Passing Of Internet Censorship Bill Pushes Canada Toward Communism

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From an historical context, successful transitions to authoritarian states are best accomplished in piecemeal fashion. Step-by-step, government implement draconian laws, beginning with the most benign, and increasing in intensity as time passes.

It’s a manner in which historical dictatorships such as China, Cuba, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union progressed toward an intended political outcome. Misunderstood due to media presentation, a similar dynamic is unfolding in Canada.

Take Euthanasia as an example. In the beginning, it applied to elderly citizens who must provide consent for their erasure from life. Next, others could decide for them. Subsequently, the targets shifted from the elderly to anyone over 18 years of age. In progress at this moment,  government are working to broaden the spectrum to those who qualify as mentally ill. At the same time, assisted dying pushers are advocating for the minimum age to be reduced to 12 years of age.

We imagine an alternate scenario. Right out of the gate, government pass legislation which equates with all of this at one time. Physically ill, mentally ill, age 12 and up. How would it fly with 38 million Canadians? Not too well– hence the incremental nature of the agenda.

The Nazis did the very same with racial laws. At the same time, they confiscated weapons owned by the general public. Euthanasia laws were implemented to rid the state of the unwanted. Government seized control of media, siphoning out all messaging counter to official state propaganda laws.

Sound familiar? No wonder CAP is a target for government censors. We point to the parallels between what PM Justin Trudeau calls “sunny ways” and the death days he is implementing toward freedom and democracy in the dying Great White North.

As with 20th century fascist Europe, it’s plain to see what has occurred since Mr. Trudeau seized control of Canadian society in 2015. Over a period of seven-plus years, our PM has worked to transition our nation to what CAP call a condition of “neo-communism.”

With the passing of Bill C-11, our society moves one step up the ladder toward its intended condition as an authoritarian state. As with 20th century Europe, a fair number of people understand this, but are afraid to speak out. Potential frozen bank accounts existing as an impediment.

A shining light of freedom and democracy? Let serious students of history not delude themselves. All this Justin Trudeau has brought to our country, as there is much more to come.

‘Liberal-Appointed Senator Compares Bill C-11 To Nazi Germany’

As reported this week in Western Standard News “a Liberal-appointed Senator compared a cabinet bill to regulate YouTube to George Orwell’s 1984, Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.“

“This law will be one of scapegoating all those who do not fit into what our bureaucrats think Canada should be,” said Senator David Richards.

Is Sen. Richards wrong in his assessment? Fortunately for the Trudeau government, this question will never see the light of day among mainstream media outlets in Canada. Only “alternative” media dare to report such a thing. With legacy media in his back pocket, PM Trudeau lifts another page from authoritarian state control.

“Big tech companies that offer online streaming services could soon be required to contribute to Canadian content as a controversial Liberal bill gets one step closer to becoming law.”

Why should you average social media user care about the trials and tribulations of Big Tech? Because what comes after will be a problem for average social media users— or the next move after that.

Step-by-step, Justin Trudeau and his communist import from Argentina, Minister of Heritage Pablo Rodriguez, will be coming for you. All in the name of protecting internet users from so-called racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

Cultural Action Party has to wonder who planted this seed in our garden of pseudo-democracy:

“Here’s an idea. Let’s import so many migrants that Canadians get completely fed-up with the process. Then, once their resentment builds, we will use this to brand them racist and shut down freedom of speech in our country.”

Love, Gerald Butts, or some other Liberal globalist schemer.

BILL C-36:

An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act and to make related amendments to another Act (hate propaganda, hate crimes and hate speech).
“Amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to provide that it is a discriminatory practice to communicate or cause to be communicated hate speech by means of the Internet or other means of telecommunication.”
This forthcoming legislation spells the end of freedom of speech on the Canadian internet. When the time comes, the bill will pass, and our country will transition to the most repressive society in the western world.

This is how fascist states are made. Emulating authoritarian dictatorships of history, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals transition Canada to the most unfree society among all western nations.

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