More Than 1000 Media Outlets Receive Liberal Government Funding In Advance Of Election

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An independent media company has released previously undisclosed information regarding the relationship between the Liberal government and media organizations in Canada.

The names of the news media who took part in a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off have been published as a .pdf document.

As reported by, publications such as Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press and Epoch Times received funds as part of a $595 million dollar payout to media in 2020.

While the 2020 recipients have been disclosed, news outlets receiving the 2021 emergency funding from government have yet to be exposed.

Cultural Action Party can understand why. A list of media recipients totals nearly 1500 media companies in Canada. The list is comprehensive. It is a model of media diversity.

Everything from Western Horse Review to Canadian Punjab Times has been included. From Alaska Highway News to Niagara-On-The Lake Daily, the list covers every corner of media from coast-to-coast.

Small market, large market, food market– you name it, and our Liberal government are funding it. First Nations, Quebec, as well as Ethnic media spring forth from list. Even the cynics at Cultural Action Party are blown away by the gift that government never stop giving.

At least, some folks see it as a gift–  the organizations on the receiving end of the multi-millions. Other take a different tact. No government hands out hundreds of millions of dollars without wanting something in return.

The obvious outcome being that Team Trudeau expect to receive positive press from Canadian media. Yet, on the flip-side, the Liberals are after something more.

The true desire is for media to refrain from saying anything negative about Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. In this dynamic is found the keys to the kingdom.

If you were a person on the receiving end of the manna from on high, wouldn’t your natural inclination be to refrain from criticism of government? Who in their right mind is going to leap up to bite the hand that feeds them?

The tacit message being “do not say bad things about us.” In this we note a parallel with communist societies. To write negatively about government is to risk personal health and happiness. Unless, of course, a journalist is capable of finding these qualities inside a jail cell.

So the application is a tad more subtle in Canada. But the end game is one and the same. The goal is government control of media. How government arrive at such  condition is a means to an end.

According to Canadian journalism historian Marc Edge,  “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for Canadian journalism compromises the fourth estate’s independence in covering government.”

Exactly what the doctor ordered. In a reasonable facsimile of an authoritarian government body, this is mission accomplished.

“Hardly any media are reporting on all of the press bailouts — or on the fact the opposition leader has promised to cancel the media bailout,”  said Edge.

As if our post-modern Liberal-Media cabal are going to run around the rodeo shooting themselves in the foot.

“This is starting to smell very bad indeed. Canadians are not stupid.” 

Right. Canadians are not stupid–they are uninformed. The obvious reason due to circumstances such as what is being presented at this moment.

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Ming Pao Newspapers had $928,510 distributed to news outlets, with $111,010  provided to divisions in the second phase. The Centre for International Media Assistance found that Ming Pao works to accommodate Chinese Communist Party sensibilities. Sing Tao Newspapers received $199,192. This conglomerate consistently publishes pro-Chinese Communist party news information.

Heart-warming, isn’t it? In reality, this should not come as a shock for the citizens of Canada. As CAP espouse ad nauseum, a special relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the government of China has existened for decades.

What to conclude? At the risk of self-promotion, readers may want to consider a fundamental of Cultural Action Party philosophy:

PM Justin Trudeau and the Liberals do more than work for the benefit of China’s government. They work to emulate the government of China. Tax-payer fund gifting to well over a thousand media outfits in Canada speaks to the theory.

As a watch dog organization focused on the ins and outs of Canadian media, CAP has on multiple occasions pointed to a curious media trend:

Once upon a time, there was large market media, and there was small market media. A tangible difference existed in presentation. Somewhere along the line(try 2019-2020), their content began to become one and the same. Consistency between the two became a standard. In fact, media as a whole was in the process of morphing into a news delivery monolith.

Now we know why. Media control being the condition from which a government can rule a nation in perpetuity. On a lesser scale, it is the material from which three victories in a row for Justin Trudeau is made of.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder (Est. 2016)

8 thoughts on “More Than 1000 Media Outlets Receive Liberal Government Funding In Advance Of Election”

  1. Trudeau to disable veteran; speaking on behalf of his disabled fellows: “You’re asking for more than we’re able to give right now.”
    Town hall meeting; ~ February 4/2018.

    The rank hypocrisy of this Trudeau creep is stunning. One big cash cow–For his “trusted media.” Bonanza after cash bonanza for his beloved communist regimes, and their “gender equality” and assorted bogus non-issues.

    Shell out (our) tax dollars on worthy; necessary Canadian expenditures? Not in the “current year.” Somehow–Somewhere–Now; or in eternity–This despicable; evil ruler will pay for his crimes against us.

    “To whom much is given; much will be required.” Trudeau: Epic fail. He has had the keys to our country–And purposefully driven us over a cliff.

    • And yet, here it is August 25th, 2022, and he just keeps getting worse, flying more, spending more, lying more, throwing away every opportunity for economic recovery as that goes against what his WEF puppet masters want. This is treason, pure & simple, so his answer to that was to hire a dumb b*tch who was happy to throw Canada under the bus & let him continue to break as many laws as he can. 2 quotes from the late MLK are important for everyone to adhere to:

      1) “One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

      2) “Non-cooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.”

      MLK’s words: “During my student days at Morehouse. I read Thoreau’s Essay on Civil Disobedience for the first time. Fascinated by the idea of refusing to cooperate with an evil system, I was so deeply moved that I reread the work several times. …


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