Distorted election ads annoy ethnic communities

Conservative Party advertising targeting Chinese and Punjabi-speaking voters claims that Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau supports the sale of marijuana to children, the expansion of safe injection sites and the establishment of neighbourhood brothels. The attack ads include misleading claims about Liberal policies and community journalists say they are offensive. Read more

Milke: Why the niqab matters to Canadians

Canadians who want to think through the niqab debate will need to avoid the temptation to ponder only surface arguments, ones that miss subterranean societal tensions. Some argue that the Conservative government’s attempt to require that prospective citizens show their faces is an affront to …

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Refugee crisis: charity begins at home

The balance of what would have been spent to bring and resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada could then be used to eradicate poverty and homelessness in Canada. For our own citizens, no less. Link To Article