“Pierre Trudeau Kept Residential Schools Alive” Says Leading Canadian Journalist

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“If we’re going to cancel out [Sir John A.]Macdonald for his role in the residential schools, then what about Pierre Trudeau, whose Liberal government not only kept the residential school system alive, but was widely condemned by Indigenous leaders of the day who viewed Trudeau’s policies as an attempt to assimilate their culture?”

A terrific question, as published in a recent Toronto Sun article on what has become the topical issue of our time– the mistreatment of Indigenous children within Canada’s historical residential school system.

Most Canadians will agree that what went on in this regard was awful. It is circumstances beyond this that Cultural Action Party will concern ourselves with. Here we speak of the critical issue of government and media presentation.

From our perspective, calculated bias is the name of the game. Current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has thus far played this card to the hilt. The Catholic church must apologize. The Pope must fly to Canada to apologize.

The fault lies with the Christian church in totality. The fact that our PM is erroneous in his assessment is inconsequential. Within contemporary society, it is political optics that count. From this perspective, all Canadian media positioning sooner or later arrives at a foregone conclusion:

Justin Trudeau is to be re-elected prime minister of Canada. It’s as simple as that. Forget about the fact that ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau was officially responsible for residential schools between the years 1969-1978.

Degree to which Justin Trudeau has articulated this fact? That would be nothing. CBC has not placed a speck of responsibility upon the shoulders of the Pierre Trudeau, or the Liberal Party. Instead, all fault lies with the Catholic church– a religious community that Justin Trudeau claims to be part of.

He sure has an odd way of dedicating himself to Catholicism. In addition to blaming the church for all residential school inequities, Mr. Trudeau is a fervent supporter of mass abortion, euthanasia, LGBT, transgenderism, and gay marriage. All are antithetical to Christian principles.

BURIED BY MEDIA: Pierre Trudeau Was A Leading Perpetrator Of Residential School Oppression


According to a Canadian University Indigineous Foundations report, the term residential schools refers to an extensive school system set up by the Canadian government while being  administered by Canadian churches.

Extent to which Globe & Mail and National Post have emphasized this hierarchy of responsibility? Zero percent is your answer. Nor has media referenced what serves as an axiomatic principle within the entire residential school debacle:

Which entity holds jurisdiction over the other–government over the church, or church over government?

Bingo–the crux of the government-church dynamic thus revealed. By CAP, that is. Not by Toronto Star or Ottawa Citizen. Fact is, the church has not held jurisdiction over government in Canada for one micro-second. If it had, then Canada would have been at some point in history a theocratic nation like, for example, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan.

Let CAP lay it on the line: the timing of the residential school tragedy revelation is calculated political posturing. The goal is a further running down of our Anglophone communities. Media deceptions exist because media now work directly for government. This flows from the fact that Canada in 2021 is a democracy in name only.

In reality, our country has transitioned into a covert socialist dictatorship. The founder of this transition is the person being protected from residential school culpability: Pierre Trudeau. The individual doing the protecting is Justin Trudeau. The protection is being perpetrated by Canada’s monolithically globalist media community.

Not a random occurrence in sight as Canada is led by the nose toward an end to freedom and democracy in the dying “Great White North.”

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

10 thoughts on ““Pierre Trudeau Kept Residential Schools Alive” Says Leading Canadian Journalist”

  1. If Trudeau wins this next election, it is because it is rigged just like the last election. Quite frankly all Natives and all women or any other human being, should not vote for this racist, lying, disgrace of a PM.

    With all the scandals and the taking the house speaker to court proves to me without a doubt the election is rigged. The BC election was also rigged, why you ask, he bought the election by giving away money. Now how the hell can that be legal. Our Canada is screwed.

  2. “Fact is, the church has not held jurisdiction over government in Canada for one micro-second. If it had, then Canada would have been at some point in history a theocratic nation like, for example, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan.”

    You are a jackass because you are implying that an ideology based on Jesus Christ’s teachings would produce an Islamic shithole.

  3. The best and possibly only solutions to a Trudeau dictatorship are:
    1. Western autonomy/separation.
    2. Elimination of Trudeau and his handlers, one way or another.

    Both will be very hard to do as Trudeau and his handlers want to retain power and control. They would influence foreign countries and try to damage and isolate Western Canada economically. Are we deliberately being pushed into a corner so that we have no option but to use extreme prejudice? Are we going to have to use violence to retain democracy and freedom? Freedom is not free. Look at dictator-run countries all around the world. Those citizens are fighting and dying for the very things that Trudeau is taking away.

    The West can survive, be self-sufficient, and successful on our own. Do we have the guts to do it? We need leaders.

  4. the Trudeau family egacy is the most apalling in Canadian History – many Canadians gave their livesin two world wars and numerous peace actons whiletrudeau senior and his miscreant son claim we have no culture nor history of armed service – Canada was well respected up until PET started gutting the forces and neutered the institutions that helped make this country great and respected on the world stage. while our brainless leader claims no cuture or significant military history here – in other countries like Holland our efforts are not only respected but celebrated.canadians have served with honor and distinction for generations. I am disgusted with the ongoing distortions and denials perpetrated by trudeau and his gang of useless sycophants crowing the virtues of communism and totlitarian socialism – the cause of nearly 200 million deaths in the world in the last century, A slap in the face for those that gave all to ensure freedom and peace from the very despots trudeau celebrates and mimics. a proud history of canadians of all cultures, races and origins working together in peace as equals to accomplish important and difficult things. Lets find common ground and clebrate those together in the proud spirit of the brave men who fought for this countrya nsthe freedom from oppression from the likes of Hitler and Stalin and Pol Pot.But trudeau holds the historical oppression and ttyrranny of China etc in high regard – look what they accomplished – killed millions of their own citizens for no other reason than being a threat to the power of the tyrants. Is that why he works so hard to disarm Canadians? his father id terrible damage to this country to try and steal oil revenues from the west, now his on attacks the same regions and industries in the name of centralising power in a socialist order where it will be controlled from europe. traitor.

  5. There is no disjunction between both Trudeaus, I and II, and The Roman Catholic Church; for their common, also Communist now under Bergoglio S.J. ‘Francis’, denominator is that of the State-controller Marxist-Globalist power of the Jesuit Order; which explains to no small degree why the self-professed “Catholic” PM has not been spiritually disciplined by any Clerical Superiors for the anti-Catholic/Catechism policies of his anti-democratic regime.

    The ultimate proof of this? The September 22, 2018 secret Concordat of the Francis Pontificate with Communist PRC whereby both Roman Catholic and other Christians were/are being sacrificed in brutal persecution. Silence from both Pope Francis and his Canadian Marxist PM.

    The Indigenous Roman Catholic Christians need to find another Church;
    and obtain due justice in the Courts for the sins and crimes perpetrated against them.


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