“No Turning Back” Once Illegal Refugees Enter Canada

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Rather than detaining individuals and holding them at the border until proper security screening measures are completed, Canada simply RELEASES THESE MIGRANTS INTO THE COMMUNITY. Even if they’re found to be INADMISSIBLE, it’s incredibly difficult to make them leave.


2 thoughts on ““No Turning Back” Once Illegal Refugees Enter Canada”

  1. How is it that jihadi Justin has not personally greeted his illegals at the borders. Why hasn’t he given the illegals the same treatment as he gave to legal immigrants?
    Justin Trudeau knows that he broke the law by bringing illegals without due process therefore, he doesn’t want to look bad so he stays far away from his illegals.

    BTW, the legal immigrants you see Justin greeting were already process by the previous conservative government.

    Imagine you inviting guests into your home and left them to their own devices while you welcomed those who broke in into your house at the back door.

  2. why are we bringing in people from Afghanistan & Pakistan. they still have cases of polio there. why are bringing their diseases here??? are they paying for their immunization???? ….. or do we have to pay for that too …..


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