Parents Against Transgenderism Outnumber Pro-SOGI Advocates at Vancouver Protest Rally

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B.C.’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, or SOGI 123, is a B.C. government set of resource materials designed to guide teachers in helping LGBTQ students feel included and to stop bullying that targets a child’s gender identity.

Hundreds of protesters shouted and waved placards. There was some pushing and shoving, but dozens of Vancouver police officers were on site, and did not report any major incidents. The were no arrests.

Outspoken critic of SOGI 123 Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson, who is running in the federal election for the People’s Party of Canada, argued with Morgane Oger, a well-known transgender rights and human rights activist. Officers separated the two, and they both walked away peacefully.

Cultural Action Party of Canada attended the rally. To say the event was emotionally-charged would be an understatement. We estimate the Anti-SOGI protesters outnumbered the transgender-pushers by a margin of 3 to 1.

CAP consider SOGI 123 to be part an extension of a globalist agenda to brain-wash Canadian children into believing their sexual identity and sexual organs are trans-ferable.

Interestingly, for 10,000 years civilization managed to survive  without transgenderism. Then 9,970 years later, transgenderism became an ESSENTIAL COMPONENT component of western society. Who says so? A gang of unqualified, loud-mouthed social justice warriors. Naturally, they have no interest in justice for anyone disagreeing with their opinions. There are others, of course–including professionals in the medical industry, sanctimonious homosexual professors and city councillors, and various gay political figures.

What do these forces have in common? They all ESCHEW a scientific approach to human sexuality and anatomy. In doing so, they are advocating that children as young as 8 years of age should have the right to demand sex change operations. If the parents stand in the way, the children can be taken from the family home, and parents become unable to communicate with the child.

This is what the pro-transgender folk DEMAND. Bottom line? If you or I have a 10 year old son, who after attending  a “Transgender Story Time” event at his school(yes, this exists in Canada), informs his father he wants to become a girl, the parent CANNOT STAND IN THE WAY of the child’s decision.

This, at an age where a child understands NOTHING about human sexuality. In other words, the Canadian government, health industry and medical community will DESTROY the family relationship if a 12 year old girl  has a desire to transition to a boy.

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What about the actual transition itself? To begin with, the hormone drugs utilized are NOT APPROVED by the FDA for sex changes–they are approved for cancer treatment. Secondly, studies show the chances of heart attack or stroke are TRIPLE for those who undergo this treatment. Suicide rates are much higher for these people.  Despite a media cover-up, transgender “regret” is so commonplace there are treatment centres and websites dedicated to assisting these people with their issues.

Why doesn’t media inform Canadians of the monumental DOWNSIDE of transgender therapy? The answer is– we don’t know. It’s a complete mystery. Why on earth would supposedly responsible establishment media outlets neglect to inform readers of the REALITY regarding transgenderism?

Why would government not develop campaigns to warn citizens of the down-side? How about university professors? Rather , transgenderism is portrayed like a walk-in-the-park. Ditto for abortion. As it happens, BOTH impede the birth of Canadian children.

The emotional rush of the Vancouver rally was something to witness. Parents gathered in unity against the immoral transgender industry– a politically correct entity advocating castration for our male sons. The pro-genital removal crowd attended, of course.

They were monolithic in attitude. No compromise, no logical discussion, or debate period. Just ranting and raving about a social issue of which the details they appeared to understand nothing about.

What to conclude? For one thing, CAP conclude this societal conflict rests largely on the shoulders of one person–Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. His reckless decision-making, ubiquitous support of all- things-transgender, including sex change for children, is the catalyst driving the overall social discord.

Get him out of office, and perhaps social sanity can return to Canada. Justin Trudeau is the great DIVIDER of peoples. His LGBT Pride Parade Transgender support in an embarrassment for the majority of Canadians, You know those folks–they are the people Trudeau cares absolutely nothing about.

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