Opinion: Either Liberals Win A Third Federal Election, Or Democracy DIES In Canada

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How Cultural Action Party would hate to be the leader of the Conservative Party on that dreadful day. Here CAP are making reference  to any future federal election in Canada.

The potential pitfalls are many. A few examples:

With the Covid pandemic as catalyst, federal voting will shift to the “impersonal.” Online voting, mail-in voting will become “state of the art.” Naturally, this opens up the election process to online manipulation. For example, blocks of votes could be permanently deleted by a hyper-partisan entity. Lack of accountability is certainly far more likely than under “Old School” voting methodology.

Not that any competing party has much of a chance regardless. Consider a fundamental flaw in a future election scenario. Times have changed. In particular, the Liberal Party of Canada have “internationalized” our nation. In 2020 there are myriad political influences that go well beyond how 38 million citizens decide vote–  if they decide to vote at all.

One could argue that within Great Reset society, a future election pits two contenders against each other:

The Conservative Party of Canada, versus:

Liberals, Media, CBC, Academia(so-called “experts”), as well as foreign entities such as United Nations, China, Punjab, George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” as well as Global Banking.

While not receiving voting cards in any traditional sense, the collective power of these entities will ensure the Liberals capture a third term in office. “May the force be with” the Conservative contenders—but it won’t be.

This brings up an issue perpetually eschewed by Canadian media. Since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, true democracy within society has been on a downward trajectory. While media never allude to such, a Canadian would have to be pretty darn daft not to recognize the role that Covid 19 has played in the degeneration.

Canada is, at present, a seriously “rules-based” society. The draconian measures which today guide our daily lives are unprecedented in history.

Speaking of Canadian history, we certainly have not heard much about it from PM Trudeau. That is, apart from how awful our nation is by way of the Chinese Head Tax(1905), Komagata Maru incident(1910) and the turning back of the St. Louis boatload of refugees(1943).

Still, when attempting to view the Canuck cup as “half-full,” that’s a hell of a lot more than we hear about Canada’s future.  In this regard, it’s nothing short of “all quiet on the Western front.” Fact is, establishment media NEVER speak of the future of our country.

What will daily life be like in the year 2038? Do the editors of the Globe & Mail see a return to the flower power era”  Will Jim Morrison rise from the grave to perform the dance of the Shamans? How about the CBC–do they envision more of the  socially-repressing edicts emanating from Justin Trudeau and non-elected sidekick, Teresa Tam?

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Indeed, “silence is golden” in this regard.  Why? Because in CAP’s opinion, the destiny of Canada is non-democratic. Our future consists of a binary political dynamic:

Either the Liberal Party of Canada remain in power, or democracy dies. In reality, there is little difference. Let us name one factor right now—there are no limits on how many terms a Canadian politician can remain in office.

Question for those towing the Liberal snowflake line—if there are any left: do you honestly believe that, for example, journalist Andrew Coyne of various media outlets is too shallow to draw this conclusion? How about leading writers John Ibbitson, or John Ivison?

And yet, never do we see any mention of this. In the United States, it’s two terms and you are out. Know what CAP call this? Democracy. Know what CAP call unlimited terms in Canada?

The potential for a pseudo-dictatorship. This is exactly what is occurring within Justin Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. While CAP lack tangible evidence as such, our nearly 40 years of following the political antics of the Liberals deliver the following gut feeling:

Justin Trudeau is Canada’s most disliked prime minister in history. Despite this– based upon  ideas articulated herein— we predict the winner of a future election will be: Justin Trudeau.

The machinations of how this will occur we cannot verify. It’s either a future Liberal government, or democratic governance in Canada will fall for all-time.

Brad Salzberg, Founder- Cultural Action Party of Canada(est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Opinion: Either Liberals Win A Third Federal Election, Or Democracy DIES In Canada”

  1. If only the public would realize that this covid thing is a world wide conspiracy by governments who follow WHO, the Economic forum and the UN. It’s a control thing against the people for their own reasons. Do the real research by the real experts, it’s all out there, follow the money. This thing is no worse than a bad flu but the media and governments have scared people to think it’s the doomsday disease. The figures have been manipulated so everything is blamed on covid. The real truth is that healthy people are fine and as has been shown only the elderly, close to death anyway and who also have underlying conditions are at the greatest risk. Same as anybody with underlying health conditions. The big ‘reset’ is a farce. It’s happening worldwide. Wake up people and don’t be so complacent, complain more and rise up if you have an ounce of brainpower.


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