Opinion: Justin Trudeau Is Using Immigration To Create LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP In Canada

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Here at CAP “Headquarters,” we take tremendous pride in our mission to expose alternate, yet valid, opinions and observations regarding the political behaviour of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As with mainstream media, some articles are based upon hard-core fact, while others are “opinion” pieces– that which CBC and the rest label “Op-Ed” articles.

Here is an Op-Ed piece from CAP:

This relates to the subject of immigration to Canada. Certainly the purposes are manifold, however it seems fair to state that some of the justification is mis-guided–or downright destructive.

Here we refer to a fundamental concept of CAP theory: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are utilizing mass immigration from the 3rd World to incrementally transition Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Or at the least, a “pseudo-dictatorship.”

This is not the first time we have delivered this concept to our reader base –generally Old Stock Canadians, the Elderly, Christians, Conservatives, Patriots, Anglophones and Francophones.

At present, there are 338 seats in Parliament. An interesting figure–as within Chinese numerology “3” means long life, and “8” means financial prosperity. Hence, the introduction of the Multicultural Act of Canada in the year 1988.

Back to Parliament. It is factual that the federal ridings held by the Conservative Party of Canada are rural in many instances. As many are aware, every seat in Alberta voted non-Liberal in 2019, with the lion’s share going to the CPC.

For Trudeau & Co., this cannot stand. These ridings must trans-ition to Liberal strongholds. But how to achieve this? CAP has a theory– flood Canada, and thereby said ridings, with enough 3rd World Liberal-voting immigrants to “steal” the ridings away from the Conservatives.

Fact: Justin Trudeau has established the largest immigration quotas in Canadian history. Regardless of economy, unemployment, federal deficits, personal and household debt, Pipeline Protests, China’s pandemics, Islamic militancy, or any other fundamental social issue, Mr. Trudeau never alters his agenda.

Why? Darn good question, eh? Fact is, every darn poll in the past four years has informed our government the majority of Canadians are opposed to the Liberal “Globalist Gameplan.”

Trudeau alters or augments this agenda by a grand total of ZERO degrees. Pourquoi?

Because there is a long term political agenda at play in Canada. Think about it–if Justin and his Globalist Cabal can win let’s say 95% of the seats in Parliament, what is the point of democratic process within Canada?

Suspicious Behaviour Time: Note one piece of reality here: CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star-– not one of them ever speculates on the FUTURE of Canadian demography.

At what point in the future will Anglophones transition to a minority community? It’s coming our way– yet Canada’s major media players never speak of this axiom of demographic transformation.

Odd, isn’t it? Please do tell, fellow patriots–why would a nation with the largest per-capita intake of migrants on planet earth hold back from prognosticating what the ethnic make-up of Canada will be in the year 2035?

Clearly, there can only be this reason: because CBC and the rest do not want the general public dwelling on the issue. For CAP, this is socialist-infused propaganda. For Globe & Mail, the winner of the “Maple Leafs-Senators” hockey game is more relevant.

This should deliver a profound message to all Canadians–but it never does–because CBC will never report on any of this. So what happens to our political system when the “Liberal-3rd World-Globalist Party of Canada” control 330 of 338 seats in Parliament?

If you were NDP leader at the time, how much funding would you put towards federal election budgeting on this basis? How about the Green Party. Confident of victory? Of course not.

And what of the only true competitor, the Conservative Party of Canada? Seems to CAP that by way of immigration from our leading source nations- China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and others that all that can occur is a steady reduction in their MP seat-count base.

Bingo-there you have it. Now, let’s add another dimension– what type of politician wins within present-day federal politics. For this, we look to the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) constituencies.

Here is a list of Liberal MP winners in 2019 within the GTA:

Liberal MP Winners:  Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Salma Zahed, Maryam Monsef,   Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Ali Ehsassi, Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota, Faycal El-Khoury, Anju Dhillon, Anita Anand, Zaid Aboultaif, Iqra Khalid, Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Sumeer Zubari, Ramesh Sanga , Kamal Khera, Maninder Sidhu.

All of them awful and terrible? This is not the point at all. Rather, the point is that Justin Trudeau & Co. are presently working on a scheme to fill Canada’s rural ridings with 3rd World migrants.

This is called the Rural Immigration Pilot Program. This happens to be the final immigration policy output of ex- Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. This GTA winner is a refugee from Somalia. This informs CAP that he cares a great deal about Somalia–in fact, much more than he is concerned about Canada.

Therefore, in 2020, the agenda is set for an incremental  replication of the Liberal – 3rd World dynamic within the GTA. By way of the above list of Liberal MP winners, it is not much of a stretch to conclude that majority 3rd World voter-bases results in the election of a 3rd World-derived MP.

Racism from CAP? Not at all–these things are just basic facts, or informed observations. CTV will never report this news–so why not CAP? Is there not a serious “method to the madness” here?

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Fast Forward to 2035. The Liberals OWN the election. Do tell– what is the point of democratic-oriented election if one party controls 95% of the ridings. Of course, by 2035, there won’t be 338 ridings. More than like it will be 388 ridings–which the Liberals will sweep.

See how a democracy can be decimated by immigration policy? CAP surely do. For us, this is pre-meditated globalist agenda to which the prime minister of Canada is privy. He is making it occur, and so is his international “United Nations-replica” of Cabinet and Caucus.

This is CAP’s projection for the trans-ition of the Nation of Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

“Federalism must be welcomed as a valuable tool which permits dynamic parties to plant socialist governments in certain provinces, from which the seed of radicalism can slowly spread.”

— Pierre Trudeau

Article by CAP Founder, Brad Salzberg











9 thoughts on “Opinion: Justin Trudeau Is Using Immigration To Create LIBERAL DICTATORSHIP In Canada”

  1. Another good op ed Brad, shame you can’t get printed in any major media, don’t think King Justin would allow it, can’t have the people thinking about anything can he?

    • Mainstream Media won’t publish my writing and I wouldn’t ever expect them to–they work for Trudeau, China and United Nations.

  2. Look at the UK 2035 Muslim births will out number all others Shari law will be the law Justin Trudeau is heading Canadians down the same road

    • Those predictions came out many, many years ago and not just for the UK, their birth rates are much higher than any indigenous peoples just look at anywhere they have a foothold.

  3. There has to be some logical reason why Trudeau keeps illogically flooding Canada with illegal migrants to the obvious detriment of Canadians, economically and every other way, and vote importing is as good a reason as I can come up with.


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