On The Couch: A Psychological Assessment of Justin Trudeau

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In terms of upbringing and family, human beings are products of their environment. Depending on the circumstances, our psychological lives vary from quality mental health to neurotic conditions, personality disorders, and in rare cases psychosis.

This school of thought was established in the early days of psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud at the Vienna School in Austria. Various permutations were advanced by such people as Carl Jung, Karen Horney, Erik Erikson and dozens more.

The psyche of Justin Trudeau is shaped by the same factors as all of us. What characterizes his thinking is largely based on his childhood upbringing. Psychologist Alfred Adler introduced birth order as a relevant factor. Sibling relationships factor in as well.

When someone grows up in a famous family, a demarcations exists. It creates a situation unexperienced by 98% of human beings. Young Justin grew up in the shadow of famous father Pierre Trudeau. In such cases, the father is usually a pre-occupied individual. A child’s need for parental attention remains unfulfilled. Thus, a lifetime of trying to prove oneself to a father figure.

As the oldest of three sons, Justin Trudeau grew up an underachiever. Within the family unit, this magnified insecurities felt by an oldest son. Self-esteem was affected. In such cases, a superficial view of life often results. Desperate to create an image of success, concrete elements are cast aside. Moving to adulthood, what matters is “how things appear”– a staple in the world of politics.

The marriage of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau was not a successful one. Margaret was much younger than her husband. She did not share his intellectual pursuits. As it transpired, many moments existed when mother’s behaviour would have embarrassed a teenage Justin.

It is worth noting how media has treated Margaret Trudeau regarding her self-professed manic depression. Despite grim realities of forced institutionalization, media have always presented the circumstances in a jocular manner.

This makes little sense. Bi-polar illness is often extremely serious. On a biological basis, it can be passed from parent to child, although intensity is often reduced. When Margaret Trudeau put on a show of her life story in Chicago in 2019, her mania was treated in a jovial manner by the Canadian press.

Some of us have heard rumours of Margaret Trudeau-Fidel Castro liaisons. Few, if any, know whether there is truth to these stories. Either way, it’s likely such rumours could have a negative impact on her son’s thinking.

Mother Margaret gained a reputation as a “loose” young lady. Spending time at Studio 54 in New York, partying with  Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones(not Jagger). To add rumours of high-flying infidelity of the Castro variety would add to Justin’s inner turmoil.

Thus, an outcome derived from Freudian theory— cognitive ambivalence– when a person both loves and hates something at the same time. Psychology considers this a source of a neurotic personality.

Fast forward to 2014, and we find an under-educated, under-qualified Justin Trudeau running for prime minister. His resume borders on the absurd— bouncer at a nightclub, part-time high school teacher, ex-snowboard instructor. An extremely poor foundation for Canadian prime minister. It is also a recipe for deep-rooted insecurity. His only qualifications were vicarious learning, and picking up the basics through osmosis. 

In 2015, Justin Trudeau wins the federal election. Think this fellow has a lot to prove? What would be the outcome other than impetuous decisions driven by a desperation to legitimize oneself?  Obvious example — his “tweet to the world” inviting illegal refugees to rush the Canadian border. Spontaneous it was– as in, possible manic behaviour.

Those affected by Narcissistic Personality Disorder share a common trait– a desperate need to be loved, often to the point of worship. Obvious even to him it wasn’t to come from the Canadian-born, Trudeau morphed himself into a demi-god for 3rd World migrants. We witnessed this in the form of Bollywood dance moves in Sari-silk outfits. Within his myopic mind, Trudeau was at the top of his game.

Yet, behind the scenes, a “shadow reality” went undiscovered. Forces existed which not only helped Trudeau become prime minister, but maintained an interest in guiding him to accomplish specific goals.

Was a specious-thinking Trudeau being propped up by “external” forces? Recalling propensity for the superficial, the role of PM  degenerated a “North of the 49th” stage show. For power players such as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, Trudeau’s hollowness holds great value. The man is impressionable. A few well-selected strokes to the ego can lead to the desired result. Whomever whispers in his ear stands to get what they want– particularly when backed by big money.

Thus began six years of automaton-like behaviour during which every decision towed the “woke globalist” line. Once made, decisions were cast-in stone. How is this to be a positive condition within an ever-changing world?

