community–Muslim Canada.

Does this make these people “bad Canadians?” Doesn’t make that much sense, really. But it does speak volumes about the Liberal-Globalist government of Canada.

This motion was tabled by a half-Canadian citizen, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid. She of Pakistani origin–along with hyper-aggressive National Council of Muslims, got the motion approved by Parliament.

Check this out– not a single media outlet from CBC to covert-commie Toronto Star pointed out the obvious fact: the motion is exclusive to Islam.

Now, as most recognize, the Liberal-Trudeau derived Charter of Rights and Freedoms, along with Pierre Trudeau’s “multicultural” ideology, preach EQUALITY among all Canadians.

Does Justin Trudeau’s Ramadan “shout out” qualify? No, it does not. How about M103? No, not at all. 

How about the very recent Covid-19 leveraged blast of Ramadan prayers in the “town squares” of Brampton, Halifax, Calgary, Vancouver and others? In which locations have the equivalent Christian Lord’s Prayer received similar service? How about Jewish or Buddhist liturgical public broadcasts?

Nowhere to be found.  More Liberal-Trudeau brand equanimity? Of course not. In other words, Trudeau breaches the essence of his father’s diversity agenda as it relates to social equality in Canada–and CBC do not breathe a single word about it.

CAP call this blatant, outrageous community favouritism. CBC and the rest call CAP “racist.” Here is the point: all this is a one-way street of inflexibility. As in, written-in-stone, just like some ancient religious faiths.

This entire religious privilege dynamic has been effectively maintained by way of a single concept: an accusation of racism. For CAP, this is akin to trans-mutating into oxen, and wearing a yoke around your neck as you head out to plow the fields.

Salient Question Time: if general society does not trans-cend this Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist straight-jacket, what does the future hold for our nation?

CAP will go first: it’s very simple indeed– more of THE SAME. Fake Trudeau-Liberalism never ends, right? How often does fundamentalist religion change–regardless of the particular brand of faith. 

Never–that’s when. It is here that informed Canadians can form a mental picture of where Canada is headed by way of sovereignty-eroding Liberal-Globalist ideology.

In other words, the future of Canadian society–the one issue CBC, CTV and the rest of the media slaves never speak of.









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