Now, It’s Up To Canadian Media To Destroy Pierre Poilievre

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The verdict is in. The ink on policy proposals approved at last week’s Conservative Party convention is barely dry. None of the proposals have been officially adopted. Not that this would prevent mainstream media in Canada from attacking their favourite target: Conservatism, both in large and small “C” formats.

In contemporary Canada, media function not unlike sharks sniffing blood in a secluded cove.

Abortion. LGBT. Gender. Transgender. Euthanasia. Racism. Since the advent of PM Justin Trudeau, and even before, media in Canada have been schooled on how to effectively ruin Conservative Party candidates for prime minister.

CBC did it to Stephen Harper by way of the “Hijab” issue. Globe & Mail hit up Andrew Scheer for intimating that pro-life Canadians can have a legitimate voice regarding abortion. Erin O’Toole dared to question Chinese government influence upon government.

This week, Global News and others began attacking Pierre Poilievre. Trotting out the “usual suspects,” of which transgenderism forms a core component.

“A strong majority of the delegates on hand voted for a motion that stated children should be prohibited from gender-related life-altering medicinal or surgical interventions.”

Michelle Badalich, an Edmonton delegate, said dysphoria is a “mental health disorder” and it should be addressed with treatment not “irreversible procedures.”

“Please protect our kids,” she said to thunderous applause.

Say no-go to this one. The press have little interest in protecting Canadian children from the cult of Trans. Their goal is singular: protect the government of PM Justin Trudeau, as motivated by a billion dollars in media funding the Liberals transfer to media each year.

“On another transgender-related policy, delegates voted by an overwhelming 87 per cent to support a plan to demand single-sex spaces that are only open to women, which the party now defines as a female person with the adoption of the policy.”

The policy is intended to keep transgender and other gender-diverse people out of women’s prisons, shelters, locker rooms and washrooms.

“Vote yes to protect your wives and daughters,” said another delegate, a 15-year-old from Sherwood Park, Alta.

Protect children, wives and daughters? Don’t be absurd. Liberals believe Canadians to be property of the state. Derived from Marxist theory, applied within schools and universities, protection of draconian social mandates transition to a media priority.

The whole thing reeks of neo-communism, but don’t tell the people of Canada that. Better it is to bury the truth. By doing so, media emulate the government-press dynamic found in communist China.

A multitude of polls suggest Justin Trudeau is headed for retirement as PM. Upon which we consider a salient question: could any replacement– Chrystia Freeland as an example– resurrect the deep losses the Liberals are now experiencing in the polls?

CAP suggest the answer is no. What then to do? In fact, they’ve done it before. Now matter how awful Justin Trudeau appears, make the Conservative leader look worse. To be followed by depicting Mr. Poilievre as a closet racist, supporter of white supremacy, and the like.

It’s a tired, tedious farce– not that it hasn’t worked during past federal elections.

“Conservative MP Michael Chongtwice the target of alleged Chinese state interference, will make the case to American legislators Tuesday that more international co-operation is urgently required to thwart Beijing’s efforts to meddle in Western democracies.”

“His top-line message: If influence operations go unchecked, they will threaten economic prosperity, undermine public confidence in democracy and place social cohesion at risk.”

Witness as Michael Chong delivers the “good news.” To politicians in the United States, that is. The Liberal government in Canada won’t listen, so Chong had to go to the USA to get his message across.

“The convention also adopted a proposal from the Alberta riding of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner to impose stiffer penalties on sex offenders and pedophiles.”

Now, that’s not going to cut it in Liberal la-la-land. Don’t you know? PM Trudeau has established a “catch and release” legal dynamic for criminals in Canada.

“Adrian Dylianou, a Saskatchewan delegate who backed the policy, said ‘woke ideology’ should be rooted out of Canada’s universities.”

Are you kidding? You mean to say that government’s habit of throwing tens of millions of dollars at LGBT/Pride/Transgender promotion should be cancelled? In communist societies, government control all elements of their education system. Why would Canadian media endorse such a concept?

CAP roll up the political rim to win:

Protection of Canadian children, wives and daughters is anti-Liberal. Maintenance of the traditional family is anathema. Protection of national sovereignty is off the table, per China election interference.

Woke Liberal ideology– at heart anti-Anglophone in application– must form the core of social policy in education. Leniency must be applied to criminals, in addition to murderers who arrive as refugees to our shores.

This, fellow patriots, is “Liberalism” as advanced by Justin Trudeau. To destroy the chances of Pierre Poilievre becoming prime minister, media will do all they can to trash the Conservatives, painting their portrait as red-neck backwoods Albertans hell bent on decimating “progressive” Liberal government policy.

What a sham it is. Another salient question:

What changed?

Accused refugee child killers like Ibrahim Ali, currently in court facing murder charges alleging the Syrian national raped and killed 13-year old Marrisa Shen won’t have the answer.

Nor will millions of new arrivals from India, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and China. This is down to “Old Stock” Canadians who can recall a media configuration previous to the Liberal Party purchase of the industry.

Once upon a time, the Conservative Party were neither bigoted, homophobic or “Islamophobic.” By all accounts, the party was accepted within society as a legitimate political contender, free of the social blemishes heaped on them by CBC and such.

What happened? Have the Conservatives changed that much, or has media has changed the perception for them?

The latter, to be sure. It’s called “propaganda”— a phenomenon that went through the roof after Mr. Trudeau got his hands on the PMO. At present, the Feds are funneling billions in taxpayer funds to– get this– well over one thousand media outlets in Canada. In the real world, this translates to government control of media, as it is in China.

The power of the Liberal Party of Canada is quickly falling by the wayside. To remedy the situation, it’s down to media to come up with “the goods.”

Mark CAP’s words: the closer Canada comes to federal election day, the more establishment media will ramp up the anti-Conservative rhetoric.

They’re a team now, the Feds and mainstream media. Friends help each other out. It’s now in the hands of CBC and corporate media to decimate Pierre Poilievre’s chances of becoming prime minister of Canada.

Cultural Action Party Prediction: They are going to fail.

2 thoughts on “Now, It’s Up To Canadian Media To Destroy Pierre Poilievre”

  1. They are going to fall! The tipping point has been passed. There’s no foreseeable outcome that doesn’t see the conservatives rolling over the Trudeau liberals. Question is, will the Conservatives maintain the advantage long enough to fix things?

  2. “This week, Global News and others began attacking Pierre Poilievre. Trotting out the “usual suspects,” of which transgenderism forms a core component.”

    “A strong majority of the delegates on hand voted for a motion that stated children should be prohibited from gender-related life-altering medicinal or surgical interventions.”

    If one has a little over an hour to spare; the linked *American Thought Leaders* EpochTV interview w/ child and adolescent psychiatrist Miriam Grossman will put the consequences of trans surgery into sober perspective. The nefarious Trudeau and his complicit MSM be damned.


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