Immigration had backlog of 7,500 Syrian refugee applications

Canada’s Immigration department had accumulated a backlog of nearly 7,500 applications from Syrian refugees by the time three-year-old Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach at the beginning of September, the Citizen has learned.

Of those stuck in limbo, nearly 2,000 had been identified by the United Nations as being amongst the most vulnerable — and whose applications had been put on hold for at least several weeks by the Prime Minister’s Office in the spring. Read more

Confederate flag-clad man ‘against the niqab’ charged with uttering threats at Calgary debate

Calgary police have charged a 66-year-old man with uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent after he allegedly disrupted a Calgary candidates debate while wearing a Confederate flag over his face in an apparent protest of the niqab.

Wayne Joseph Fillo was arrested Thursday night following the bizarre incident at an election forum in the riding of Calgary Rocky Ridge. Read more

Police Commissioner vows to defend religious freedom as anti-Islam protests loom

Australia, the lucky country. Regardless of what the author Donald Horne might have intended, I think most people would agree: We are indeed fortunate to live in a very special corner of the world. What makes us the envy of other countries? There are many reasons.

But one which resonates strongly with me is our history of multiculturalism. This isn’t mere lip service: We can all feel proud of a tradition that has embraced new arrivals from all parts of the globe and celebrated the cultural diversity this has brought us. Read more

Isis in Europe: 40 imams expelled from France for spewing hatred

Forty Muslim imams have been booted from France for preaching hatred, reports AFP.

That’s the total number of imams ejected since 2012; 10 have been kicked out in just the last six months, said Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

“Foreign preachers of hate will be deported,” and their mosques “will be shut down” if they are found to be inciting hatred among Muslims, vowed Cazeneuve. Read more