“PLAN-DEMIC” Society: Old Stock Canadians SHOULD REFUSE Trudeau’s Covid-19 Vaccine.

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According to a European-Canadian focused website, there is something very “fishy” about the educational history of Justin Trudeau-appointed Covid-19 “leader” Dr. Teresa Tam.

“Who is this woman now in charge of providing the “chief” medical information concerning Canada’s lockdown? Where did she come from? There is very little available on her biography, very little personal and even professional information on Dr. Teresa Tam.”Council Of European-Canadians state that after thorough investigation, they could not find the following information:

  • Her date of birth
  • Her place of birth (other than “raised in Hong Kong”)
  • The dates of her various degrees – they went into the UBC and U of Alberta websites looking for alumni profiles.
  • There are no listings of her theses and dissertation.
For CAP, this is no surprise at all. The same lack of personal informationapplies to, for example, other Liberal-Globalist, MP Maryam Monsef. Trudeau’s choice for Minister of Status Of Women is an immigrant of “unknown origin”--rumoured to be born either in Iran, or Afghanistan.
Should Canadians trust Dr. Tam, of unknown “oriental” origin? We hereby state “no”  for the record. Is Tam an evil and awful human being? She may not be. This is not the true reason why she is not trustworthy.
For CAP, the reality is that no Liberal-Globalist— our term for a Justin Trudeau-type Canadian politician– should ever be trusted with making the best decisions for our communities. By this, we are referencing what some folks call “Old Stock” Canada. Anglophone Canada, Francophone Canucks, First Nations, Christian Canadians, and the like.
Why not? Because the ruling Liberal government has yet to make a single decision based upon the will, desires and wants of these citizens. 
Therefore, when considering succumbing to the Trudeau/Tam insistence upon injecting the pending antidote vaccine into the bodies of all Canadians, a wise Old School Canuck would be smart to “think twice.” In a more caustic manner, CAP believe our peoples would be “out-of-their-heads” to submit to the innoculation.
What CBC Will Never Allude To: Who knows exactly what is contained in Ms. Tam’s “elixir” of Coronavirus shut-down. Yes, the remedy may be included, but what else in included beyond this?
Indeed, this is why the cries of CAP paranoia arise. “Insane,” says a Medical Professional. “These guys is crazy,” opines a McGill-educated Liberal snow-flake. Fine, this we can live with. These are not the forces who will prevent us from expressing our opinions. 
The difference in perception is the following: Liberal snowflakes do not comprehend the reality of post-modern, 2020 Liberal government politics. Conversely, our party believe Canada is being transitioned from an historically democratic nation to a pseudo-socialist state.
Big difference, eh? Therefore, the idea of subterfuge, social manipulation and such is “front-and-centre” in our thoughts. As in, would the government of the former Soviet Union be “above” stooping to this level? How about the government of China, or any other totalitarian nation?
Not a chance–in our opinion. Therefore the very same should apply to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal-Globalist government. Pourquoi? Because without general public awareness, this is reality within contemporary Canadian politics.
On a more puerile level, why is a person of unknown Asian origin in charge of the pandemic solution? The pandemic came from Asia–from China–so why appoint this person as commander-in-chief? It appears she has a sketchy, poorly understood personal and educational background. Couldn’t Trudeau find a more suitable individual to take on this role?
CAP Theory: This dynamic is Justin Trudeau. The same applies to Sharia-advocate MP Maryam Monsef. The founder of the M103 “Islamophobia” motion is half-Pakistani, fundamentalist Muslim MP Iqra Khalid.
Trudeau’s choice for the Liberal in charge of immigration and refugee status? MP Ahmed Hussen,  half -citizen of Somalia. Talk about selecting an “unbiased” party–what a farce that was.
Governor General Julie Payette? A space cadet Liberal puppet of the highest order. What King Trudeau wants, Ms. Julie advocates without question. There are others, of course.
What CAP Advocate, Without Question: No Canadian-born, Old Stock-type should be on the receiving end of the pandemic vaccine. You would have to be out-of-your-mind to do so. Pourquoi? Because Canada is today a socialist dictatorship “in-waiting.”
These nations are not above the concept of mass public “brain-washing.” Nor is the concept of knocking off an unwanted segment of society an impossibility. After all, Chairman Mao Tse Tung did this within Chinese society during his “Silent Revolution.”
As astute Canadians are aware, the Trudeau family– Justin, brother Alexandre–as well as Pierre Trudeau before them, have venerated China for decades. Simply put, the Trudeau Clan has always been infatuated with communist dictatorships. After all, Alex Trudeau wrote a book which praises and glorifies the behemoth nation of the Far East.
As far as the non- Old Stock peoples of Canada, in due time they will trans-ition to a majority of our citizenship, logically resulting in white Canadians becoming a bona fide “minority” community in Canada.
Ever read about this in the Toronto Star, or National Post? Never–and CAP know why. Both government and their media partners are out to deceive our Anglophone communities–among others.
Besides, who says Coronavirus at its core it not a premeditated weapon of “mass destruction?”
Simply, really– CBC, CTV, Global News, National Post, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Montreal Gazette and Vancouver Sun–that’s who.
Please consider this thought: Collectively, these media institutions ARE the Trudeau government of Canada. Therefore, a smart Canuck should never buyanything they have to say about:
Globalism, China, United Nations, World Health Organization(WHO), Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Africa, foreign aid, immigration, multiculturalism and refugee status.
If you do this–as well as stay light years away from the Coronavirus “remedy,” perhaps your community can avoid its pre-planned decimation by way of the “Liberal forces of globalism.”

7 thoughts on ““PLAN-DEMIC” Society: Old Stock Canadians SHOULD REFUSE Trudeau’s Covid-19 Vaccine.”

  1. If this is so. I,ll go to war with other Old Stock Canadians or without.I know that it would mean the end of my life,but I will FIGHT!!

    • Perhaps you will, but ten million Canucks could well be fooled into injecting themselves with Justin Trudeau’s “transform the sensible Canadian into a globalist robot” innoculation for Coronavirus.

    • For Old Stock Canada– Anglophone, Francophones and the like– Trudeau is nothing but a deliver of a plague upon Canada.

  2. Looks like a typical Trudeau choice, If he actually makes a choice he thinks it is a good one, and if he makes a budget well it will balance itself. In his eyes any choice he makes is the best the world has seen. It would be real nice if he could realize that his choices are to benefit all Canadians.

    • Right–a brainwashed hollow mind–possibly a result of physical confrontation with adults as a child. Check Jesuit education.


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