National Anthem “Everything That’s Wrong With Canada” Say Mainstream Media

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In terms of running down our country, Canadian media and our academic institutions make for a most effective partnership. This we see exemplified in an article published this week in the Toronto Star, Canada’s most virulently anti-Anglophone news publication.

According to writer Nadia Khan, our national anthem ‘O Canada’ represents “everything that’s wrong with this country.”

Attempting to put aside emotionally-charged “knee-jerk” reactions, CAP contemplate the roots of Khan’s insult to tens of millions of Canadians. Important it is to come-to-terms with where this is coming from.

The author of the article is a Canadian academic. Schooled in woke liberal politics, the writer sets aside everything that ‘O Canada’ means in terms of Canadian history and heritage. The fact that many a tear have run down the faces of Canadians whose predecessors died for our country in two world wars is rendered meaningless.

Why? Because within the world of woke academia, hatred of country has been instilled in the minds of students for decades. Rooted in Marxist philosophy, educational institutions in Canada have been transitioned to bastions of globalist propaganda, all of which culminates in the idea that our country in intrinsically racist.

“When I was 8-years-old, I nearly fell asleep during my Canadian citizenship ceremony. It was during the playing of ‘O Canada’ when I began to get a little droopy-eyed.” 

Sounds like an excellent reason to bury our national anthem in the woke cesspool of democratic degeneration, eh?

“The best national anthems are those that tell us something vital about the country they were made to represent. ‘O Canada’ tells you nothing about Canada.” 

Tell us, Lady Khan, what do University of Waterloo, McGill, U of T, York and the rest tell us about Canada? CAP will help you out– they tell us our country is “racist, bigoted, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic and genocidal.”

Perhaps you can tap one of your “visiting” Mid-East professors to work these words into a post-modern version of a national anthem. There’s lot of ammunition to do so. PM Justin Trudeau agrees. New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh as well. Toronto Star agree, along with CBC, CTV, Global News and the Globe & Mail.

We come to recognize a truism: of the nations from which new arrivals to Canada derive from in droves– China, India, Pakistan, Iran— none maintain a position of national self-loathing. Unlike Canada, in which self-hatred has been systemically injected into society via government, media and academia.

Surely there must be a purpose for the self-flagellation? It’s at this point where foul-mouthed academics and Liberal government media puppets transition to silence. Sure, they’ll beat the crap out of “Old Stock” Canada, but never do they reveal the true purpose.

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has put forth the query on multiple occasions:

Equality, or Replacement? We go all-in on the latter. Woke cries of a desire for “social equity” are as hollow as a country log. What these forces are really after is to usurp Canada’s founding settler communities.

It’s much like a script culled from George Orwell’s paean to communist takeover, Animal Farm. First, the farm owner is chased off the land. The pig community then form the “ruling class,” vowing never to indulge in human habits. In time, the pigs begin indulging in taboos such as drinking alcohol, and sleeping in human’s beds.

This is not unlike wokism. It purports equality, while the true goal is to take the place of the former rulers of society, as the Pigs do after the farmer departs. It’s pure Justin Trudeau; the essence of Jagmeet Singh. To advance the woke globalist imperative, societies most influential institutions meld together to deliver the goods.

After several decades of this, our schools begin pumping out woke sheep like Nadia Khan to disseminate the news. Media publications like Toronto Star serve as vehicles for the propaganda efforts.

Back in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau signs off on 1.3 billion dollars in funding for CBC. Former Chairman of the CRTC offers his opinion on the matter:

“Trudeau Is Utterly Determined To Control The Media: Peter Menzies”

“The government has broken new ground by involving itself in the business of judging the journalistic bona fides of news organizations,” states the former Chairman/President of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission[CRTC.]

The inevitable result? Media bias, obfuscation, all the way through to communist-style propaganda. Who is there to point out the illicit behaviour, other than a handful of independent conservative media groups and internet bloggers?

Thus, the success of the woke war on Canadian society. So an LGBT-pushing schoolgirl doesn’t like Canada’s national anthem, and wants it cancelled. As opposed  to millions of Canadians who respect our country, and thereby respect our national anthem.

“Rather than merely talking about our First Nations communities in the context of national wrongs and guilt-laden land acknowledgments, perhaps we ought to create a new anthem that fuses together traditional Indigenous chants.”

We see this so often in “no core identity” Canada. Academics derived from the 3rd World origins, whose predecessors lived in India, Iran or Pakistan, telling Canadians what should be done regarding oppression against our Indigenous communities. Never do they pipe-up on the fact that, for example, Pakistan murdered four million people during the time of formation of the country.

Did you know? More than 470 cases of honour killings were reported in Pakistan in 2021. Human rights advocates tell us that around 1,000 women are murdered in the name of honour each year.

What say you, Ms. Thang? Same thing establishment media say– nothing at all. But tear the Hijab off the head of a Muslim women in Canada, and it’s sure to hit major headlines.

“Our national anthem is inoffensive to the point of being offensive,” says Nadia Khan. 

It’s all so hypocritical, but then again, that’s Liberalism. Let Ms. Khan go take a walk on the wild side of LGBT advancement. True Canadians have had enough of this tripe.

5 thoughts on “National Anthem “Everything That’s Wrong With Canada” Say Mainstream Media”

  1. When I first read that story I immediately wanted to know who wrote this crap.
    When I saw the name, it was just another non Canadian trying to destroy our country.

    More and more of our media are hiring immigrants and all they do is write about what’s wrong with our lifestyle. Hiring immigrants could be part of the deal from Trudeau’s millions to pay wages for Canadian media.

    Do you only get government support if you hire immigrants?
    There is nothing wrong with our national anthem. Is it just another in a long list of immigrants creating controversial issues in an attempt to disrupt our Canadian way so it can be replaced with what the immigrants want this country to be. More like the sewers of India, Pakistan etc.

  2. She’s 21.
    She’s an idiot.
    Let her speak.
    She has done more damage to her woke position and the politics she espouses, her liberalism, for all to see, than anyone from our team could possibly achieve.
    She should be given a weekly column in the Star.


  3. The self-hating; immolating West: With the Canadian “government” and its host–in the lead at the race to the (sulfurous) bottom. I guess the poem “In Flanders Fields” is hate speech, and Remembrance Day is a day to forget. Good job Trudeau(s)! You; your type, and many of your (purchased) MSM/politico/Third World “Canadians” are unworthy of the title; capable only of ignoring/denigrating/falsifying our history, and cashing their government sourced cheques. Get lost. July First; “Canada Bashing Day.” Why not just reduce it to a token two minute announcement? Shaking my head. If it’s so terrible; leave. Pack your bags, and take your sour attitude with you. How DARE you defecate on the country that YOU chose as your new home. Bloody hypocrites. The (defiled) House of Commons has no monopoly on two-faced; flatulent; delusional weasels. It’s a sign of the times. The Golden Goose is being strangled. Our land of plenty is rapidly becoming a land of want, and privation.

    • Multiculturalism is a colossal failure. It should be ended. Diversity is not Canada’s strength as trudeau likes to say. It’s Canada’s demise. Trudeau has destroyed this country and I’m not sure it will ever be the Canada we used to know. There’s a saying I think is true. Toronto is living it: Import the third world, become the third world. I think we’re well on our way.


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