Ottawa, Capital City Of Canada, Will PUBLICLY BROADCAST Ramadan Prayers Daily

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OTTAWA — Mosques across Ottawa will be allowed to broadcast a five-minute call to prayer each evening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The City of Ottawa has granted a new noise exemption to allow mosques to broadcast a call to prayer at sundown for the next three weeks, in recognition of the holy month of Ramadan.”

“In a statement on Twitter, Mayor Jim Watson said “I hope this will help our Muslims friends in their observance of this sacred month of devotion and spiritual reflection. Ramadan Mubarak!”

Wonderbar. For Cultural Action Party of Canada, this unprecedented development speaks volumes. For CTV News, this is an inconsequential as snow in Nunavut.

Justification for Islamic prayers blasting from public loudspeakers in the city of the House of Commons, Parliament—as well as the home of the ruling Liberal government of Canada?

Covid-19. But just watch and wait, fellow Canadian patriots. Consider the idea that for Ramadan 2021, the prayer blast will be back—regardless of whether or not Coronavirus or any other form of China’s biological virus output exists or not.

You see, this is the real Canada of PM Justin Trudeau. As CAP prognosticated in the first week Trudeau gained control of Canada, the future of our nation belongs not to 70-odd percent of citizens who are Canadian-born.

Rather, our future belongs to China, and Iran. A stone-cold fact? No one except the globalist contingent knows the answer to this one.

MORE FROM CAP MEDIA: In Justin Trudeau’s “Post-Modern”Canada, Religious Christians are NOT WELCOME

Yet, consider the irony inherent in this concept: the two nations of the world most affected by Coronavirus are also the two nations from which Iranian and Chinese migrants are pouring into Canada as never before. As in—at this very moment.

Quite the social “inversion” isn’t it? In truth, this is Justin Trudeau. It is MP Ahmed Hussen, half Somalian Liberal MP from the Globalist political powerhouse of the GTA.

How thrilled people like Hussen must be as Mayor Jim Watson pushes Middle Eastern religion upon the Canadian citizenship.

Good old Ottawa— home of 153 years of Canadian political tradition. Epicentre of Canadian democratic governance since 1867. Location of Parliament, ground-zero for our Senate.

Deliverer of centuries-old Islamic religious prayers from from public loudspeakers.  Now this, fellow Canucks, is what CAP refer to as a “No Core Identity” Canada.

Remember this proclamation from King Justin of Canada? Do you believe it to be based upon truth?

If in the year 2020 our nation—according to Liberal PM Justin Trudeau— has no core identity, is it conceivable that a new, “post-modern” identity is coming our way?

Yes, say CAP—without question. The decimator of Canadian culture, Justin Trudeau, has taken a page directly from father Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau Sr. tooks it upon himself to personally cancel our original bi-cultural English & French Canadian identity. Only thing is, the French element is not being cancelled.

This is “exclusive” to the English Canada component. Then, some 40-odd years later, son Justin Trudeau cancels Canadian identity in its entirety.

Degree of media focus? Nothing. Not one sentence alluding to the father-and-son “tag team” of cultural assassination. Why? Must be because CBC and the rest want this to occur.

Obviously, so do our major media journalists. Others will be ecstatic— our 3rd World journalists from the Globe & Mail and Toronto Sun. Our 3rd World Justin Trudeau-appointed Senators.

And of course, the 3rd World Liberal political powerhouse of the GTA. “Heaven on earth!”  for some Canadians — Justin Trudeau, Alexandre Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, M103 Founder, GTA MP, Iqra Khalid.

How does the rest of our population feel about this future prognostication? Is this in line with majority will? Canadian jurisprudence informs us that within a true democracy, the will of the majority is a critical component of proper democratic governance.

CAP Opinion: Justin Trudeau has removed this fundamental from both governance, and Canadian society as a whole. This has effectively trans-itioned Canada to a pseudo-socialist nation state. Degree of establishment media exposure? Nothing at all.

Okay—so here is what CAP conceive for let’s say, the next 50 years of our national existence:

As a precursor, please think about the extent to which CBC indulge in “crystal ball” predictions for our demographic destiny as a nation:

Not one darn thing. For CAP, this spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e. 

Reverting to the China/Iran hypothesis, think about the following: Justin Trudeau has never said a single word condemning communist China. When 60 people died in a plane crash resulting from the government of Iran’s decision-making, Mr. Trudeau had not a single word of condemnation for the Iranian government.

Pourquoi? Because these nations OWN Trudeau and the Liberals. Media remain “silent as the lambs” because they too are controlled by the very same forces.

When government and media are fully aligned in political messaging and ideology, it is a sign of communism infiltrating a democracy. What is the preferred form of governance for Justin Trudeau, as well as brother Alexandre Trudeau? Communism is the correct response.

Why the Conservative Party of Canada(or any other party) will never win a federal election again:

Simple as apple pie. The competition plays out like this:

The Conservative Party of Canada versus…

Liberal Party, the government of China, the leaders of Iran, Middle Eastern oil, Sikh Nationalism, GTA-based 3rd World federal political power, global banking, as well as the giant 3rd World diaspora communities—particularly in the GTA.

Extent to which National Post and Toronto Star will ever allude to this federal election dynamic?

You got it— nothing,never, zilch. This is the story of the real Canada of 2020.

What Justin Trudeau, Bill Morneau, Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendico, China-pandering Health Minister Patty Hadju and media slaves are telling the people of Canada in this regard is a stone-cold lie.

Ramadan prayers blasting from loudspeakers into the streets of Canada’s capital city?

Expect a repeat coming our way in one year’s time.


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  1. Everyone should get in their cars and honk their horns as loud as possible. Is there even a petition to sign to give to Jim Watson the faggot? Address:
    110 Laurier Ave. West
    Ottawa, ON K1P 1J1

    (613) 580-2496

    311 (24h)


  2. I think that this is the latest but not the last example of them prostrating themselves before the God of Multiculturism. The pace of this is increasing as they see that is being unopposed by the Media and the Politicians..and far too many Canadians do not seem to be able to muster much in the way of protest UGH

  3. Sad indeed to see theliberalshariabolsheviks destroy ourcanadian judeochristian culture even more sad iheld responsible all the canadians who voted this liberalshariabolsheviks in power his corrupt father destroyd CANADA in the 70 and here comes the drama queen to finish the job he sold out CANADA to CHINA and the swamp and the UN MAFIA and the muslimbrotherhood welcome to CHINADASTAN

  4. Ring those church bells during Ramadan – blast those horns – choirs sing on loudspeaker too – don’t let Trudeau get away with this – This is our homeland & country – not his – he’s a traitor to our country & beliefs – Don’t let them win! Stop them NOW CHRISTIANS THIS IS NO TIME TO BE SILENT!!!!


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