“No Traitors” In Liberal Government Announces Foreign Affairs Minister Joly

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“Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly insists there are no traitors in the Liberal caucus, after a report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) alleged there are MPs and senators who are ‘semi-witting or witting participants’ in foreign interference efforts.”

NSICOP Report on Foreign Interference:

“A stunning report by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) stated that soon after being elected, some MPs began ‘wittingly assisting’ foreign state actors, responding to direction from foreign officials to ‘improperly influence’ parliamentary affairs to the advantage of a foreign state.”

Who in this instance is speaking the truth– the National Security committee, or a Liberal Cabinet member with “everything to lose,” inclusive of her party being branded the least trustworthy government in Canadian history?

Federal Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says that “after having read the full unredacted version of a report stating some parliamentarians have participated in foreign interference, she is no longer worried about there being traitors sitting in the House of Commons.”

“I’m relieved,” May said.

In contrast, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh says he is “more concerned” after reading NSICOP report, and “called the named MPs ‘traitors.”

“Some of this behaviour absolutely appears to be criminal and should be prosecuted,” the NDP leader said.

Welcome to the mess that is federal politics in “post-modern” Canada. No individual is more responsible for our country sinking into a quagmire of mistrust and paranoia than PM Justin Trudeau.

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] cannot help but interpret the current federal fiasco as having a great deal in common with historical cases of political degeneration. In examples from 20th century history, we note the parallels.

Communist China, Fascist Europe, Soviet Union— in all attempts of “revolutionary” politics, society becomes bogged down in paranoia and distrust. Though media will never present comparisons of this nature, the phenomenon has now permeated Canadian society,

Simply put, “no one knows who to trust.” Yet, when weighing in on the culprits, objective observation tells us that Trudeau and the Liberals are offender number one. Responding to allegations this week, the PM coughs up the following phlegm:

“Trudeau told reporters that he has concerns with the way the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians came to its conclusions.”

“We made clear some concerns we had with the way that NSICOP did, drew conclusions. I think that is an important part of the process.”

Right. So what’s important– in fact absolutely critical– is that seeds of doubt be transferred away from the Liberals, and toward the overseeing body of the foreign interference inquiry.

Let us tally up the scandals: SNC Lavalin, Aga Khan vacation, Jody-Wilson Raybould firing, WE Charity debacle, Winnipeg-Wuhan Covid investigation, China election Interference, “traitorous” Members of Parliament.

The commonality?The Liberal government of Canada claim innocence in all cases.

CSIS director David Vigneault told an inquiry that he’s been warning the Liberal government for years that Canada has been slow to respond to foreign interference.”

“State actors are able to conduct Fl [foreign interference] successfully in Canada because there are no consequences, either legal or political.” 

“Slow to respond, no legal or political consequences.” Upon which astute political observers gain the right to ask a pivotal question:


Is it possible, despite awareness of the damage to democracy in Canada, that the Feds chose to “look the other way?” If accurate, does it not add credence to the idea that Trudeau and the Liberals have little respect for democratic governance?

Thinking back to the source of Canada’s slide into socio-political degeneracy delivers up buried-away statements from ex-Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau.

Once asked for his views on democracy and communism, Trudeau the elder stated that “a one-party state would be the ideal government under certain conditions.”

“I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that Communism is right for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”

So, the founder of the globalist imperative supported the idea that Canada could successfully transition to a one-party communist state. After nine years of “leadership” from so-called son, Canadians gain knowledge that there are alleged “traitors” in the House of Commons with connections to the Chinese government:

“The report said China believes it has a quid pro quo relationship with some MPs who will engage with the Chinese Communist Party in exchange for Beijing mobilizing its networks in their favour.”

“The slow response to a known threat was a serious failure and one from which Canada may feel the consequences for years to come.”

Can it be that Trudeau knowingly permitted the interference because he knew it would result in being elected prime minister? Could it be that the PM has no concern for maintenance of democracy because his goal is to transition Canada from democracy to a one-party state?

CAP believe it. But this in itself doesn’t change a damn thing. Nor does the fact that while stating that the behaviour of MPs is “criminal and should be prosecuted,” NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is keeping the Liberals in office.

One pull of the plug on the “confidence and supply” agreement and Canada will be headed for a federal election. What does this make Singh, apart from complicit in the greatest political scandal in modern Canadian history?

Speaking of the NDP leader, we offer up a significant side-note:

“Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown says he believes there is foreign political interference happening in Canada and he has been made aware of examples of it in Brampton and Peel Region.”

“I think there certainly is foreign interference in Canada, without a doubt.”

MP’s, Brampton, Ontario:

Maninder Sidhu, MP – Brampton East- Liberal

Ruby Sahota, MP – Brampton North- Liberal

Shafqat Ali, MP – Brampton Centre- Liberal

Sonia Sidhu, MP Brampton South- Liberal

Kamal Khera, MP Brampton West- Liberal

“The implications of this inaction include the undermining of the democratic rights and fundamental freedoms of Canadians, the integrity and credibility of Canada’s parliamentary process, and public trust in the policy decisions made by the government.”

And still Canada remains caught in a neo-communist web spun by those manipulating governance in a dying “Great White North.”

6 thoughts on ““No Traitors” In Liberal Government Announces Foreign Affairs Minister Joly”

  1. Justin has no interest in Canada period. His main concern is Ukraine where he has more interest in their Democracy and Freedom or could be, where he use Ukraine to funnel our more for his own gain while driving us into poverty.

  2. It’s almost laughable. This so-called government won’t release the names of the the MPs and (likely) “senators” assisting in the ruination of our near-dead country. Why? Because; don’t-you-know; it’s a matter of “national security.” Too late Beelzebub; that horse has left the barn. Canada has probably been sold to the lowest bidder. No pride; just a cheapened doormat to the hordes of the Third world. No traitors? “Minister” Joly is probably on the list. Singh? He read the unredacted report. He is on record; calling the people therein “traitors; who “should be prosecuted.” And yet….Khalistan Man still won’t do the right thing, and pull the plug on this most criminal of governments. There are no words left to describe this bizarre clown show.

  3. ‘IF’ all traitors occured within the cpc, trust me, justin Trudeau and his gang as well as the msm would all be exposing the traitors’ names every hour, days and years to come but since most of the traitors are within the liberal party, the libs and the msm are dead silent. That’s how predictable they are.

    • Jen wrote: If Conservative MPs were on the list; we’d be hearing about it “Every hour…for years to come.” Lol. So true. As Trudeau’s voice; The MSM would be getting bonuses galore.


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