Covid provides an example. One would think that with a 70-kilometre trucker convoy breathing down his neck, the PM would offer at least one variation on a theme. No such luck–  Trudeau did not alter his vaccine attitudes one iota. Climate change, immigration, refugee intake, carbon tax, deficit, inflation. You name it— and Trudeau is stuck like glue to his original decision.

How obvious can it be that Justin Trudeau is an aberration of a national leader? Media approach nation-transforming social developments as if delivering NHL Hockey scores. By way of CBC News, one would believe trillion dollar deficits constitute “another day at the office.”

From day one, Justin Trudeau has been the wrong man for the job. The irony is, after three federal election victories, he remains on his throne. 

How an under-qualified individual like Justin Trudeau became prime minister—and stayed there— is the stuff of unprecedented political folly. Not to mention political manipulation at the highest level.

25 thoughts on “On The Couch: A Psychological Assessment of Justin Trudeau”

  1. Liberals tell me, ” Justin is not stupid. He has two university degrees.” I have the same academic credentials as Justin Trudeau because I was a poorly motivated student of mediocre academic ability and that is why I settled for a liberal arts degree and a Bachelor of Education. I was in no way qualified for the faculties of science, or engineering or for law school or post grad studies. When I graduated decades ago, however, such an education would qualify a graduate for a lucrative civil service job or at least a teaching position.

    Today someone with those credentials would be competing with 50 other applicants to drive a forklift at Home Depot or work as checkout clerk at Safeway. By contrast Stephen Harper has a Masters in Economics and would never spout tripe such as “Budgets balance themselves” or “I don’t concern myself with monetary policy.”

    As a prison education officer I routinely administered personality profiles and intelligence tests to convicts and could accurately estimate their IQ scores to the point that their test scores would be within five points of those subjective estimates.

    Justin Trudeau has an IQ in the mid 90s, what we used to call “low average” or “dull normal”. Harper would score 125 to 135 in the “gifted” range. You do the math.

  2. It would be nice for someone to ask him if he ever paid for or was the cause for a woman having an abortion. Or whether his mother had one.

    • I don’t think he really is attracted to women. He’s typical of a gay man who marries and has children to appear straight. These men usually come out in their 50’s and marry their male lover. He’s halfway to that point, having left his wife a couple of years ago.

  3. put someone in the charge of the conservative party who has the intelligence of harper but isn’t a dictator and maybe some of us will change. so far
    the choices have not been great!!!!!!!

  4. If I had to guess I’d place Justin firmly in the “mid-wit” range of around 110-115″. These are the often people who with effort can memorize and reguritate things well and often excel in university but have to work really hard to do it. There is a veritable plague of them these days. They are usually incapable of genuine insight and deep thought because they have never had to learn it.

    Their education and achievements in a system that rewards obedience over actual merit fools them into thinking they are smarter than they actually are. Their habit of diligence often leads to authority that they do not deserve and these last two years have shown how deadly the consequences of this are.

    They are also well represented in public education. Just bright enough to get into university with effort and study and often end up getting a teaching certification because that is the best they can do. Stupidity is a learnable state of mind and no one has studied harder than this cohort and now our kids are paying the price

  5. Why do people obey when it is not in their best interests to do so?

    One reason; a powerful aspirational instinct causes many to identify with their perceived betters. Their betters understand the type and flatter them with false approbation. This type hopes to gain social approval by basking in reflected glory. Except his perceived betters are scum. The Globalists to whom Trudeau would sell out his best friend care nothing at all for the people they deceive, or whose lives they ruin.

    Trudeau is desperate to be loved. He gives to get! But beware of his dark side. If you fail to reflect back to him his narcissistic projections, by asserting a divergent opinion, or acting independently, in his eyes that behaviour is seen as traitorous.

    Frankly, voters when the claim allegiance to one party, or their leader no matter what their policies are, or what misbehaviours become apparent — especially when ordinary common sense and everyday experience would disapprove — obviously they are brainwashed.

    Everyone makes mistakes but when everything Trudeau touches is tainted by his grandstanding the only conclusion is that Trudeau is unfit to be Canada’s Prime Minister.

