Personal Bankruptcies Hit RECORD LEVEL As Trudeau Increases Foreign Aid To Third World

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Under the “leadership” of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,  personal and family-debt are presently at an all-time high. The same applies to national deficit levels. Now, we discover that personal bankruptcies in Canada are at their highest levels in over a decade.

CAP has a specific theory about all this debt accumulation: it is done on purpose by the Trudeau government. Why?

— Because all this debt makes billions of dollars of interest profits on behalf of globalist banking.

— Trudeau and his global backers are working to bankrupt Canada for the purpose of re-inventing our nation as a non-democratic, socialist-oriented society.

— The globalists are working to trans-sition Canadian citizens to nation-state debt slaves for the purpose of making our entire nation dependent on government--another sure-fire sign of our pending transfer from democracy to dictatorship.

Think about it–what is the commonality in this regard in terms of hundreds of thousands of so-called “refugees” pouring into Canada? Quick answer–these people are also entirely dependent upon government for survival.

CAP Question Time: Within communist nations, to what degree are citizens reliant upon government? Simple– a cool 100%.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Justin Trudeau is working to transform 37.5 million Canadians into a nation of people perpetually reliant upon government for their survival.

Justin Trudeau refers to this as “post-modern” Canada. CAP refer to this as our nation being stolen, hi-jacked, and transformed into a socialist nation without Canadians having a say in the matter.

According to Post Millennial News, elevated debt levels could be harming Canadian households, as the nation hit the highest level of insolvencies in a decade during the month of October.

According to a report from the Globe and Mail, new figures from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy show “there were 13,200 consumer insolvencies in October,2019,  up 13.4 percent from a year ago.”

Now, let us flip to the “b-side” of the situation–the increases to African and Middle Eastern nations under the iron-clad grip of Emperor Trudeau:

Canada  will increase its spending to 1.4 billion Canadian dollars by 2023 from C$1.1 billion currently, he announced at the world’s largest conference on gender equality, We Deliver, positioning his country as a leading donor internationally.

BURIED BY MEDIA: Justin Trudeau Increases Funding To Islamic Nations By 50% Over Previous Government

Breaking this down, here is what we find: Canadian household debt, national deficits, and personal bankruptcies are at historically high levels. How do the Trudeau government respond? By increasing funding for gender equality in Africa by 27%.

Call CAP paranoid–you would be far from the first– but we maintain this entire scenario is a pre-meditated globalist plot to bankrupt our nation, and that PM Trudeau is the leader of this nefarious globalist plot.

Don’t believe the hype? Check this out:

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committed $465 million to Afghanistan, including $270 million for development assistance and $195 million for security support.. The funding is being used to sustain the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces, and to help the Afghan government provide basic services to Afghani citizens.

Quite. Note the messaging– Trudeau gives Afghanistan nearly half a billion dollars to this fundamentalist Islamic nation’s army.  A large chuck of the funds go toward “basic services” for Afghani citizens.

Please–someone, anyone–what benefit does this provide to the people of Canada? Try nothing at all. Still,  CAP can think of one Canadian who would be pleased– MP Maryam Monsef, Justin-appointed Minister of Status of Women.

After all, she moved to Canada from Afghanistan. Or was it Iran? Darn–we don’t even know the national origin of  this admitted sharia-law enthusiast--and yet Trudeau appointed Monsef to his 2015 Liberal cabinet.

CAP Score Card:

Nation of Islam: 10

People of Canada: 0

Okay, let’s see CBC deny this. How about Toronto Star, or National Post? Of course, none have denied it--for a simple reason– they don’t write about any of this period. In this manner, establishment media function in a similar capacity to media in China-– always protecting their “Chairman” from coming across badly within national media presentation.

Corporate and personal bankruptcies in Alberta have also grown, according to the CBC. Areas like Calgary, have notably been left with vacancy rates approaching 30% in downtown cores as they struggle to compete in a downturn economy while lacking critical infrastructure projects such as pipelines.

CAP Interpretation: This Trudeau menace is bleeding western Canada dry on behalf of his globalist backers–international banking, United Nations, geo-political Islam, and the communist government of China.

In truth, we have all the evidence we need to support these claims. This is not the problem. The true obstacle resides in an issue of dissemination of the information. Mainstream media bury all this in their “post-modern” role of protecting the pseudo-democratic Trudeau government.

As a result, a mere fraction of Canadian society come to comprehend these critical social and political developments. How many years or decades of this dynamic need to exist before Canada transitions from democracy to dictatorship?

Ah yes–the billion dollar question. CAP will guess at between 30-50 years. Somewhere along this timeline, democracy will die, and Canada will become a one-party state backed by a one-media propaganda machine called the CBC.

Game over, freedom and democracy in Canada. It was nice while it lasted. Then, Pierre Trudeau became prime minister of our nation.






11 thoughts on “Personal Bankruptcies Hit RECORD LEVEL As Trudeau Increases Foreign Aid To Third World”

  1. It’s time for a tax revolt, Brad, if everyone witheld their income tax ….. he can’t arrest everyone. And if they just fail to put in a return it’s not the same as failing to pay or tax evasion, it’s just failing to file a return and you can go a number of years without any repercussions. Everyone must call their opposition MP and demand a non-confidence vote on throne speech / budget day.

    You could make this happen, Brad.

    • Stupid idea man. This is exactly what the Liberals want. Bring in the military to deal with the trouble makers and bring in martial law and then sharia law. We would have a battle between good and evil. A fight I don’t think Canadians would not be able to handle.

      • It already is a battle between G&E, and Canadians can’t handle the truth about their “leader” and consequently they put him back in. What’s a better solution? Continue to do nothing and ‘debate’ the issues untill they seemingly cease to exist due to the “quiet takeover” being completed and the Canadians will still be blind to what happened, much less what led up to it.

  2. Herein it has been spelled out to all
    Of us what Trudeau is up to. What has been done exactly falls under the only reason why he is running us to bankruptcy that can logically be considered. Canadians are so uninformed and apathetic that we have just let him do this to us. The corruption and draining all our financial ability including credit weakens is beyond repair. Don’t kid yourself. He will make out better than just fine along with other people with him that will have the financial
    power and be adjoined by other foreign countries that already have deep roots in our country. It has been taken away and we have watched happen. Bang your heads against the wall Canadians and especially socialist Liberal, NDP, Green and the rest that have helped push us into the mess we are in. Many have been hoodwinked by false information on the environment to take our little minds off of what is really going on. It may be hard to believe all this but if you don’t believe it now just watch. History repeats itself in different ways and for some reason pundits just think things will stay the same. THEY NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL. DRILL THAT INTO YOUR CONSCIOUS AND SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS.

  3. I have seen this coming for a number of Years, and made comments for Canada to WAKE UP. We know what the agenda is.My folks experienced it years ago. I feel sorry for the New generation to face the hardships that the old countries have had and still have. Just look at a bit of History and read about it. People might want a taste of the old Venezuela for a year or two, IF SO! bring er ON and learn the the sweet freedom and way of easy living???

  4. As for all the money he sends out to helping other country’s and even MasterCard that doesn’t need the money , why not send some to help China in their crisis right now or many other country’s that could really use the money but send it to help large corporations??? Or wait why not put money into Canada to make it livable for Canadians ?? No one can afford it mostly if your from Ontario


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