Parents Fighting Back Against Transgender Assault On Children

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At an undisclosed location, a group of parents met for a secret meeting. When they arrived, they were warned NOT TO USE their real names or reveal where they were from. Are these people political subversives or closeted bigots? No, they are a  group of concerned parents with teenage children who have SUDDENLY DECIDED they are transgender. 

The secrecy was needed to avoid the attention of a motley crew of transgender-pushers, who they knew would harass, attack or otherwise cause them trouble, and  to avoid MEDIA branding them transphobic bigots.

Such is the state-of-affairs within the secret world of transgender for children, one of the greatest examples of destructive political correctness within North American society.

Incredibly, Canadian media–including prominent feminist writers for major media publications– have kept this virulent form of child abuse IN THE CLOSET.  As it happens, desperate parents WORLDWIDE are searching for a way to fight back. The situation has reached a point where in Canada a CHILD CAN BE TAKEN AWAY FROM PARENTS who oppose a young child’s decision to remove their sexual organs. This draconian measure is ALSO BEING HIDDEN from the purview of the average Canadian.

Plainly speaking, removing the private parts of our children is CHILD ABUSE. Yet, the powerful transgender lobby continues to lord it over Canadian families, causing untold consternation and strife among parents. Will this ever come to an end? Not by way of government, media or legal industry it does appear.

— B. Salzberg

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