Ontario Premier Says No To LGBT Indoctrination In Public Schools

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“It’s the parents’ responsibility to hear what the kids are doing and not the school boards. I can’t even figure out what school boards do nowadays.”

So stated Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, who this week took a stand against LGBT indoctrination in his province’s public education system.

“It’s not up to the teachers. It’s not up to the school boards to indoctrinate our kids,” the premier said during his speech at Ford Fest in Kitchener on Friday.”

After which we turn to commentary delivered by former Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne:

“I really think that this is a wrongheaded policy, and I think it could put children at risk,” she told CP24 News.

“I think it’s a very dangerous path.”

Of course you do, Ms. Wynne. You practically invented the policy of LGBT/Transgender promotion with Canada’s public school system.

In 2015, the government of Ontario led by Kathleen Wynne introduced a new sex ed curriculum, including topics such as sharing explicit content online,sexual orientation, and gender identity.

In late February 2015, the government announced the introduction of a new sex education curriculum, inclusive of the following:

  • Grade 1 students being taught the proper names for body parts
  • Grade 2 students being taught the broad concept of consent
  • Grade 3 students being taught basic concepts of gender identity and sexuality
  • Grade 4 students being taught about puberty
  • Grade 5 students being taught about relationships
  • Grade 6 students being taught about gender expression and masturbation
  • Grade 7 & 8 students being taught about contraception, anal and oral sex, preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

In case readers fail to find this a tad off-putting, try this one on for size:

“Federal MP Cheryl Gallant attacked the government of Ontario over the curriculum, alleging that it had been written by former Deputy Minister Benjamin Levin, who had been charged, and was later convicted, of three charges relating to making and distributing child pornography.”

Here, we uncover the educational foundation for what later transitioned to a core component of Canadian public school education. “Lessons” include something the trans-pushers call “Drag Queen Story Time,” whereby transgendered individuals and transvestites read stories like “Adam and Steve” to children who have yet to reach puberty.

Replacing Canada’s Queen of LGBT propaganda saw a re-configuration of sex education, but by this time the seed had already been placed inside the educational body.

Subsequent to lesbian Kathleen Wynne’s sexual mandate, the government of Ontario set about toning down the curriculum, much to the chagrin of the Toronto District School Board, vehement supporters of “trans-education” in Canada.

Today, even the Premier of Ontario doesn’t understand what the heck in going on in his province’s schools.

Kathleen Wynne’s  comments came one day after Progressive Conservative Education Minister Stephen Lecce said that he believes “parents must be fully involved if their child chooses to use different pronouns at school.”

“I mean, often there are health implications.”

Really? Could have fooled CAP with this one. Studies out of the United States and Britain have been scathing in condemnation of gender hormone treatment and transgender surgery.

Upon which we recognize a curiosity. Actually, there are several:

— Mainstream media in Canada never reference health risks associated with transitional sexual “therapy.”

— Wynne’s original sex-ed mandate transitions authority over children from parents to “the state”– a structure maintained in authoritarian societies.

— Canada’s ruling Liberal government have funded LGBT promotion to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, devoid of recognition of health risks.

— No one in federal government, as well as legacy media, has ever suggested that a minimum age by applied to Canadian youth looking to transition.

Driver’s Licence? 16 years of age. Alcohol consumption? 19 years of age. Voting in federal elections? 18 years of age.

Transgender surgery—No minimum age requirement. Even within this dynamic, common sense Canadians can spot the absurdity.

Fascinating it is to take note of  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to transgenderism:

“I want to be very clear about one more thing: trans women are women,” Trudeau tweeted.

End of story. Talk about  superficial commentary regarding the most contentious issue within our society. Astute political observers would expect nothing less. For the past eight years, Trudeau has been Canada’s #1 transgender advocate.

His government donates huge money to the cause, including cutting $75,000 dollar cheques to federal government employees who wish to make the trans-move.

“The Trudeau government is assisting transgender employees in federal public service with gender-affirming procedures up to $75,000 per lifetime. 

Joy to the world. If Cultural Action Party could pose a question to PM Trudeau in this regard, it would go like this:

“Mr. Prime Minister, you have stated emphatically that Canada must have giant immigration quotas due to an aging population and workforce.”

“Why then to you promote the hell of out transgenderism, which among other things, renders Canadians sexually sterile?”

Trudeau: “Um…er…go ask your mother…I mean people-kind parenting individual.”

It’s all so absurd. Good thing that individual provincial governments are putting the kibosh on trans-culture. Someone has to do it, and it darn well isn’t going to be our prime minister.

No– his orders come from “on high” in the form of international players such as World Economic Forum.

‘Accelerating LGBTI Equality through the Power of Business Leadership’

“The Partnership for Global LGBTI Equality is a coalition of organizations committed to leveraging their individual and collective advocacy to accelerate LGBTI equality and inclusion in the workplace and in broader communities.” 

“The Partnership is supported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and is operated in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.”

This project is part of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the New Economy and Society.

It took us all of 10 seconds to find this information in a web search. In contrast to CBC, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star, who after eight years of Mr. Trudeau, have yet to reveal the source of our Liberal government’s LGBT policy.

Such is the state of “Liberalism” in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada, which is in reality, a minor deviation on Marxist philosophy and communist orientation.

“Marxists argue that the nuclear family performs ideological functions for Capitalism – the family acts as a unit of consumption and teaches passive acceptance of hierarchy. It is also the institution through which the wealthy pass down their private property to their children, thus reproducing class inequality.”

Bingo. Communists do not support the traditional family unit, and neither does Justin Trudeau. Perhaps, like underlings within malevolent totalitarian societies of history, the PM is “just following orders.”

Whatever the motive, one conclusion cannot be denied. LGBT/Pride/Trans is upsetting Canadian society, pitting citizen against citizen, and community against community.

In truth, it’s a thorn in the side of society, creating division and discord among the people of Canada.

Divide And Conquer:

“A method of keeping yourself in a position of power by creating disagreements among other people so that they will be unable to oppose you.”

Sneaky little buggers, aren’t they?

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  1. What a farce.

    Doug has only weighed in on this matter now only to distract the public from the Green Belt fiasco currently on the front pages.

    If he was so adamant about his position on this serious matter, he could have enunciated it long ago.

  2. This new narrative is what it is narrative that takes away from the family unit.. in science.. in life. I am over here shaking my head in wonder… how did society get here?


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