Pandemic Driving Christian Canada To Organize Politically

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On April 11th, 2021, 500 protestors gathered outside GraceLife Church, just days after Alberta Health Services shut down and fenced off the building.

Supporters “were heard yelling that the pandemic is not real and is made up by the government, which are all conspiracy theories.”

As far as Cultural Action Party is concerned, this “church versus pandemic” circumstance is an issue of major importance. For the past five years, CAP has been advocating that within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” society, it is essential that Canadian-Christians organize themselves politically.

Now, in 2021,  the seeds of this development have been sown. Two circumstances reveal why this is necessary:

—  Our Liberal government’s attack upon the Christian faith. Since being appointed prime minister in 2015, PM Justin Trudeau has been undermining Canada’s Christian community. Mass abortion, assisted dying, LGBT promotion, Pride parades, transgender advancement– you name a fundamental of anti-Christian sentiment, and Trudeau is there with bells on.

— While advocating these elements of liberal-globalism, PM Trudeau has at the same time promoted non-Christian faiths like a man possessed. Here we speak of his ubiquitous support for Canada’s Sikh and Islamic communities.

Degree to which establishment media reference this “post-modern” social dynamic?  Zero–nothing at all. One fundamental of the above referenced faiths is critical: Within these two faiths, religion and politics are indelibly connected.

Not so in Christianity. This is, in fact, the fundamental reason for the disempowerment of Christianity, and a rise in 3rd world religious empowerment. Not once has mainstream media alluded to this reality.

Then came Covid, and the crackdown on church attendance. Out of this has risen a form of protest movement. Christians  are now organizing on a political basis.

Two examples elucidate the development:

“RCMP and members of Alberta Health Services were on scene at GraceLife Church west of Edmonton to physically close the facility as temporary fencing was put up around the building.”

Christian Pastor James Coates recently spent a month in jail for defying the law as it relates to public gatherings based upon the Covid pandemic. Thus developed an in-person protest in opposition to the shutdown.

At a Calgary church in the province of Alberta,  pastor Artur Pawlowski informed media that “gestapo” local police officers showed up and began demanding parishioners leave their Easter celebrations.

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In a video recording, six local police officers can be seen demanding that church attendees “get out, get out of this property, immediately get out”–  based on a violation of COVID-19 regulations.

Video footage of the event received over 2 million hits on You Tube. Subsequently, Church Pastor Pawlawski was interviewed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News, where he spoke of Canada morphing into a communist society as he experienced growing up in his native Poland.

All the while, establishment media obscured and under-reported the affair. Such is their role as fully-funded division of the Liberal government. And yet, out of a tiny seed, big things will grow.

CAP believe the passivity of our Christian communities must come to an end. Canadian priests, pastors, ministers and other “people of the cloth” must now move into the realm of political organization.  If they do not, their faith is in big trouble. In fact, it already is.

The globalist “Great Reset” program calls for the diminishment–and potential eradication—  of the Christian faith in Canada. If action is not taken, Justin Trudeau and his communist-infused political agenda will decimate these communities for all-time.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

1 thought on “Pandemic Driving Christian Canada To Organize Politically”

  1. We Christians who built this country going back 400 years and made it a free society to live in peace and harmony with all fellow citizens. People came from many counties and became Canadians under one flag one nation.

    Since 2015 we began to loose faith in the process of our Governments at all levels. Our leaders all seem to be like sheep herders leading us astray to the abyss of darkness.
    We must wake up and as one people stand strong together to take our country back .


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