Russia Outlaws the Building of Mosques, Muslims OUTRAGED

The city of Moscow has now decreed that there will be no new mosques built, and has now put a ban on the construction of any Islam houses.

The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, said:

“No new building permits will be issued. I think that’s enough mosques for Moscow.”

On a radio show Sobyanin sternly made it clear on the religious and cultural tensions arising between traditional Russians and Muslims:

“Muscovites are becoming irritated by people who speak a different language, have different customs, and display aggressive behavior. This is not a purely ethnic issue, but it is connected with some ethnic characteristics”.

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Australia’s NAB seals maiden Islamic financing deal

Aug 27 National Australia Bank Ltd has closed its first onshore Islamic financing deal, a A$19.9 million ($14.2 million) arrangement to fund a real estate purchase by Sydney-based asset manager Crescent Wealth.

The funding platform designed by NAB, the country’s No.4 lender by market value, could help open Australia to Islamic investors from the Gulf and Southeast Asia that seek to adhere to religious principles such as bans on interest and gambling.

Crescent Wealth used the four-year financing for a A$30.75 million commercial property acquisition in South Melbourne, with plans to build a portfolio of commercial assets across the east coast, said Talal Yassine, managing director of Crescent Wealth. Read more

Terry Glavin: Coping with China

Black Monday, everyone seems to be calling it. Some economists are calling it a slow-motion global meltdown of 2008 proportions. Others are saying this week’s heart-stopping event in Chinese equity markets is merely an overdue and sudden deflation of bloated stock values. But Black Monday it is, in both camps, and in Canada the respectable question the event raises appears to be this one: which of the three main federal political parties is best suited to steer Canada though a volatile global economy?

Another question that should not go unconsidered is worth asking precisely because neither Prime Minister Stephen Harper, nor NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, nor Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, for their differing reasons, would want it asked too persistently. As impolite as it may be to put the question in these terms, it is about who should be trusted to keep Canada from the harm that the gluttonous Leninist kleptocracy in Beijing unavoidably causes us all. Read more

Quebec law would stifle free speech

While the rest of Canada is being force-fed the Duffy Senate “scandal”, in Quebec a proposed law that will label any criticism of Islam or Islamism as “hate speech” is being quietly pushed through the National Assembly. Bill 59 will permit Muslims to make complaints …

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Slovakia Bans Muslim Immigrants, Allows Christians

BRATISLAVA – Slovakia has announced a ban on Muslim immigrants from Syrian refugees under a new EU scheme, saying it would only accept Christians.

“We want to really help Europe with this migration wave but… we are only a transit country and the people don’t want to stay in Slovakia,” Interior ministry spokesman Ivan Netik told the BBC on Wednesday, August 19.

“We could take 800 Muslims but we don’t have any mosques in Slovakia so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?”


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Canada’s dirty money detection system ‘broken all the way through’

Money laundering experts say there is no way for Canadians to know how much dirty money is being laundered in Vancouver real estate through Canadian lawyers.

As a Province investigation revealed Monday, Canada’s financial intelligence unit Fintrac has ramped up an audit of Vancouver’s booming property market because of concerns that realtors may be turning a blind eye to money laundering.

Realtors face jail time and fines up to $500,000 per offence if Fintrac finds they have failed in their legal obligations to report suspicious deals.

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Germany and France to push for joint EU immigration and security policies

Germany and France are to launch a drive for more concerted European immigration and security policies following the foiled attack on an Amsterdam-Paris high-speed train and with Europe reeling under the strain of the biggest migration emergency since the end of the second world war.

Francois Hollande is to travel to Berlin on Monday evening to draft common Franco-German initiatives on immigration and security with Angela Merkel. They will also focus on the worsening situation in eastern Ukraine.

Berlin, in particular, is increasingly determined to push a new system of mandatory quotas for refugees across the EU despite the plan being rejectedamid acrimonious scenes by EU leaders at a summit in June. The European commission is also to propose a new “permanent” system of emergency refugee-sharing across the union. Read more