    Canada has no official means to impeach a Prime Minister. Why is he supported by the Liberal parties back office operators? Clearly Trudeau is a puppet. He is promulgating an agenda scripted by certain powerful interests! Interests, I might add, antithetical to the interests of Canadians’ well being.

    Canada does not belong to those with a Globalist agenda. Globalists decry patriotism, nationalism, and popularism. The meaning of these things has been turned upside down and inside out. Why should Canadians accept to be managed, handled, and dictated to by a manufactured confection like Justin Trudeau whose handlers have in turn dictated Trudeau’s terms of employment.

    Trudeau is an upwardly mobile parveneu seeking acceptance among those he perceives as the better class than those he was elected to serve. He proves this over and over again. He sold out long ago. He is a bought man, paid to serve the Globalist communities interests.

    The Globalists want everyone jabbed. Trudeau was hired to get it done.

  6. I am not a Trudeau supporter but look closely at what the other parties have to offer. How did Andrew Sheer ever become the opposition leader? Selling insurance?
    I believe that all leaders should only be allowed two terms.

  7. In my opinion, the video of Justums (or the new Mr. Dressup) singing along to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, in September, and another of his bungee jumping – most recently – add to a long list of narcissistic actions. The lack of consideration of the possible negative implications of such actions may also indicate sociopathic behavior.

    The old adage about giving enough rope comes to mind.

  8. More important than how many degrees someone has, is whether they are pertinent to their position. I have a master’s degree, but if Bill Gates resigned tomorrow I would not be applying on his job because I know I am grossly under qualified. A drama teacher thought he should manage a multi billion business called Canada. Ironically, nurses, social workers, engineers need at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in yet to be PM you need to be popular which qualifies someone for nothing. Check it out-Burger King requires greater qualifications to work there than are required to be the PM. We have someone who unlike most people is not smart enough to realize he was not remotely qualified for the position. 4vg

  9. More important than how many degrees someone has, is whether they are pertinent to their position. I have a master’s degree, but if Bill Gates resigned tomorrow I would not be applying on his job because I know I am grossly under qualified. A drama teacher thought he should manage a multi billion business called Canada. Ironically, nurses, social workers, engineers need at minimum a Bachelor’s degree in yet to be PM you need to be popular which qualifies someone for nothing. Check it out-Burger King requires greater qualifications to work there than are required to be the PM. We have someone who unlike most people is not smart enough to realize he was not remotely qualified for the position.

  10. This is by now (mid-March, 2024) a two years’ old + article, comments of course included.

    This is NOT the first time I have read article + comments either, though… today might well now mark the fourth time to date since early 2022, that I have again re-read EVERYBODY’s words re: this particular old article from Brad.

    All I have to all of you two years on now, is:

    IF I owned the National Post (plus the multitude of other supposedly-separate mainstream (i.e. 99.7% of the sum-total) of also-supposedly-CNDN “news” providers that have same exact ownership, but are just smaller tentacles from the same low-profile behemoth monster…

    I would can every last carbon-based lifeform involved that ever drew a paycheque, and completely automate ALL further outgoing daily “news”from that day onward, so that the sole further daily message to the nation and wide world beyond would just comprise endless front-page printing of THIS particular article, and all of the roughly two dozen comments that were made here in response to it!

    Bravo, gentlemen, bravo 🫡.

    And Death to all Tyrants,

    “Because…it’s 2024”.

  11. The most important question asked here in the comments, in my opinion is “why”. Why do reasonably intelligent people capitulate and comply to their own detriment? They know that what they are capitulating to is most certainly NOT in their best interest. Moreover , it is to the contrary. The demand is that they “stick the pistol” in their own mouth and pull the trigger. Even after they have been shown by the inept tyrant that the chamber has a live round in it, they comply.
    In Canada AND the USA, people are “FREE”. By the virtue of the young men and women that have spilled their blood in far of lands to defend that right, we are ALL FREE! All citizens are equal, including the elected officials. If anything the elected citizens are subordinate to the electorate. The bottom line is that a lot of people think that it is patriotic and noble to “tut tut” their neighbor with a pistol in his mouth, take it away and stick it in their own mouth. Mind blowing really! No pun intended. WHY? and WHEN DO THE MASSES FINALLY REFUSE?


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