“Not-For-Profit” Groups Push Courts Into ILLEGAL REFUGEE Intake Policy For Canada

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“A Canadian court on Wednesday ruled a U.S.-Canada agreement to deny entry to certain asylum seekers invalid, stating sending refugee claimants back to the United States where they risk imprisonment is unconstitutional.”

“Under the Safe Third Country Agreement, which was signed in December of 2002, refugees seeking asylum at a Canadian land port are ineligible to make a claim if they had first traveled through a designated safe country, such as the United States.”

What has transpired in this situation is a major breach of sovereignty, compromise of the meaning of Canadian citizenship.  This also represents an official approval of what is technically a breach of the law.

“No matter,” says CBC. “I think the Maple Leafs beat the Senators in NHL action last night,” says the editor of the Globe & Mail.

Since when has national sovereignty, rule of law, meaning of citizenship and other “incidentals” come to have no meaning within Canadian society?

Simple as grandma’s apple pie–October 19th, 2015-– the day democracy died in Canada. This corresponds with a placement of PM Justin Trudeau upon establishment of a “Salvation Army Nation-State” which the United Nations instructed this former snow-board instructor to establish within our borders.

“The case was brought to the court by refugee advocacy groups including the Canadian Council for Refugees,Amnesty International, the Canadian Council of Churches and others, on behalf of asylum seekers who were deemed ineligible to apply for refugee status in Canada and sent back to the United States due to the agreement.”

How Canada REALLY Works– A CAP Production:

See the above quote from the source article? This, fellow patriots, is the true, real and authentic Canada of 2020.

Witness how it is not-for-profit organizations which maintain the power to fundamentally trans-ition Canadian society in a major capacity. See how this ties into WE Charity-type behaviours driven by the globalist “elite”– The Gates, The Clintons, The Trudeau family and our tax-dollars, Bono, Keilburgers, Butts, Tides Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

This is one element of the globalist equation. The refugee “non-profit” people then run to Canadian lawyers, judges, courts, human rights councils. Turns out our court system is every bit as “Liberal” as the whining special interest groups.

Together, they succeed in cancelling the Safe Third Country Agreement. Now Canada CANNOT force illegal refugees to back to the USA. Canada is stuck with them.

Okay, so now our ruling government, “multicult” organizations, non-profits have a slight “public relations” problem on their hands. Polls reveal that the MAJORITY of Canadian do not want this in any way, shape or form.

How to deal with thism posits Katie Telford, backroom driver of Trudeau’s globalist seduction of 38 Million Canadians. The answer is found, of course, in Canadian media.

Turns out Canadian media are Liberal-Globalists as well. What a privileged set-up! Liberal non-profits use Liberal courts to compromise national sovereignty in Canada, while Liberal media cover-up, spin and obscure the reality of the circumstances.

And now, the bad news this is the true, authentic Canada in the year 2020. This is how our sociwety is being controlled by globalist forces. Pierre Trudeau began the process, and Justin Trudeau is here to finish off our once free and democratic society permanently.




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