Pandemic Drives Christian-Canadians Toward Much Needed Political Organization

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“Around 1,000 people gathered as protesters pulled down fences before clashing with police at a Canadian church  that was closed for breaching coronavirus lockdown orders.”

Fences were placed around GraceLife Church, in Edmonton, Alberta after multiple religious services took place over the past few months, despite being prohibited by law.

For Cultural Action Party, the church versus pandemic” is a critical issue. For the past five years, CAP has been advocating that Canadian-Christians must organize themselves politically. Several circumstances reveal the necessity.

Number one is our Liberal government’s attack upon the Christian faith. Mass abortion, assisted dying, LGBT promotion, Pride parades, transgender advancement– all of it advanced by “confessed Catholic” Justin Trudeau. Every bit of it antithetical to Christian principles.

Degree to which establishment media reference Trudeau’s religious hypocrisy? Zero percent is your answer. Beyond this, what remains fundamental is found in assessing the political component inherent in religious community practices.

Religions of the 3rd WorldSikhism and Islam in particular– tend to integrate politics into religious observance. Recruitment for political candidates takes place at  Temples and Mosques. Religious leaders organize events to bus congregants en masse to polling booths come election day.

Not so within the Christian community— at least nowhere near the same extent. Christianity and politics in Canada exist in separate silos. Thus it is that political power is manifest within specific religious communities, and not in others.

PM Justin Trudeau is forever preaching his subjective vision of what he sees as “progressive politics.” If church leaders were on-the-ball, they would be taking this to heart, and emulating the behaviour of 3rd world religious communities.

As it happens, an unexpected catalyst may have arrived to push this forward– the Covid pandemic.

First, the bad news: Covid has resulted in a crackdown upon Christianity. Churches shut down, fines handed out, pastors sent to prison. How odd it is that media have not once referenced the exclusive nature of these shut-downs.

Hello, CBC? Has your board of directors not noticed that Canadian churches are the singular religious houses of worship being harassed? Do you expect people to believe that non-Christian faiths do not indulge in group prayer sessions during the Covid era?

Why the exclusive? Why is it that Globe & Mail has not published a single sentence regarding the singularity of the Covid crackdown on Christian Canada?

Christian Pastor James Coates recently spent a month in jail for defying the law as it relates to public gatherings based upon the Covid pandemic. Thus developed a series of in-person protests in opposition to his incarceration.

At a Calgary church in the province of Alberta,  pastor Artur Pawlowski informed media that “gestapo” local police officers showed up and began demanding parishioners leave their Easter celebrations. Over two million people clicked on a You Tube video of the affair.

Establishment media under-reported the affair. Like government, they don’t much like Christianity. Such is their role as fully-funded division of the Trudeau government. And yet, out of a tiny seed, big things may grow. Political organization among Christians–although small in stature–as at least been established in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

CAP believe the passivity of our Christian communities must come to an end. Canadian priests, ministers and other “people of the cloth” must move into the realm of political organization. If they do not, their faith is in big trouble. In fact, it already is.

Adapt,or die. Charles Darwin innovated the concept. The Christian church now has a choice– progress, or be decimated. The Great Reset era is anti-Christian.

If community leaders do not organize their flocks on a political basis, Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” agenda  will steamroll right over Christian Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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