Pandemic Vaccine Refusal By Employees May Bring “Unpaid Infectious Disease Leave”

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Neena Gupta is a  labour lawyer in Waterloo, Ontario. In terms of making the Covid vaccine injection compulsory for employees, she says “it’s never a yes/no answer in law.” 

“The expectation is that[within Health Care industry], employees must be vaccinated. And if they can’t be vaccinated, there’s got to be a good reason and they can try to find them other work,” she said. “If there isn’t other work, they go on  unpaid infectious disease leave.”

Cultural Action Party of Canada has pointed out  the incremental nature of Canada’s Great Reset experience. “Give it to them in bite-sized portions” is the way they roll– “otherwise it may cause the public to panic.”

In the case of the pandemic vaccine, a similar methodology is utilized. One piece at a time it is. The problem, however, is that these pieces are becoming progressively more severe with every passing day.

From a legal perspective, the chances of workers and employees  successfully utilizing Canada’s ultimate civil rights legislation– the Charter of Rights and Freedoms– to prevent mandatory inoculations is non-existent.

A great irony in this can be found in the Trudeau family’s relationship to the Charter.  The founder of this human rights legislation was Pierre Trudeau. Yet, within Great Reset society, media never point out the fact that in terms of Covid 19, Charter evangelist Justin Trudeau has relegated these rights to a waste basket.

What hypocrisy. Meanwhile, media ramp up the rationalization of government behaviour. Seems the ruling Liberals simply do whatever they want to. All the public push-back in the world makes no difference. Within 2020 society, PM Trudeau is the rule-of-law. Memories of historical dictatorships? Let readers be the judge.

CAP do wonder, however, what the ultimate state of society this is leading to. If a Canadian were an astronaut like Governor General Julie Payette, they might refer to contemporary Canada as “planet dictatorship.”

What is so maddening is how entirely obvious this is, while CBC and corporate media pretend it is not.  Or at the very least, all media parties refuse to entertain these concepts. Globe & Mail and the rest resolutely refuse to speculate upon where this is leading society.

Among astute Canadians, this can only be interpreted as bad news. Within 2020 society, Canadians are recipients of news of the moment, but never speculation on the social outcome  citizens will  experience when the Great Reset Agenda comes to fruition.

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A peripheral point to consider: visionary author George Orwell predicted all of this. His novels “1984” and “Animal Farm” function as allegorical masterpieces which predict the advent of  Great Reset societies.

Within the pages, Mr. Orwell mentions a phenomenon called “wordspeak.” This refers to communist-style propaganda messaging designed to shape the thinking of the public.

Here is a wonderful example: “Unpaid Infectious Disease Leave.” What a “progressive” manner  of informing an employee their job is hanging by a thread.

Not that there are not at least two escape routes from Planet Vaccination. Canadians can take to heart that authorities could “allow accommodations for  those who refuse vaccination on religious or moral grounds.”

What a bonus. The ultra-religious communities of Canada have a way out. How privileged they are. For the 88% who remain secular, not so much.

As far as morality goes, this writer’s personal morals involve making conscious choices antithetical to everything that Justin Trudeau pushes upon Canadian society.

Wonder if this will do the trick?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)






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