Not a SINGLE Conviction After Trudeau Brought 60 ISIS Terrorists To Canada

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Welcome to the New Canadian Order. Within this “post-modern” political climate, Islamic terrorists are treated with kid-gloves, coddled, and handed free welfare checks.

Our government do not condemn these ISIS killers, not do they ever speak of the relationship between the terrorists and Islamic religious doctrine. In 2016, Justin Trudeau and Co. passed M103–a government motion to protect the desert religion from public condemnation.

While the United States branded the mass murder of Christians by militant Islam a “genocide,” Justin Trudeau refused to do so. While female genital mutilation, an Islamic custom, was proven to have occurred upon Canadian soil, PM Trudeau offered no condemnation of this barbaric practice.

Over the course of Trudeau’s first four-year term as PM, he has funded Muslim not-for-profit organizations with ten of millions of dollars. Several of these groups are rumoured to have direct ties to militant Islam. This has done nothing to impede the funding.

What is Justin Trudeau’s bottom line on the overall situation? Here you go…

“The Liberal Party believes that terrorists should get to keep their Canadian citizenship … because I do,” Trudeau told a Winnipeg town hall in July. “And I’m willing to take on anyone who disagrees with that.”

Okay– 100% commitment to Islamic terrorists from the prime minister of Canada. Media breathe not a word about the details. Number of mainstream media articles exposing these truisms– ZERO.

How incredibly odd-ball this is. Please do tell- why would the government of a western “liberal democracy” support a gang of ISIS killers and rapists?

Speaking of such, let’s take a look at the “resume” of a few of these so-called “Canadians.”

“Abu Huzaifa Al Kanadi is the pseudonym of a man currently living freely in Toronto. Huzaifa admitted on the New York Times podcast Caliphate that he tortured one man and executed and murdered two others.”

“Despite repeatedly lying to Canadian authorities, no charges have been brought against the man who is now attending a Canadian university without any consequences.”

How Justin Trudeau this is, eh? What has our nation come to when First Nations children drink poisoned water, while ISIS killers watch satelitte T.V. paid for by the tax dollars of Old Stock Canadians.

Sick, isn’t it? Media say nothing.  At this point in time, the Trudeau government’s grip upon media is resulting in this entire situation being overlooked. How positively tragic this is.

And there is more, more, more– Huzaifa claims to have travelled to Syria in 2014, when he was 17, after emptying his Canadian bank account. While there he allegedly shot one man in the back of the head and referred to the ISIS prisoners as “animals”. Huzaifa also admitted to stabbing another man in the heart and crucifying him.”

Crucifixion? How sweet. Has this man been convicted in a Canadian court? Nope. Has even one of the 60 ISIS killers been convicted in a Canadian court? Not a chance–not one of them.

Welcome to Trudeau’s ISIS-compatible Canada! And why would government work hard to actually convict these Islamic imports? Answer–they wouldn’t, and they don’t.

Why are CAP confident in this assertion? Because under the pseudo-dictatorship of Justin Trudeau, Islam is 100% indemnified from condemnation. This makes a certain segment of the Liberal government extremely happy.

CAP will name names: Immigration Minister from Somalia, MP Ahmed Hussen. He’s the person most responsible--other than boss-man Justin–for permitting his hardcore Islamic brethren to return to Canada unblemished  from the Middle East.

Who else is pleased? MP Iqra Khalid of Pakistan, MP Omar Alghabra of Saudi Arabia. MP Maryam Monsef of unknown Middle Eastern origin. Also, the plethora of powerful Islamic-Canadian not-for-profit organizations, who under Trudeau have reached the coveted position of having direct influence within the PMO.

Seems to CAP this whole thing can be described as one GIANT victory for the Nation of Islam. CBC utter not a word about it.

“Mohammad Ali, otherwise known as “Abu Turaab,” is a 28-year-old former Mississauga resident.  In his posts, Ali spoke about how he played soccer with severed heads and claimed that homosexuals and non-Muslims “should be killed.” He also posted several masked photographs of himself with weapons and other ISIS fighters holding severed heads while serving as a fighter for the group.”

Trudeau-Hussen conclusion? This man would make an excellent Canadian citizen–so they permitted his return from the butchery he was committing  while fighting for ISIS in the Middle East.

Who is the MP for Mississauga-Erin Mill- the riding the killer lives in? Why, it is M103 founder, MP Iqra Khalid--Islamic fundamentalist dual-citizen from Pakistan. CAP now understand why the butcher-boy was permitted back to Canada.

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Power is the name of the game. As CAP have exposed previously, Islamic Canada is in a extremely privileged position. If National Council of Canadian Muslims want something done, they simply ring up Ms. Khalid. From there, she speed dials Islamic-Somalian immigration minister MP Ahmed Hussen, who then runs the situation by boss-man Justin Trudeau.

Result? It’s a victory for the Nation of Islam!  Now listen up, fellow Canadian patriots–this is YOUR COUNTRY under the iron-clad rule of Justin Trudeau. This is not some political side-show, or contrived theory designed to promote hatred against an identifiable community.

This is the real, true Canada of 2019. Forget everything you read in the Globe & Mail, National Post and the rest–when it comes to social issues of the Third World/Multicultural  variety, it is all one giant lie.

“Khalifa has also admitted to narrating ISIS propaganda videos including mass executions. Currently there are no charges being brought against Khalifa despite his participating in terrorism. He has also said in interviews that suicide bombings are “acceptable” and that he sees an obligation to keep fighting.”

Guess what, fellow Old Stock Canadians-– it is not only these killers who will “continue fighting” — the Trudeau government are also continuing the battle to destroy the Canadian way of life, and replace it with a globalist socialist nation-state with Islam fully empowered within society.

Canada–Justin Trudeau is stealing your nation from you, and handing it on a platter to globalist forces. And in CAP’s opinion–he will never change. These development are locked-in tight. They are immutable, and never changing–just like Islamic ideology itself.

Coincidence? Not on Canada’s life it isn’t. The evidence is, in fact, overwhelming–but you will never figure any of this out by reading establishment media in Canada–they are in on the plot 100%.









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  1. I say run an indepth non-partisan investigation looking for foreign interference into the 2019 election in favour of Trudeau and the Liberals. There is a lot of evidence to support this, just one example being fundraising in New York during the campaign. While you are at it investigate the 2015 election, i’m sure there is a lot of evidence there as well. If it is found that there was interference then the election of Trudeau and the Liberals was illegal therefore every law or bill they have passed is illegal and must be removed as well as the whole party and PM.

  2. Most leftwing Jews of the GTA are responsible for this. By re-electing him they gave him the green light that we love all of his policies including of course his policy outlined here, to coddle and invite Islamic terrorists into our country. This is suicide!


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