Old Stock Canadians Get A Break As MP Ahmed Hussen REMOVED As Immigration Minister

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As dedicated Canadian patriots will understand,  gaining wins within Justin Trudeau’s Canada are a rare breed indeed. The few victories we have achieved are hard-fought battles of all-encompassing frustration.

With the removal of the Somalian Refugee MP Ahmed Hussen from the Immigration Minister portfolio, Old Stock Canadians gain a small, yet significant victory.

Canada’s new immigration minister is a Italian-Canadian, Liberal MP Marco Mendicino.

Mendicino was born to Italian immigrants. He studied political science at Carleton University prior to attending law school at the University of Windsor. Later in his career he also studied human resources management at York University‘s Schulich School of Business.[3] He worked as a federal prosecutor for ten years, during which time he was involved in the handling of the Toronto 18 terrorism case.

Okay, so he is not the worst choice that King Justin could make. Yet, naturally, he is a product of Canada’s anti-anglophone university system. He is a lawyer and a liberal–therefore its fair to guess his mindset is one of globalist-liberalism— no way in hades Justin would select him if he wasn’t.

Yet, he did work on the Toronto 18 terrorism case. Remember this one? Blink, and you would have missed it:

“The 2006 Ontario terrorism case refers to the plotting of a series of attacks against targets in Southern Ontario, Canada, and the June 2, 2006, counter-terrorism raids in and around the Greater Toronto Area that resulted in the arrest of 14 adults and 4 youths (the “Toronto 18“).  These individuals have been characterized as having been inspired by al-Qaeda.”

“They were accused of planning to detonate truck bombs, to open fire in a crowded area, and to storm the Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the Parliament of Canada building, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) headquarters, and the parliamentary Peace Tower to take hostages and to behead the Prime Minister and other leaders.”

Therefore, one might possibly conclude our new immigration minister is anti-terrorist. What a switch-up compared to religious supremacist, MP Ahmed Hussen.

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Still, it’s not like the old boy is gone. Trudeau simply switched things up, and moved Mr. Hussen to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development portfolio.

Why this file? CAP shall enlighten. When researching forward-looking demographics in Canada– an activity Trudeau’s media puppet never indulge in we find that the area of major population growth over the next century comes from–you guessed it–the Middle East and Africa– Hussen’s preferred nations of Africa and the Middle East.

Now, let us understand the mind-set of this Hussen of Somalia character. This man is arguably Canada’s number one ethnocentric politician of all-time.  Hussen’s behaviours as immigration minister pointed to a myopic focus upon Islam, Third World refugees, Sikhs, Muslims and other Third World forces.

Of English Canada, Hussen maintained nothing but scorn. So now this fellow–a man who Justin Trudeau simply cannot omit from Cabinet, is in charge of “Families ands Children.”

. CAP surely know what this means–Ahmed Hussen is hereby appointed “Minister of Third World Family and Children”exclusively. Why would he change? He is a fundamentalist religious supremacist–since when do folks like this ever change?

And on the larger scale, will the Trudeau government change? CAP Theory maintains the following: Global warming and related carbon taxation is globalism. It’s purpose is to obfuscate, as well as fund, the true agenda of the ruling Liberal government–the trans-formation of English Canada, and its communities into a national “relic.”

Guess what, fellow patriots–the future of Canada is one of Third World migration and related birth-rate and population growth–the exact reason why Trudeau installed this African refugee as Minister of Families and Children.

Interesting how CBC covered this off in a recent report on the future of immigration to Canada. Oh yes–for sure–on a cold afternoon in Tripoli, Libya.

So Canada is still stuck with this refugee-centric Somalian. Also, Trudeau’s Muslima of Unknown Origin, MP Maryam Monsef, is back in cabinet. On the positive side, Hussen is gone from immigration, and what appears to be a level-headed Italian-Canadian has taken his place.

More good news–Justin didn’t do anything as foolish as add MP Omar Alghabra or M103 founder Iqra Khalid to cabinet–which more than likely would have stimulated an Old Stock riot in front of their campaign offices.

A new day has donned. In no manner will CAP conclude that Justin Trudeau has trans-sitioned his government away from the destructive globalist agenda which has permeated our society from the second Trudeau gained his Canadian crown in 2015.

Still, thus far, things look a bit better. There is no “Minister of LGBT”–as of yet. Patriots will continue to keep a close eye on developments, lest King Justin covertly begins to load up government with globalist players behind the backs of the Canadian people.






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