“Oppression Against Heterosexuals” Says Anti-LGBT Rally Organizer

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“We will be coming to you and holding you responsible, obviously peacefully, for your oppression that you’re inflicting on heterosexual families and the children.” 

So says Ottawa-based Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh, founder of the 1 Million March for Children, a Sept. 20, 2023 plan to stage  walkouts and protests across Canada in an effort to end LGBT indoctrination in the Canadian public school system.

In the advent of a academic push to uncover potential transgender candidates among Canadian youth, parents across the country are just saying no. To be interpreted by trans-promoters as “acts of hate.” If accurate, this would render Kamel El-Cheik a homophobic bigot.

To be interpreted immediately by the trans-promoters as “acts of hate.” If accurate, this would render Kamel El-Cheik a homophobic bigot.

Because Cheik is of the Islamic faith, he gets a pass on the label. The accusation being an exclusive directed toward non-compliant Christians holding similar attitudes.

Accusations of hate are a two-way street. So much depends on a citizen’s political and social orientation. For the LGBT industry, any form of push-back, or even questioning of LGBT practices, is funnelled into the category of hate.

In direct contrast, Mr. Cheik accuses trans-advocates of the very same, in reverse.

“Oppression against heterosexual families” is an accusation worth scrutinizing. One reason why is because throughout the time period the LGBT/Pride industry has been pushing their rainbow-coloured products on society, no mainstream media organization has alluded to this form of “reverse oppression.” Likely it is that they never will.

PM Justin Trudeau’s Canada innovated the format. “We fund your organizations, pay your salaries, while you support– or refrain from criticizing– our woke globalist agenda in all its myriad forms.”

Is it accurate to state that the Canadian LGBT/Trans industry is advocating hate against heterosexual communities?

If so, let us look to the roots of the phenomenon, sourced from ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s implementation of the Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

With the passing of the legislation, subsequently integrated into the Canadian Constitution(1982), we speak of what mainstream refuse to expose.

Charter Rights in Canada have served as a foundation for societal transformation. The will of the majority, fundamental to democratic governance, was cast aside upon patriation of the Constitution by the Liberal government in the early 1980s.

What followed has never been fully articulated by legacy media. Our nation shifted on its political axis. Suddenly, so-called “minority” communities were empowered above and beyond the majority population.

Thus, the social structure we experience today. Transgendered Canadians, comprising less than 1% of our population, maintain an ability to push-around the 99% of citizens qualifying as “non-transgendered.”

Actually, it’s not quite as simple as this. Reality finds that most trans-advocates are not, in fact, transgendered themselves. Most fall into the category of nasty woke warrior academics hell-bent on pushing around heterosexual Canadian parents.

Thus rendering the trans-movement more political then sexual or gender-oriented. Media say nothing. They’re being paid not to.

Returning to 1 Million March for Children organizer Kamel El-Cheik further validates our claim. If this man were Christian, and therefore a member of a majority religious faith, he would have been torn into tiny pieces by now.

Because Cheik falls into a religious community comprising 4% of our population, media vitriol emanating from media is much reduced.

In basic terms, this is what Pierre Trudeau did to our nation. It comes with no surprise that current PM Justin Trudeau picked up where so-called father Pierre left off, driving the entire dynamic through the political roof.

We assess the situation 50-years after Trudeau Sr. turned society inside-out. The power-players of politics in 2023 are comprised of Canada’s “oppressed” fringe communities.

In Justin Trudeau’s “post-modern” Canada, the more you whine, the more you win. Interesting how neither CBC or corporate media has ever explored these ideas over the half-century since Pierre Trudeau unilaterally transitioned power from majority to minority.

Media say nothing, and the same applies to Canada’s legal industry. Pourquoi? Because away from the media spotlight, an additional bonus is to be uncovered.

In his early years, Pierre Trudeau was a leftist, socialist-oriented lawyer who held admiration for China, Cuba and the Soviet Union. The introduction of Charter Rights was a watershed moment for Canada’s legal industry.

Entirely overlooked is the fact that our country’s decidedly leftist legal industry are making money hand-over-fist from legal cases emanating from LGBT activism.

For that matter, there’s good money in defending Middle Eastern refugees accused of murdering young Canadians. Accused child-killer refugee Ibrahim Ali is on trial in Vancouver, B.C. for the murder of 13-year old schoolgirl Marrisa Shen. It took six-years for the trial to take place. Imagine the “billable hours” involved.

What else transpired in the wake of Charter Rights? As alluded to in The Charter Revolution and the Court Party”  by Rainer Knopff and Ted Morton, the power axis in Ottawa became radically transformed.

Power shifted from Members of Parliament to Canadian courts of law. Pierre Trudeau’s legal buddies who had moved from lawyers to judges were empowered as never before, while backbench MPs lost the power transferred to our legal industry.

Again, Canadian media remain mum. The impact of the Charter is sublimated, and guess who wins out in the end?

Pierre Trudeau, the Liberals,  judges, lawyers, and the rest of Canada’s legal industry. This, fellow patriots, is the real Pierre Trudeau.

Returning to the present day, we re-assess the question at hand:

Are Canada’s heterosexual communities– the vast majority– currently being oppressed by a fringe minority community? A darn good question it is, so you know the query will never be addressed by establishment media.

“An Aug. 28, 2023 poll from the Angus Reid Institute found that 78 per cent of Canadians favoured some form of parental notification before schools started referring to students by different pronouns.”

Majority rules? Not quite. It’s the way of the woke world of globalist politics in Canada. The phenomenon began with Pierre Trudeau, and is at present reaching its apotheosis under neo-communist control  maintained by Justin Trudeau.

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  1. cry more. poor christianity, the religion which forces its idealogy on everybody otherwise considered heathen by its membership is being disapproved by another idealogy which considers christians as bigots.

    two idealogies who can’t exist in peace are crying online and offline about the future of this stolen land.

    what should we do next…

    how about … both of you leave and return the land to natives and let natives decide who they want to allow in canada, how about that as the third option?

  2. signs of divided ignorance

    brad: if you aren’t christian, i don’t like you
    muslims: if you aren’t one of us, we don’t like you
    lgbt: if you don’t sodomy, we don’t like you either

    i swear this entire country is one big mental illness program

    all fighting each other over supremacy and superiority complex

    how about quebec separates itself from canada too while we’re at it?

  3. When did the natives own the land in the first place? All they will do with it is rape it for every resource then turn it in to one big garbage dump.


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