Parents Finally Stand Up To LGBT, Pride In Canadian Education

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April 26th, 2023: “Police were called to maintain order at a Catholic school board meeting in Ontario, Canada, during a discussion about whether the board should fly a gay pride flag at its central office throughout June to support gay pride month.”

As reported by Newsweek in the United States. It was bound to happen. Canadians may be polite and deferential, but when pushed to the limit, even moderate citizens of our country will begin to push-back.

Such is parental reaction to incessant propaganda campaigns within Canadian public education, as endorsed and funded by the Liberal government of Canada.

“Some parents who objected to displaying the gay pride flag loudly disrupted the meeting and shouted down the first speaker. After security removed some of the parents from the meeting room, many continued to vocally protest the proposal from the lobby.”

This, at a Catholic school no less. Interesting to reference a point that is pivotal to the discussion, yet omitted by mainstream media in Canada.

Steeped in victim mentality, the trans-pushers brand all those who dare to question their motives “homophobic” and “transphobic.” Is it really the case? Can it not be that parents accept homosexuality in society, yet object to systemic promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism for Canadian children in our schools?

The LGBT crowd never consider such a distinction. And neither do media, nor our government institutions. As it stands, the situation is purely binary– either a person supports the movement as a whole, or they are haters of homosexuals.

It’s a ruse, of course. But thus far, a highly effective one. Conveniently hidden away within SOGI, Pride, LGBT and trans-identity is a most salient fact:

The movement is political. It’s not necessarily about human sexuality., or gender identity. As funded by globalist power player World Economic Forum, what we have here is a post-modern political revolution.

Like the fight for minority rights which preceded it, LGBT rights are the 21st century’s answer to racial emancipation in the 2oth century. Homophobia transitions to the “new racism.” Let the neo-suffrage movement begin.

The suffering, hard-done-by are today found in the form of the 1% of Canadian who have submitted themselves to sex-change surgery and dangerous hormone treatments. With 99% of our population falling outside these parameters, one might wonder why  transgenderism has such a prominent position in modern-day society.

Why? Because LGBT is a political movement. At a fundamental level, this fact flavours parental push back– not an erroneous conclusion that all these people hate gays. Media fail to make the distinction.

‘Outburst During SOGI Presentation Halts Prince George School Board Meeting’

“After unsuccessfully calling for a point of order, the individuals continued to speak out of turn, and board chair Rachael Weber was forced to recess the meeting and clear the public and media out of the room.”

“When Beauregard suggested the board could make it known that anti-SOGI and anti-inclusion candidates should be discouraged from running in the upcoming by-election, members of the public shouted ‘that’s undemocratic!’ and called Beauregard a dictator.”

A wonderful microcosm it is, as we come to understand the mentality of the SOGI-pushers. If you don’t agree with us, you must be muzzled, and prohibited from running for political office.

Enter Justin Trudeau, pseudo-dictator of Canada. No wonder these “academics” think this way– so does our federal government. Add to this provincial MLA’s, Mayors and City Councillors. It’s unanimous– witness as all levels of government unite in ideology. They’re all pro-trans, and if you question them on their conviction, you are a homophobe.

What a trap it is. Every bit of it designed for a singular purpose: cultivation of social chaos. Karl Marx, founder of communism, introduced the form. When working to re-orient a country, for example from democracy to dictatorship, the most expedient way to do so is to create social chaos among citizens. Get them at each other’s throats. Circumvent any form of social unity– a revolutionary standard of Marxist-Communist ideology– as utilized by globalist politicians in Canada.

In this manner, the movement is entirely political, rather than sexual. It’s the great untold story as obfuscated by media. Eventually, those who oppose will blow-their-top, the result being exactly what is now occurring in the LGBT-Hetero Wars of 2023.

“A former student and school officials are condemning the destruction of a Pride flag at a Halifax-area high school.”

“Just before classes let out Thursday at Bay View High School in Tantallon, N.S., the Halifax Regional Centre for Education says some students took part in a blatant act of discrimination against the LGBTQ community.”

Once again, the pattern plays out. The difference is, at least in our opinion, is that the social dynamic is pre-meditated in orientation. In 2017, Cultural Action Party coined a term for the phenomenon:

“Pink Fascism”– the sanctimonious pushing of pro-LGBT politics upon Canadian society– whether we want it or not. Leveraging the victim-card, proponents label even the lightest questioning as blatant bigotry.

At some point, this thing is bound to break wide open. Government know it, media understand it, but no derivation in approach is ever forthcoming.

Justin Trudeau, 2023: “Trans women are women.”

Superficial as heck, our prime minister fails to acknowledge any nuance among the LGBT-Pride-SOGI experience. Written-in-stone, with no space for the subtlety involved in a complex socio-political issue.

Guess we know which side this guy is on. In “no core identity” Canada, government usurp parental control over the family unit. Just as it is in Justin Trudeau’s hero-nation of China.

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