5 thoughts on “Petition: We DEMAND the Governor General remove Prime Minister Trudeau from Office”

  1. It may not have been on purpose. But, He Needs to be an example to the rest of the Country that a person whether on purpose or by accident, ( think before you act) ,It is not acceptable behaviour and that behaviour WILL be dealt with and has consequences. Any other person in any other profession would have been fired for the contact that was used. SO, He NEEDS to be removed from his duties and his office as that example!

  2. What I’m hearing from the VAST Majority of Liberals is “I can’t blame the PM for what he did…” Really? That is the exact same thing as saying “I can’t blame the pedophile for raping the child, it’s the child’s fault for provacating the pedophile”,

    “I can’t blame the wife-beater for beating his wife, it’s the wife’s fault for provacating the wife-beater”.

    “I can’t blame the rapist for raping the girl, it’s her fault for provacating the rapist”.

    They are 100% enabling an self-admitted assaulter and through some confused and delusional logic attempt to make the crime “not his fault”. Clearly, unforgivable and extremely, sickenly hypocritical and ALL Liberals should be ashamed and embarrassed for their “enabling” of Justin Trudeau and his illegal assault on the House floor.

    This is exactly what the Liberals are doing….”enabling” a criminal. Period.

  3. I want him removed as well, He is nothing but a bully and thinks he can do whatever he wants. And the Liberal government is getting worse.

  4. I understood that, as an ex-boxer, his hands are considered legally as weapons. Why hasn’t he been arrested for man-handling the other members of Parliament?

  5. I agree his liberals him need to go the sooner the better for Canada. Hopefully the country then Can have a system that will put their needs and Canada first. Because they are not it.


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