Obviously, Jean Charest Is Being Set-Up For Conservative Party Leadership

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On February 2nd, 2022, Erin O’Toole was removed as Conservative Party leader by a vote of 73-45. On September 10th, 2022, the party will appointed his successor. Over seven months will have lapsed between the dates.

CAP has always wondered why such a long period of time was selected before choosing a new party leader. After witnessing media treatment of potential candidates, we have drawn a conclusion.

The purpose is to ruin the chances of Pierre Poilievre winning the nomination. Far ahead in the polls, Mr. Poilievre is the “people’s choice.” That’s fine, but the candidate has a huge problem on his hands. By undermining the Liberal status quo, Poilievre has made enemies of those who control Canadian politics.

Stating in public that as prime minister you would fire Tiff Macklin, Governor of the Bank of Canada, will get you nowhere. Nor will pumping up government-free control of cryptocurrencies. These moves are anathema to the true controllers of Canadian politics.

Out comes the media weaponry used to crush Conservative politicians: the candidate is racist. His supporters are white supremacists. Pierre Poilievre is everything that’s evil and awful about non-Liberal Canada.

As opposed to Jean Charest. Emerging like a dinosaur from the Le Brea tarpits, Mr. Charest came from nowhere to capture the hearts of the Liberal elites. Actually, he didn’t come from nowhere–he came from the Liberal Party.

As three-time Liberal Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest is the federal Liberal’s choice for leader of the Conservative Party. This is why he is going to win. Seven months to choose a leader– 4 of them unnecessary– provides ample time for media to push Pierre Poilievre to the sidelines. It is enough time to make it appear as Jean Charest surpassing of the leading candidate was a natural, organic development.

An article from Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando lays the situation on the line:

“The Interests Of Trudeau, Charest, And The Establishment Media Are Aligned”

Damn straight they are. Not to mention powerful international forces which help to shape political outcomes in Canada. Jean Charest is a member of the World Economic Forum.

We witness the set-up. The globalist goal is obvious: all three leaders of major federal parties in Canada are to be WEF-affiliates. Two already are: Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh. To place Jean Charest into the brotherhood is the stuff of woke globalist dreams. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

Or to put it another way, only WEF-approved politicians are permitted to become the prime minister of Canada. Justin Trudeau has progressed directly to the doghouse. Jagmeet Singh is highly unpopular.

What to do? Replace Trudeau, and win the next federal election? Perhaps. But what if the anti-Liberal momentum is so strong that the powers that be cannot remedy the situation? There stands the answer: tired, over-the-hill Jean Charest and his brand of  pseudo-Liberalism.

The whole gang is on board. Liberals, Media, CBC, NDP, WEF, WHO, United Nations. All are united in backing the Charest horse; all want Pierre Poilievre removed from the political arena.

Now for the bad news: in 2022, this is the way politics work in Canada. Despite our wishes, Cultural Action Party fully expect Jean Charest to be appointed the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Not elected– appointed. Just as it occurred for Justin Trudeau and his globalist partner-in-arms, Jagmeet Singh.

14 thoughts on “Obviously, Jean Charest Is Being Set-Up For Conservative Party Leadership”

  1. Nope, that would be a disaster for Canada. Just an older version of our tyrant wanna be we are stuck with for 3 years

  2. “Jean Charest is the Liberal Party’s choice for leader of the Conservative Party. Game Over….Jean Charest to be appointed the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Not elected– appointed.” This would make a good wager. I see the point; but I’ll wait until the Fat Lady sings. These miscreants think they have full control–They don’t. They can scheme/cheat/lie–But; they do not have ultimate control. They’re not omnipotent. Regardless of how they view themselves; the voters still have a say. The unnecessary nine month delay may backfire on the schemers. Charest?? Really? Is that putrefying stiff the best they can do? Was there no one else mouldering in the Tar Pits?

  3. I hope the hell this analysis is wrong. The real problem is the disastrous mess Poilievre will have to clean up from the Trudeau Liberals. The bureaucracy will fight against him to protect their own selfish interests and demands. The MSM will undermine and criticize everything he attempts – except the National Post and Toronto Sun will support Poilievre. CBC will constantly be on the attack. If Charest does become Conservative leader I think Western Canada will explode and raise Holy Hell like Quebec which will further divide the country into bitterness and acrimony. My hope is that Quebec will finally sulk off and separate and Canada can then be a real country again. Hopefully Canadians will wake up to the reality of our failed democracy which only serves the Liberal and Quebec elites. If Quebec goes it can have the Toronto elites.

  4. I would tend to agree if the general population would vote for the leader but they do not! Only members of the conservative party do and they know that Pierre Poilièvre is their leader! I think there are two ways Charest could be chosen, 1- the Liberals steel votes or they put in place Liberal moles into the conservative party voting for Charest only

  5. Sign a year conservative membership, so you can vote for Pierre. Get your friends to join then too. Lets make sure Pierre wins. We the people, there is more of us than these WEF stooges.

  6. Every attempt so far to try and have Pierre tagged as a racist has failed. Yes the so-called elites want Charest but.unless they can figure out a way to cheat it will be Polievre for the win.

  7. Charest is essentially a tired retread of Lyin’ Brian Mulroney. A Quebec centred sh*t show, corruption at every turn.

  8. Seven months to decide a new leader, and then by ranked ballot?? Seriously? Bloody hell, these people want to be a Government? There is far more going on that is being hidden, and I want to know what it is.

    2 months and a single ballot. That is all that is needed. If I were to vote, I would have only one choice.


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