Pending Plan: Is Trudeau’s Solution For Racism To LIMIT EMPLOYMENT For Non-3rd World Citizens?

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In response to the murder of a black American man by a white American police officer, Justin Trudeau informed the press that there had been stacks of recommendations, of analyses, of reports on measures that can be taken” to address systemic racism.

CAP go “all-in” on this one. Witness as our detractors froth at the mouth for immediate retribution regarding “systemic racism” in Canada.

The CAP radar is beginning to “warm up” in this regard. Without explicitly stating the remedy, Justin Trudeau and his team of globalist warriors appear to be presently be cooking up the punitive damages to be issued toward Anglophone and European-derived Canadian communities.

Seeing as this situation has been approach in typical government/media fashion– hinting at, alluding to–but never coming right out and stating the true agenda, we have no choice but to take a guess as to our pending punishment.

Here is CAP’s guess: While Trudeau’s “communist-stimulated” media cabal will “beat around the bush” and obscure the true agenda, it my well come down to a very simple principle:

Trudeau and his Liberal-Globalists are about to limit the extent of white  Canadian employment hiring within government and corporate business organizations.

Naturally, it will NEVER be positioned in this manner. Conversely, Globe & Mail resident 3rd World “whiner” Sheema Khan will position this as a “giant leap forward” for 3rd World peoples in Canada.

Over at CBC, Anglo-bashing Shanifa Nasser will echo the sentiment, while eliminating the truth of the matter. Let’s take the issue of who fills Parliamentary seats and roles within Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet and Caucus.

What Shree Paradkar of Toronto Star will admit when she bashed our people in this regard: there is a FINITE number of MP seats338 to be exact. Therefore, if the criterea includes advancing those of 3rd World origin within this limited space, then a First World MP candidate MUST BE held back.

Buried By Media: CANADA ABSENT On “Top Racist Nations” Study As Trudeau Brands Society “Systematically Racist”

There it is fellow patriots– real, tangible prejudice against a community based on their ethnic and/or religious heritage.

Victims: Anglophones and other Canadians of European Origin. Witness as Trudeau’s neo-socialist society commits an act of racism toward white Canadians.

Pure, simple and obvious. Or it would be, if the Liberal-Globalist government of Justin Trudeau didn’t coordinate with CBC and media to hide away the truth.

What do we have here? Is Canada headed for a– dare we say it– a “reverse apartheid” social dynamic for the future of Canadian society?

“Outrageous!” scream the social justice warriors. “This Salzberg character is absolutely out-to-lunch, and must be shut down post-haste,” bellow a plethora of so-called “multicultural” non-profits from coast-to-coast.

CAP followers would be wise to “heed the call” within Trudeau’s dying democracy– our nation in 2020 is working toward an elimination of racism against non-white communities, while at the same time promoting a program of prejudice against a single identifiable community in Canada– citizens of Anglophone & European origin.

If this hypothetical becomes a reality–which CAP believe emphatically, our nation will become truly “post-modern” in the manner envisioned by PM Trudeau.

Will this political aberration succeed in trans-forming our country into an anti- European post-modern society?

“It is a question of picking which of those recommendations we should be moving forward with first,” Trudeau said.

“And that’s why we’re working with Indigenous leadership and communities, working with the Black community, working with racialized Canadians to prioritize exactly what things we should do rapidly.”

Wonderbar–yet in typical fashion, a critical omission exists: No consultation with any organization outside of the privileged “diversity bubble” enjoyed by 3rd World Canada.

See how our people continue to get railroaded out of power by Mr. Justin and his anti-Anglophone brigade of Canada-haters?

“Oh, a storm is threatening our very lives today, if I don’t get some shelter I’m gonna fade away”

Words by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones, as applied to English Canada by way of an Anglophone-hating French-Canadian prime minister.

“The government has come under pressure to spell out what it is doing to counter discrimination and entrenched racism in federal agencies following the police killing of a Black man, George Floyd, in the United States .”

Feel like stating down the barrel of a rifle aimed at the decimation 153 years of Canadian identity? The time has come for PM Trudeau as his “globalist warriors” prepare their plan of punitive retribution toward the decendants of the founders of our nation in 1867.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already engaged his team “to work very quickly and very efficiently” in coming up with a way forward, he said.

As 20th century history informs us, “efficiency” is critical to a successful attack upon an identifiable community within a nation.






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    • Never– Trudeau is a globalist PLANT– these types never resign…Merkel and Macron are still in position, just like Canada’s democracy-destroyer Justine.


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