Petition: Tell Canada’s politicians to cut our immigration intake.

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If you believe that Canada admits too many immigrants, you’re not alone. Polls show that about half of your fellow citizens, including immigrants, feel thatCanada admits too many immigrants.

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6 thoughts on “Petition: Tell Canada’s politicians to cut our immigration intake.”

  1. It’s time to stop accepting any more Muslim immigrants until we can screen all those who apply for any radicalization by or affiliation to any know terrorist groups. Only then to allow them in with the understanding that they accept our cultural norms and way of life and integrate into our society peacefully as productive Canadians.

  2. It’s time to stop taking more refugees until we know who we already have and where they coming From, and first of all ALL those already here at least 75% already contributing to Canada economy…

  3. STOP third world immigration is priority number 1 , vetting and proper protocols for the RIGHT immigration on strengthen our economy not diluting just for votes

  4. Stop immigrating muslims. Other countries offer productive immigrants..please no more Muslims ..we are not prepared to handle massive Ilamic beliefs.our people are in serious danger now due to the immigration of Muslim people

  5. its a travesty to let our beloved canada is over run by islam or muslim terrorist. i have been in Canada for 50 years and worked my butt off to make this country great (well i tried ) and i know for sure i love this land of ours.and i will fight for it to keep it this way.if you think i am wrong let me know . and if pretty boy thinks he can just run over us i will have a surprise for him.

  6. Canadian values test must include Canada’s to citizenship in NATO, G7, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada British North American Act 1867, Canada Human Rights Codes, Canadian Charter of Rights And Freedoms, etc.. If an applicant cannot swear their oath to any of the above they should not be admitted into Canada.


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