Justin Trudeau’s LGBT Obsessions Continue With $100 MILLION Lawsuit Payout

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What is it about homosexuality which has kept Justin Trudeau fixated on the topic for his entire four-year term as prime minister of Canada?

Truly, he is a man POSSESSED. Pride Parades, Transgenderism, LGBT rights–you name an element of the LGBT movement, and Justin is there with PINK BELLS ON.

Now, after issuing yet another one of Trudeau’s grovelling, pandering apologies to the community, our PM is donating $100 Million of our tax dollars to compensate for the hardships Canadian homosexuals suffered between 1955 and 1996.

Question: Will Justin Trudeau EVER stop with his “shame and regret” proclamations?  Why is it so ESSENTIAL that this man continuously dredges up the past to elucidate the historical shortcomings of our nation?

Here’s an idea for our socialist ideologue leader: Try focusing on injustices occurring in 2019. In this regard, Canada’s King of Kings could put $100 million to address the POISONING of First Nations children on Canadian reservations. Instead, we have the usual fixation on the short-comings of bad, bad Anglophone Canada.

The money will be paid out as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement to employees who were investigated, sanctioned and sometimes fired as part of the so-called gay purge.

An agreement in principle in the court action emerged Friday, just days before the government delivers a SWEEPING APOLOGY for discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver the apology — which is expected to SURPASS what other countries have done to make amends to LGBTQ people — in the House of Commons following question period on Tuesday.

Among apology-related initiatives, the government is putting $250,000 toward community projects to combat homophobia and provide support for people in crisis. In addition, it plans a commemoration in 2019 of the 50th anniversary of the federal decriminalization of homosexual acts.

The government also plans to table legislation Tuesday to expunge the criminal records of people convicted of consensual sexual activity with same-sex partners, whether in civilian or military courts.

HOLY COW. Talk about comprehensive dedication to  one special interest group. It appears our Justin JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH of homosexuality and transgenderism. Looks as if Canada must TRANS-ition to the gay capital nation of the western world. Of course, there is no such thing as “gay culture” in nations Trudeau admires: China, Islamic, and various totalitarian and theocratic countries.

Yet, for Justin Trudeau, Canada MUST be a homosexual nation. Who voted for this? No one. What mandate is this based upon? What degree of PUBLIC APPROVAL does Trudeau have in this regard? Anyone recall this agenda as being part of Trudeau’s election campaign platform?

HIDDEN BY MEDIA— Communism Rising: Immunization Of Canadian Children Declared MANDATORY By Government

Is there NOT a parallel here with the Liberal government’s approach to the Nation of Islam? The pattern is the IDENTICAL. Why does this man go all-in on homosexuality and transgenderism, as well as fundamentalist Islam? Are these  entities NOT antithetical in nature?

Of course they are. The reason Justin backs both with such vehemence is that both movements are ANTI-CHRISTIAN. This is where we get to the “heart of the matter.”

Our prime minister wants Christianity ERODED in Canada. Support for these two divergent communities is an excellent way to get the job done–therefore, Trudeau supports BOTH.

Justin Trudeau’s  perpetual dedication to the LGBT movement IS NOT NATURAL for a Canadian prime minister.  Rather, it is part of driving a larger agenda. The LGBT movement represents SEXUAL GLOBALISM–as well as population control. therefore, Justin is over-the-moon about it.

Fact: Transgenderism REDUCES birth rates. The practice renders the male species STERILE. As it happens, Justin Trudeau is very concerned about Canada’s aging population and work force. Between his backing of a “no-holds barred” abortion and transgender policies, hundreds of thousands of potential Canadian births are PREVENTED from occurring each year.

Now, why would Justin and his pit-bull migration minister, MP Ahmed Hussen, advocate for a REDUCTION in births for Canadians? Have they NOT maintained that population growth is ESSENTIAL to the future of our nation?

Yes, both have said as much. The piece establishment media omit is that these two want a SPECIFIC type of person to populate our nation. This type is Third World people, their large, extended families, and their Third Word culture and religion.

The Canadian-born do not fit this profile. Therefore, they are EXPENDABLE, and can be effectively REDUCED in numbers by way of transgender sterilization, and mass unlimited abortion.

No wonder Justin Trudeau is going BALLISTIC regarding homosexuality in Canada. Gays have fewer children, and if they do have kids, they are generally adopted from the Third World. This makes for a happy Justin Trudeau, and a well-pleased Ahmed Hussen.

