Payback Time: Trudeau Transforms Canada Into Anti-Anglophone Nation

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There is a certain degree of irony in the fact that a “white on black” murder in the United States has become a rally cry against racism–or more succinctly –a rally cry against white people in Canada.

It’s a veritable firestorm out there as the George Floyd murder in America creates increased solidarity for those frothing at the mouth for their “pound of flesh” from Old Stock Canada.

As it turns out, the term “racism” is not potent enough a potion for our nation’s “multicultural lobby” to transition Canada to an anti- European Canadian society.

What may just do the trick is what the Canada-haters are calling “systemic” racism. This informs Anglophones that racism is hard-wired into society. Bigotry is ubiquitous within our nation.

Show the diversity warriors a white Canuck, and they will show you a person with racism against non-whites branded into their brains. So what to do?

Turns out government, media, academia and corporate Canada can dish it out, but never offer any solutions beyond “those meathead whites must be educated” to understand that they are racists–because WE SAY SO.

What are some alternative ideas to remedy the situation? How about adding “anti-racism” drugs to the Covid-19 pandemic antidote? Perhaps give Big Pharma a call, and they will whip up some “anti-racism” medications to add to their profit margins.

How about a Randall Patrick McMurphy “One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest” lobotomies for those who resist? Frankly, CAP would not put it past a few of the reverse-racists. One of them is 3rd World fanatic, multicult-monger and religious supremacist,  Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen.

Turns out all this man’s dreams are coming true in Canada. After advancing to the highest levels of government, this Somalian refugee to our nation has decided our communities are racist, bigoted, and xenophobic. Quite the pay-back for being elevated as a 3rd World, non-white Canadian to the highest political perch in the land.

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Here’s the thing, fellow patriots– your people are headed for minority status in Canada. As all Canadians should comprehend by now, being a member of a minority in our country is an awful, terrible thing. Yet no one–not government, media or academia– ever speak of our pending minority status.

Good thing the Great White North has such stringent human rights legislation, eh? Since Pierre Trudeau entrenched it within the Canadian constitution, our so-called “minorities” have been successfully leveraging the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to advance their cultures in Canada, develop 3rd World community pride, as well as to consolidate political power within their communities.

Thus far, the program has been a giant success. In 2020 Canada, citizens of European heritage are taking their place as it has been designated:

These communities are today the nemesis of our society. At the risk of being nihilistic, CAP feel this is just the beginning.

Where does the core of our diminution reside? No surprise–CAP has a theory on this:

What will make the difference–as in what will make the minority status of Anglophone and Christian Canadians unique among communities is the following:

As our people pass into minority status, we will be the only community devoid of “traditional” minority rights.

Within 2020 Canada, Anglophones are a silent people. Government never speaks of us– with the singular exception of when it is time to lock our people in a prison of racist condemnation.

How about media? NEVER does CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest ever refer to “Anglophone-Canadians.” If it occurs at all, it is in the context of our inherent racism and intrinsic hatred of non-whites.

CAP believe that Canadian society has now reached a critical juncture within the historical continuum of our nation. In present-day Canada, our communities are being railroaded into a veritable “cattle car”  of vilification.

It is the collective of racist branding which places our people in a virtual prison. So you tell CAP— will a freshly minted minority status for white Canadians bring about an acquisition of freshly approved minority rights for Old Stock Canada?

Yes– on the day the Sahara Desert freezes to death. Justin Trudeau will never allow it. Seeing as there will likely never again be a national leader from a party other than the Liberals, the  next PM (if there is one) won’t permit it either. Neither will the globalist powerhouse backing the Liberal-3rd World Party of Canada.

So there you have it, brother and sister patriots–what CBC and corporate media never speak of–the future of English Canada, and its Anglophone communities. Any one else notice this disturbing trend?  Establishment media in Canada never write on where all this is leading.

CAP can see why–because it looks incredibly grim for Anglophone and European-Canadians. Media refuse to tell you a piece of vital truth:

The individual who began the erosion of English Canada–not to mention democratic governance is a member of the Trudeau family, first name Pierre. The person charged with completing our community trans-ition to the trash can is also a Trudeau–his first name is Justin.

Together, these two cretinous Canadians have railroaded our people into a demonized status within society. Media say nothing as “payback time” arrives in Canada.

The globalist method of decimation goes like this: transform whitey into a minority, but NEVER permit an application of minority rights for them. In return for our predecessors stealing Canada from Aboriginals, steal it back from the Anglophones.

Welcome to what CAP has coined “Second Nations” Canada--coming to a dying Great White North near you.



2 thoughts on “Payback Time: Trudeau Transforms Canada Into Anti-Anglophone Nation”

  1. The Great White North (Canada) is no more. It has turned into ugliness, the racism is against Whites more than Blacks and Aboriginals/Indigenous. You can hear and see the hate for Whites and it is not validated and no good will come of it!! I can see a clash/war coming.

    • Social chaos is critical to Marxist theory on overthrowing present-day governments and replacing them with socialist domination.


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