Parent Protests Result In “Drag Queen Story Time” SHUTDOWN

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Contrary to the perception promoted by major media that DQSHs are wildly popular, the spokeswoman for the Spokane County Library District indicated that there has NEVER been a request for DQSH at any of the county’s libraries.

Spokane County Library District Director Patrick Roewe went further and declared that the county library district will  NOT be hosting a DQSH. “Drag Queen Story Hour” is misogynistic: “Drag queens are very offensive to women. They are grotesque hyper-sexualized caricatures of women. They mock women and debase our womanhood and femininity. A drag queen is no different than a racist donning black face.”

“The library hosting such an event teaches our sons that women are just sexual objects and it teaches our daughters that they must be overly sexualized to be desired. Enough is enough. We say NO more to a political agenda aimed at degrading women and sexualizing children. We say no to gender appropriation!” 

With each passing day, the parents-against-sex change-for-children movement gains momentum. The opening of our eyes comes not from government, media or academia. The informants are not those responsible for the mental health of our children–principals, grade school teachers, health care authorities and the like.

No, the impetus is entirely PARENT-based. We are beginning to make headway. Last week in Downtown Vancouver, a community house cancelled a version of Tranny Story Time after complaints by Culture Guard, as well as the Cultural Action Party of Canada.

A small, but significant success. On a larger scale, south of the border in Spokane, Washington, “Adam and Steve” will not be read to 8-year-olds by a pink haired, purple lipped transvestite. Sounds like good news for any normal-thinking parent. As for Liberals, most likely they will just continue being liberal.

But the trans-for-children propaganda lobby is losing momentum. This ANGERS the globalist tranny-pushers. After all, they have tasted victory in trans-forming 12 year-olds from male to female, and they want more. Problem is, they may not get it.

Watch the pink fur fly as the tranny industry FLIPS ITS LID over this. Outrageous! Homophobic! Bastard Bigots, they opine. Naturally, they block out the fact that transgender trouble-maker Jonathan(Jessica) Yaniv has made COMPLETE FOOLS out the trans-industry. Without question, the lunacy of this Yaniv character is turning the bulk of the general public OFF of tranny- pushing.

Wait and witness how not a single establishment media allude to this theory. Should Canadians expect yet another round of the MEDIA-TRANSGENDER COVER-UP PROGRAM?

Chances are high-but not absolute. This social issue is a powder-keg waiting to explode. CAP predict we are no more than one year away from this watershed event.

READ MORE: U.S. College Of Pediatricians Issues Stern Transgender Health Risk WARNING

“A recent national conference provided librarians from across the country with strategies for advancing gender identity ideology in schools and finding ways to bring “Drag Queen Story Times” into public libraries DESPITE the objections of local communities.”

See the way these people operate? DQSH is not wanted. It is not endorsed by a majority of parents within the district. Experts inform parents  sex change hormone therapy is dangerous. Studies reveal potential health risks in terms of cancer, heart attack, stroke--and much more.

“While many are appalled by DQSHs and local library systems may resist attempts to hold DQSHs, the sprawling national American Library Association (ALA) is working to not only promote DQSHs, but to teach librarians how to SNEAK THESE EVENTS  into libraries in rural or conservative jurisdictions.”

Such dedication. In the popular teen novel “Lord Of The Flies,” a group of grade school children find themselves alone on a deserted tropical island with no parental supervision. If a modern-day replication were to occur, perhaps the LGBT lobby would parachute transvestites on to the island carrying copies of “Adam & Steve” to read to the kiddies.

The entire affair is an absurdity. The sex-change warriors are ideologues. They push emotion. Not logic, science, fact or data. This is the globalist mindset. And within Canada, this is Justin Trudeau.

Yet, progress is being made. This time, however it is conservative PROGRESS. Naturally, this means mainstream media will  ramp up their protection and propaganda they employ on behalf of government to SHUT DOWN all dissent against the transgender-for-children industry.




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