Victor Orban’s Hungary: No Immigration, Birthrates Up, Abortion Down

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Interesting how little Canadians hear about life in the nation of Hungary. Despite massive governmental changes in recent years, including government-sponsored programs encouraging Hungarian families to have more children, western establishment media tend to shy away from an amazing transformation within their society. Informed Canadians will understand why.

Standing firm in its position despite fierce opposition from the socialist left, the Orbán government enacted legislation resulting in “a comprehensive family-support system, a family-friendly tax system, a housing program, and 800,000 new jobs.

A new law will come into effect in July which includes pro-family incentives such as a 3,000 euro mortgage reduction for a second child, a 12,000 euro reduction for a third child, a car-purchasing program for large families, and comprehensive daycare. As of 2020, mothers with four or more children will enjoy a LIFETIME personal income tax exemption.
FOR HUNGARIANS. Not for Third World refugees. Not for illegal migrants. That kind of government policy is reserved for western nations like Canada. Indeed, social policy in this eastern European nation is the total opposite of Canada’s historical approach to child birth.
Here’s something to ponder: Why would historical governments both Liberal and Conservative, knowing full well Canada would one day have a problem with an aging and elderly population, not implement ANY FORM of family incentive to produce more children? The answer is simple. They planned to rely on Third World immigration ALL ALONG. As is well known, these folks tend to have large families. Conclusion? Government encourages large Third World families, while discouraging large Anglophone/Francophone families. Why on earth would they do such a thing?
Now, to add insult to injury, let us take a look at a most critical issue related to birth rates in Canada– the topic of abortion. Media have for decades obscured the fact Canada has some of the most lenient abortion laws on earth. It’s a policy(more like a non-policy) Canada shares with CHINA. Canada has a population of 37 million, China has 1.3 BILLION people.
Curious, eh? And who is the father of Canadian abortion policy? This would be former Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau. It was he who appointed a mentally unstable physician named Henry Morgantaler to the lofty position of Canada’s mass fetus destroyer. Did you know that in Canada a woman can have an abortion at FULL TERM? Are readers aware just under 500 babies have died on the operating table due to botched abortions?  Approximately 1 MILLION abortions have taken place in Canada over the past ten years.
Who gets these abortions? No one knows, because the government will not inform us. Is it mainly First Nations women? No, their leaders say  it isn’t. How about Third World migrants– Sikhs, Muslims, Chinese? Hardly. No, the lion’s share are Anglophone and Francophone Canadian women.
Naturally,  Justin Trudeau is a serious abortion-pusher. So much so he DEMANDS all Liberal caucus members vote pro-choice regarding abortion in Canada. How fascist-like of him. The Trudeau family political approach is entirely antithetical to that of Victor Orban’s Hungary. Justin Trudeau works an agenda to IMPEDE domestic birth rates for the Canadian-born. His solution for every social issue is more immigration from the Third World. 
Victor Orban provides a template on how to be a proper leader of a western nation. Take care of the local citizenship, encourage them to maintain and grow the family unit. Incent them FINANCIALLY to do so. Do NOT throw billions at despotic governments of the undeveloped world, as Trudeau is presently doing.  Time will prove Justin Trudeau to be the most damaging prime minister in the history of our nation. No one else– including father Pierre–comes close.

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  1. This tiny country aided refugees in their own home land.
    Over 25 million Euros is spent to help families and rebuild schools, houses, hospitals. What did Canada do? Nothing. Oh, wait… brought in a bunch of cheap labor from these worn torn countries into Canada – no language skills and now trade skills. But hey it is good for business and there are always those cash cows called tax payers.

    • Victor Orban, leader of the decade. Angela Merkel gets on cover of Time magazine for diluting and eroding German culture. Go figure.


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