Notre Dame Re-building Proposal Places Islamic Minaret At Church Peak

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French President Emmanuel Macron’s initial promise to restore the magnificent cathedral to its former glory has been scrapped. Now, he says it will be rebuilt “consistent with our modern, diverse nation”, and at the same time the French Government has announced an international competition to redesign the Notre Dame spire.
Among the proposals is one from Domus, the architecture magazine, by Tom Wilkinson, for the fallen spire to be replaced with an Islamic minaret to MEMORIALIZE ALGERIANS who protested the French government in the 1960s.
“These victims of the state could be memorialized by replacing the spire with – WHY NOT? – a graceful minaret”, Wilkinson insisted.
Yes, why not? Or perhaps go all the way rebuild Notre Dame as the largest mosque in Europe, complete with public call-to-prayer announcements blasting out of strategically-placed loudspeakers on a daily basis.
This would be in keeping with present-day trend of  record numbers of churches being converted into mosques. As it happens, worldwide scorching of Christian places of worship is also also trending upward. Many are not rebuilt, as church congregations continue to dwindle in both Europe and North America. Obviously, a new, “post-modern” age of Islam is rising on a worldwide basis. 
One of the key successes in the epoch-making development is the role media play in the affair, and the Canadian media are among the worst of the lot. Looking at coverage of the Sri Lanka church bombings, we find little reference to Islam and it’s plethora of Koran and Sharia-inspired militant organizations. Also to be noted is how little–if at all– CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest place the word “christian” or “christianity” within their articles. Once, if that. Either way, the Christian element of the story is being de-emphasized.
The bias of the government of Canada and their media backers is palpable. The church and its purveyors are out-of-style. For these entities, Christianity and church are symbols of colonialism, and are thereby shunned. On the other hand, the nation of Islam is protected and glorified. A most strange situation in Canada–in addition to Western European nations– all of which developed with Christian values and principles at the core of their identities.
What could be more emblematic of the post-modern age of Islam than to top off perhaps the best-known symbol of Christianity within the past one thousand years with a symbol of the Islamic faith? Is the so-called post-modern world proclaimed by leaders such as Trudeau and Macron in reality a post-Christian world? By way of recent societal developments, this may well be the case.

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  1. Be the light!
    Terrorists strike constantly,many innocent lives lost and suffer.
    Every city’s town halls, government buildings , outside of churches or in front of own houses.
    Please help to spread the words to make this a worldwide movement.
    Thank you and God bless!


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