Pierre To Justin: 50 Years Of Woke Warfare Against English Canada

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What’s the world’s most popular puzzle?

“The Rubik’s Cube’s status as the world’s most popular puzzle is due to its unique blend of simplicity, complexity, and universal appeal.”

“Its ability to engage minds, provide immediate gratification, and offer long-lasting challenges has made it popular and relevant even 50 years after its invention.”

Putting together pieces of a puzzle takes diligence and dedication. Metaphorically speaking, the same cannot be applied to Canadian media’s approach to an entirely different form of puzzle.

If media were to consolidate pieces of the puzzle that add up to the demise of English Canada, the double-edged sword that is immigration policy and multiculturalism would be understood for what they truly are.

Hungarian inventor Erno Rubick created his best-selling puzzle in 1974. At the same time, prototype globalist Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau was putting together pieces of a puzzle for the dissolution of traditional Canadian society.

Multiculturalism, along with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, were set up as core components of a silent form of social revolution. Unspoken-of by media, these set the ground-work for a re-orientation of Canadian society.

Moving forward, Canadians of European heritage were to be hustled toward the periphery of society. A shift to a points-based qualification system for immigration transitioned migrant intake from 90% European-based to 90% 3rd World-oriented.

“In 2021, 57% of the residents of the metropolitan area of Toronto belonged to a visible minority group, compared with 13% in 1981.”

“The number of ridings in which visible minorities form a majority of the population has increased from one in ten (33) in 2011 to close to one in six (51), reflecting high and increasing levels of immigration.”

51 out of 338 federal ridings are today minority-white constituencies. Media say nothing– they don’t so much as hint at it.

Along with these facts comes a corollary equally eschewed by legacy media. For at least 30 years, abortion programs in Canada have resulted in 80,000-90,000 fetuses being destroyed annually. Pierre Trudeau is the individual responsible for one of the most permissive abortions policies on the planet.

As legislated by our ruling Liberal government, current PM Justin Trudeau signed on the dotted line for Canada’s to become world leader in Euthanasia deaths.

“Growth in the number of medically assisted deaths in Canada continues in 2022. In 2022, there were 13,241 MAID provisions reported in Canada, accounting for 4.1% of all deaths in Canada. The number of cases of MAID in 2022 represents a growth rate of 31.2% over 2021.”

Assembling the puzzle pieces into a cohesive picture delivers a social condition that Canadian media wouldn’t express for all the farms in Cuba.

Not content with their woke accomplishments, the Liberals go off half-cocked regarding another critical puzzle piece: LGBT politics, and it’s effect on birth-rates in Canada.

After which Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] travel where our press never go:

Which identifiable communities are most affected by so-called “progressive” Liberal government social policy?

Immigration, Multiculturalism, Abortion, Euthanasia, LGBT, Transgender.

As sure as you’re born, the answer is Canada’s Anglophone communities. We come to recognize hypocrisy inherent in Quebec-centric Liberal Party politics.

Consider the effort and energy put into advancement of Quebecois cultural identity. French-Canadian identity must be maximized at all times. Maintenance of the French language is essential. In order to minimize cultural dilution, the government of Quebec maintain provincial control over immigration. No other province has this privilege.

Quite the contrast, eh? Just don’t go looking to the Montreal Gazette to express such sentiments. Add to it Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest.

How often has it been that establishment media juxtapose English Canada’s demographic and cultural erosion with legislated policies of cultural retention in Quebec?

The answer is never. We come to recognize what never been articulated by Canadian media. A direct and damaging connection between Liberal government policy as established by Pierre Trudeau, and perpetrated by Justin Trudeau.

CAP speak of an assembly of pieces of a puzzle necessary for complete reinvention of Canadian society. Working toward an inversion of Canada’s social order, government set up English Canada and its Anglo-European communities for its permanent fall.

4 thoughts on “Pierre To Justin: 50 Years Of Woke Warfare Against English Canada”

  1. sometimes brad blames the LGBT, sometimes he blames the communists, today he blames the French.

    just another day in brad’s world, if you aren’t English Christian, you are a problem.

    • You’re good w/ all of this social chaos? If so; this is your time. “Enjoy” it while you can. You would have been extremely unhappy w/ your life here–even twenty years ago.

  2. Yupperdoodles, I’ve taken note that the newcomers are all fine and dandy with heritage old stock Canadians being supplanted / replaced with newcomers from African to Muslim to South Asian to Oriental parts of this world.

    “Shoe on the other foot” for us, but not you! As fitting for the Quebec government as is for peoples of the above-listed regions of this globe. Don’t do to us, what we do to you!
    Anglophones and especially White peoples of the founders and the early-on true working immigrants of Canada be damned!
    Travelling across this country from Saskatchewan to Quebec, what we noticed was a singular lack of non-Whites in small Quebec towns. Not so in Ontario and Manitoba and you can ditto that for this province and Alberta and British Columbia. Montreal was like other big cities in Canada with lots of others!
    Yes, we’ve driven across this country excluding the Maritime provinces excepting New Brunswick. We crossed from Quebec into Campbellton, NB and then spent a little while on the New Brunswick highway and once again back into Quebec so we cannot honestly issue a blanket statement about those provinces regarding government policies on replacement peoples.
    Old Pierre, like the new Pierre, and of course, the prime maniac, Justin, are behind the minoritization of Whites and with them Anglophones and Christians.

    A simple fact that you cannot redact!


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