Philippines President Duterte Severs Ties With Canada, Brings Diplomats Home

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China. India. Saudi Arabia. Philippines. What to these disparate nations have in common? They all hate Justin Trudeau, and thereby the Nation of Canada.

Put in basic terms, President Duterte of the Philippines DESPISES our prime minister. In photos the two men together, Duterte looks as if he is keen to throw Justin in the garbage along with his 103 containers of trash. Commenting on PM Trudeau, Duterte stated that “he doesn’t understand the history of the world and geopolitics.”

Certainly Indian PM Modi thinks Trudeau is not worth a second thought. When Mr. Trudeau went to India to dance around at Bollywood events, Modi refused to meet him at the airport. Over in China, their government are ready to execute several Canadians in retaliation for arresting the daughter of billionaire founder of Huawei Corp.

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Indeed, things are looking rather grim for Canada’s king of the virtue-signal. As it happens, he deserves all of it, and more. Yet, his behaviour does not change. Blaming, deflecting, scheming and pandering are his finest political skills. Economy, law, political science, history–not so much. Trudeau has NO TRAINING in these integral elements of being prime minister of Canada.

If he wins the election in October, 2019 it will be the biggest tragedy in the history of Canadian politics. Second, of course, is the era of his father, Pierre Trudeau. Together, father and son have decimated pride in being a Canadian. Justin has restricted community pride to that of Third World Canadians. As for the rest– the majority– they can all go jump in their choice of the Great Lakes of Ontario.



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  1. Some of the people Canada has chosen to argue with are horrible people, but the world has always been like that. These leaders resent being preached to by another leader trying more to appear virtuous than tackle the real problems all countries face.


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