Outrage: Toronto bans Christian music festival over name of Jesus

The City of Toronto has just refused to grant a Christian group a permit to use a prominent downtown square for its annual musical festival next year, all because — get this — the performers sing the name of Jesus. 

This is nothing more than blatant discrimination against Christians. Can you imagine the City Official saying something like this to a Muslim or Jewish group and getting away with it?

This City Official may even be found to be violating the province’s Human Rights Code for refusing a facility to an identifiable group because of their religious beliefs.

Mayor John Tory and the City of Toronto need to hear that Christians have as much right to be in public spaces as anybody else. It’s time to join together and urge the mayor and the city to reverse this outrageous decision.

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10 thoughts on “Outrage: Toronto bans Christian music festival over name of Jesus

  1. Obviously the organizers are unaware that the second most revered name to muslims is JESUS. now they have offended more than half the world.

  2. Good for Toronto. Keep your garbage religion out of taxpayer space. I’m sure you Christians would be up in arms if someone had a festival in the name of Allah so maybe it’s about time you start feeling the discrimination you so ignorantly dish out to others.

    1. Just wondering if you could provide examples of the “discrimination” “Christians” dished out to others?

    2. Actually they do and that is what is so great about living in Canada is the right for ‘All’ to believe and celebrate according to what they believe. So tell me why would you want the Charter of Rights to be broken when next in line is your freedom to say and speak how you do or don’t believe where ever you are. To me this isn’t just against one but all peoples and the Religion Counsel for Toronto is made up of all different belief systems, already has filed a complaint to this. The judge sided with the Counsel, the city has chosen to ignore as it doesn’t line up with someone’s view. That again is why freedom of Rights must be upheld for all peoples.

  3. The outrage it that they took out all the Christmas Halloween and national anthem from schools.. That’s an outrage

  4. OMG ! It is a very very stupid decisions like this that increases the hatred between ethnic and religious groups ……plus Christian Canadians do have a culture and rights too . I live in London Ontario ……. and if this happened here , I will be singing Merry Christmas and Jesus loves me , at every outdoor event . A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL even the asshole who made up this policy !

    1. A demonstration of the failure if multiculturalism! In this instance, Christianity has insulted another merely by its traditions but then are denied, in a sense shamed to do so, and then expected to understand and accept it!

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