ISIS propaganda poster girl beaten to death trying to escape

An Austrian girl who went to Syria to join ISIS was beaten to death by the terror group after she was caught trying to get back home.

Samra Kesinovic was 16 years old when she became a poster girl for ISIS last year. She and her 15-year-old friend Sabina Selimovic appeared in videos and photos on social networking sites to lure other European girls to the twisted cause. Read more

Mainland Chinese investors expected to be growing force in Canada’s commercial real estate in 2016

“It’s part of a global trend,” said Ross Moore, director of research for CBRE in Canada, referring to the Chinese investment here. “It’s not like (Canada) is the only place the Chinese are investing in. We saw it in New York, we saw it in London. What was interesting to me is Chinese capital is highly selective. It’s only going to maybe four or five countries. You look at the ties between the countries, you’ve got a large Chinese population in Vancouver and Toronto, so they go with what they know.” Read more

Women, minorities making gains on Canadian corporate boards: report

The study also showed a large increase in the number of visible minorities on boards, climbing to 7.3 per cent of directors from just 2 per cent last year.

She said many companies that adopted diversity policies in the past two years have included other forms of diversity beyond gender, such as race and ethnicity, which could be encouraging boards to search for other diverse candidates to fill new positions. Read more