“Okay” Hand Signal Recognised As Symbol Of Hate, White Supremacy

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According to The Guardian, the “Okay” hand sign has been designated  a symbol of hate. It joins other surprising symbols such as the Milk emoji, and Pepe the Frog.

The Okay hand sign was officially recognised as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League in early November, 2021. As reported at the time, a Universal Orlando Resort employee was fired after concerned parents found a photo of him making the hand sign.

In Hamilton, Ontario, a 17-year-old high school student has been fired from a hospital co-op placement after her employer alleged that an “OK” hand gesture she made in a social media photo was a symbol of white supremacy. 

“According to Grade 12 student Megan Breeze, she had no knowledge the sign could be misinterpreted that way.” 

“It wasn’t meant to be racist, and it wouldn’t happen again. I thought it means ‘OK.’ Like a thumbs-up sign, Breeze told the Hamilton Spectator.

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman statesman, lawyer and philosopher is considered one of ancient Rome’s greatest orators. He is quoted as stating the following:

“The closer the collapse of an empire, the crazier its laws.”

We now witness the insanity. Did you know? A Canadian man was recently found guilty of assault when a judge concluded the person intentionally coughed in the direction of another human being. Critical Race Theory– academically-sanctioned prejudice against caucasians– is now being taught within our educational institutions.

The world is going crazy– but no one should be all that surprised. The era of democracy is coming to an end. Two centuries of history bear witness to the rise in rights of the individual. French Revolution, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, American Declaration of Independence, and in Canada, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

For two hundred years, power had been channelled toward the will of the people. Democracy was the vehicle. Canada was part of this. Voters selected political leaders who worked for the benefit of the public based on the will of the majority.

Yet, all the while, the 1% of the world were searching for a way back in. In time, they found it. Not in the form of traditional warfare with guns and tanks, but rather through “post-modern” warfare.

The power structure found their solution in rise of the age of technology. The neo-power elite made their fortunes in internet communications. In its wake, two manifestations became instruments of authoritarian control — Covid and Carbon.

The tables had turned. Elite domination of society has once again taken over. Democracy has been eroded to nothing more than the right to vote once every few years. Beyond this, the will of the people remains meaningless.

A degree of public chaos is needed to accomplish the task. The most effective being what Karl Marx understood two centuries ago: nothing stirs up human emotion like the issue of race. Inter-ethnic discord being critical to political and/or social transformation.

Nothing epitomizes this like white supremacy. In 2021, it has transitioned into an absurdity– an “okay” hand signal representing an act of hate.

It so happens this writer recently watched a clip of the singer Adele performing live on television. It happened during a performance of her big hit “Someone Like You.” While belting out the ballad, Ms. Adele formed an okay-gesture with her fingers– on both hands!

White supremacy in action? Hate-crime of the highest order? The teenager in Toronto was fired for making the symbol without having a clue as to its alleged meaning.

Being a pop singer in the entertainment industry, it is likely Adele will get away scot-free. How can a person not be a card-carrying woke liberal and succeed in the entertainment business?

17-year old Megan Breeze was accepted into a co-op program at the beginning of the school year with Juravinski Hospital in Hamilton. Her duties included working in customer service at the hospital and among patients in the general medicine unit.

“It was great. I was really excited. I really wanted to do that co-op,” said Breeze.

Say no-go on that one, schoolgirl– your racist antics have been exposed for the world to witness.

3 thoughts on ““Okay” Hand Signal Recognised As Symbol Of Hate, White Supremacy”

  1. This is preposterous, ludicrous, and intellectually dangerous and lazy. It is preposterous and ludicrous because the OK sign made with the hand is nothing rude in American culture (it can be vulgar, but not racist, in some other cultures). It has nothing to do with race, or being White or not. It is intellectually dangerous and lazy because it uses the stupid (not ignorant, stupid) logic that if a White person uses any sort of sign or body language, it must be racist and supremacist, because (it is falsely assumed and asserted) everything White is inherently and systemically racist and supremacist. This manipulative and deranged thinking will anger people, divide people, and create backlashes. It does nothing to foster truth and mutual understanding. It has everything to do with dividing and creating anger, hatred, and mistrust where none whatsoever is warranted.


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