Non-Identical Twins: How Trudeau And Singh Swindled Canadian Society

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The political trajectory of New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh exists as a model of “post-modern” Canadian politics. How a myopic Sikh nationalist rose to political prominence has never been properly understood by Canadian voters.

It’s a story of rampant ethno-centricism, inclusive of an odd-ball circumstances never articulated by Canadian media.

Jagmeet Singh began his political career with a run for member of Parliament in the 2011 federal election as an NDP candidate in an urban Ontario riding. Defeated by Conservative candidate Bal Gosal, Singh managed to finish ahead of incumbent Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi.

“Singh ran for re-election in 2014. He beat Liberal challenger Kuldip Kular, whom Singh also ran against and unseated in 2011, as well as Progressive Conservative challenger Harjit Jaswa.

CAP speak not of elections in the Punjab. It’s a story of common occurrence which media in Canada purposely obfuscate– how “racialized’ Canadian rise within a bubble of ethnocentrism, only to “break out” into the larger societal marketplace in the long run.

“On May 15, 2017, he announced his intention to run for the leadership of the New Democratic Party at a campaign launch in the Sikh political stronghold of Brampton, Ontario.”

Singh made an attempt to lead the NDP from outside of Parliament. Indicating that he “preferred to run in a seat where he feels a genuine connection,” the candidate stated that he would most likely run in Sikh-saturated Brampton East.

It never happened. Instead, Mr. Singh was shipped west toward a riding in which he had zero connection– Burnaby, British Columbia. Some 3000 km from home, Singh took a political cakewalk to leadership of the NDP Party.

“Singh raised more money in less than seven weeks than any of his competitors did in four months. His dominance was largely due to the money he raised in one province.”

“The Ontario MPP led the field with $279,000 coming from Ontario donors, representing 65 per cent of all funds raised there.”

Meaning that Singh’s campaign funding for election in B.C. came mainly from Ontario, and Brampton in particular. Our portrait takes on a clearer complexion. Media never explained that Singh’s rise was a purely ethnocentric affair, and out-of-province to boot.

What had really occurred here? Is it possible that the Sikh-Khalistani nationalist was planted as leader of the NDP Party? Was there a purpose to the plot which went over the heads of Canadian voters, and has to this very day? Singh relocated to Burnaby for the election and lo-and-behold, he won.

“The federal NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh, will run in a byelection in Burnaby South, committing himself to a B.C. community that is 3300 kilometres from his home in Ontario.

“Singh said Wednesday that he would move to Burnaby if he wins and would run in Burnaby South in the 2019 general election as well.”

In October 21, 2019, Singh was re-elected to the Burnaby South riding. The NDP won 24 seats, down from 44 seats at the 2015 election. It was the lowest seat count for the New Democrats since 2004.

Quite the story, eh? The “best” was yet to come.

As leader of the party, Jagmeet Singh has brought the New Democrats nowhere but down. Remarkably– or not so much– legacy media have never said one bad word about the man. As a turban-clad “racialized” politician, he maintains a privilege that is baked into society. He is, to be certain, a political untouchable– even when he fails at his job.

Reasons why may relate to his current relationship with PM Justin Trudeau. Both men are affiliates of World Economic Forum. Both share virulent animosity toward Canadian identity, history and heritage. Both regard our society as “systemically” racist.

Was Jagmeet Singh planted in office for a nefarious purpose which was to rear its ugly head in years to come? It well could be that in terms of a current woke globalist assault on Canadian society, it is the case.

Justin Trudeau was first elected in 2015. In 2024, he is a hated politician. In fact, he is a hated man period. Devoid of a political pact[euphemistically called a supply-and-confidence agreement] with fellow WEF-affiliate Singh, the Liberals would likely be driven out of power.

Can it be that powerful international forces understood that a public falling out with PM Trudeau would be inevitable?  In truth, a 12-year old could figure this out– the odious nature of our PM being what it is.

Therefore, they came up with a plot for a seduction of Canadian society. Singh was to ensure Trudeau remained in power for a 10-year period, providing enough time for Canada to be successfully transitioned to neo-authoritarian governance.

Is this how 40 million Canadians were swindled by the Liberals, NDP, in addition to globalist forces with a vested interest in our “no core identity” society?

A genius Machavellian plot it is. So much so that the communist government of China has been accused of “rigging” Liberal MP victories in eleven federal ridings. So much so that Islamic governments bought into the agenda, as Trudeau went ballistic importing and promoting Islam within Canadian society. So much so that Trudeau’s Liberals put their support behind Sikh-Khalistani nationalist aspirations.

We come to understand the “big-picture” agenda that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest fail to consider. Why would they blow a gasket over the ploy, when the entire procedure benefits their pocketbooks?

The absurdist globalist nightmare that is Justin Trudeau’s Canada begins to make sense. A plot to hi-jack Canada away from its rightful owners– the people– becomes recognizable.

Trudeau and Singh establish a tag-team of democratic destruction, and as they say, the rest is history. Was Jagmeet Singh planted as New Democratic Party leader to ensure the success of Justin Trudeau’s woke socialist revolution?

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  1. The naive Canadians will reap the fruits of their Karma when the Muslim extremists, cunning Chinese, Khalistanis betraying their own native religion and native country take over Canada and more natural disasters like massive forest fires, extreme droughts and winters, floods and cyclones hit their country ruining their economy and independence.


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