Here we come to understand the method by which the LGBT movement is used and promoted by globalist leaders like Trudeau. Additionally, transgenderism is promoted by globalist billionaire George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation”–so obviously Trudeau is all over it

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With King Justin, one can always count on a covert, nefarious plot lingering behind his ridiculous virtue-signalling. This is the “nature of the beast.” Trudeau wants a NEW CANADA. As it happens, the LGBT movement are a major player in the globalist goal of re-inventing Canada as a socialist nation devoid of democratic principles.




13 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s LGBT Obsessions Continue With $100 MILLION Lawsuit Payout”

  1. The bad thing is,,,we will, ourselves, be apologizing to our children, other nations and basically the world, for the blunders, mistakes, ignorance, incompetence, cluelessness, inexperience, imbecilic, brainless, idiotic, moron that all the Liberal lovers voted in!!!! The man will truly go down in history,,,,,sadly for him it will not be for being a good Prime Minister!

  2. First Nations children with poison in their water NEED help yet the turd has to compensate adults for EMOTIONAL stress????????

  3. I have 3 highly intelligent adult children, with opposite sex partners…and 2 of those have gone over to the agenda of Trudeau and all things LGBTQ bla blah….can’t say a word, see photos of my d i law playing dress up in support on FB….I moved away, I can’t stand watching my grand kids get indoctrinated into this….I’m so distressed but my grand children can’t be approached with any opposite view, or I’ll be totally cut off. What do these kids and myself have to look forward to…..? The world is upside down, and the only thing I have hope for is the rapture very soon, and the shock that will bring to people who deny God’s call to live a moral life.

    • April what you have said IS the TRudeau agendA. 100% destructive for common sense Canadians, Anglos, Christians and Conservatives.

    • Put your foot down firmly with your son,
      That your delusional duplicitous d.i.l. STOP filling your grandchildren’s innocent minds with perverse deviation & dysphoric degradation.
      I would verbally (without profanity) tear that dangerous woman a new one right in front of the grandkids who will look at you with awe & respect. They know right & wrong.

    • Very sad. Walk away,there’s know helping indoctrinated libtards.Praying for them is all you can and hope one day they will see the error of their ways and be God fearing people before it’s to late.

  4. This us against them mentality of victimhood has GOT to stop. When will politicians see that they are part of the divisiveness . They are causing harm to our culture and society. It is NOT homosexual, heterosexual, black, brown, Asian, Muslim, Canadians but rather we are ALL Canadian s first and foremost! The sooner we embrace that reality the better for every one of us, CANADIANS!

  5. Oh my god get rid of this idiot who’s running the country down to the ground and left with nothing none of us hard-working people are ever going to be able to survive we can live as it is and how we supposed to survive by paying the social assistance out all the time child tax benefits out gender rights out And every other socialist problem out there was supposed to pay and ad to
    Can you tell me he’s got all this money to put out there for all these countries all these so-called dumb people that had a hard life way back when GuessWhat why don’t you use that money Justin Trudeau to better Canada first let’s start giving free education free college free university to get degrees free to become better people educated lawyers /doctors /psychologist oor whatever makes Canada work and a so we can go out there and get a job that pays well so we can all look after ourselves and don’t have to count on your social assistant programs or your CTB ect
    That’s my opinion and I think it’s worth something because this is a whole country is going downhill you’re not looking up to Canada no one’s done that for centuries already looking up to Canada and the people that live here start looking in your own backyard look after the people who are here people are hungry people have no jobs people he needs a free education free not to go out there and have to go and pay his student loan we shouldn’t have to do that we’re Canadians you want us to work and make our own way help us get a free education we all have the right to that as Canadians

  6. I hate to say this but Trudope keep sucking us dry of all our money
    That we can barely survive on now because he tax us to death for everything
    I am so afraid that we are going to hurt start to have suicidal people on our hands and that’s a concern for everybody
    Because people who are working hard to just make ends meet and are putting food on the table for their families the stress becomes too much and that’s not fair as Canadians we have a right to everything able to be given to us But what does Justin Trudeau do give it all away to every other country as well as all these other socialist people so think about that Trudeau when you have suicide people on your hands shortly maybe you could put out millions and billions of dollars then but it’s to be a little too late to do what will you do give money to the people who committed suicide or no so you’ll give it to their families a little too late Trudeau so wake up. And people who can’t see what he’s doing you need to wake up before your children your grandchildren or even yourself someday end up committing suicide because you can’t make ends meet and you’ll be in poverty or on the street wake up Canada please stop this fool

  7. I think I see why he is obsessed with the LGBT community. He happens to be wearing a bisexual pride bracelet in that photo, which likely implies that he himself is bi (unless there was any other specific reason why he was wearing it when that photo was taken). If he is actually a part of the LGBT community, it would explain why he is obsessed with it.


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